Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 1.15: "Yes Men"

“Much like your SHIELD, we are bound by our code.”
- Lady Sif

Our agents venture back into the realm of Thor this week (or rather the realm of Thor ventures into Midgard). We find Lorelai and her man servant pulling into a biker stop. She quickly ditches the newlywed for some rough and tumble biker guys, led by Dylan Bruno (of Numb3rs fame). Yeah having a crazy Asgardian chick and a bunch of unruly bikers is not a good mix. It seems Skye is still recovering from her bout with death. Simmons keeps taking blood in the hopes of finding traces of the wonder cure but she can’t find anything in Skye’s or Coulson’s blood. And Coulson has shut her down in uploading the info to HQ. Speaking of, Coulson is taking some personal time, trying to track down Director Fury. It seems he’s a man on a mission and he’s not too happy about being stonewalled. I guess in a way I can understand but I do wish they’d move the storyline along a bit. Back on the Bus, the team gets new orders. There’s been energy readings over the California/Nevada border that signal an arrival of someone from Asgard. They make it out to the desert just in time to see Lady Sif arrive. Thankfully, she’s on their side.

She gives a little history lesson on Lorelai and warns that she has sway over men. We already knew that but I guess the team needs the exposition. We cut to the bikers in a bar and the leader’s wife shows up and starts bitching. Lorelai grows weary of the wife talking and has the leader strangle her. Charming woman, really. Not. After some searching of police reports, they narrow down where Lorelai is hiding out. Sif is concerned that she’s amassing an army too quickly. As she and Coulson are checking information he asks if she’s seen any blue aliens. She rattles off a long list but assures him only the Frost Giants ever made it here and the Asgardians chased them off. Great, so he could have a relative of Loki’s blood coursing through his system. The team, armed with new and improved versions of the Night Night gun head off to try and take out Lorelai. Unfortunately (and not unpredictably), she’s ensnared the local law enforcement to her side.

The team is being fired upon from all sides until Sif literally kicks a trailer to block their path. Coulson orders Ward to go around back but to stay outside to minimize Lorelai’s ability to use her power. Sif gets into the bar but has to deal with all the bikers while Lorelai disappears. And wouldn’t you know, once Ward takes out the lead biker, Lorelai works her mojo on Ward. Honestly, Sif told them that if Lorelai’s voice doesn’t work, then it and her touch does. If I’m Ward I’m running like hell and not letting her lay a finger on me. But they take off on a motorcycle while the rest of the team heads back to the Bus. Sif is pissed not only because her quarry escaped but because the magical collar that curbs her enemy’s power is broken. Coulson tasks Fitz with fixing it but Simmons thinks there are too many variables. And she’ got other things on her mind, too. She still wants someone at HQ to examine Skye’s blood and she actually gets assertive when Coulson shuts her down. She says that keeping it in house is not a good enough reason. He then explains that two men died to keep it secret and until they have answers from Director Fury, they keep it in house. And at least Skye has something to do, as well. She’s tracking Ward through his aliases and other means of travel. I had to shake my head when Ward brought Lorelai to Vegas. I know she wanted somewhere fit for a Queen but come on. Cliché much? Also not a shock to anyone but they hook up. Typical.

Post-coital Lorelai comments how she’s been tortured not having her voice for the last six centuries. Ward promises she won’t go back to her enslavement but she insists that he doesn’t know Sif like she does. He concedes the point but says he knows his own people and how they operate. The team gets to Vegas but have missed Ward and Lorelai. May tasks Fitz with using all the cameras in Vegas to find Ward but they come up empty. They head back to the plane and Fitz announces that he’s fixed the collar. Sif insists on inspecting it which lands her locked in the room by Fitz. I guess Lorelai got to him, too. And he’s locked Skye and Simmons in the basement. So now it’s up to May and Coulson to save the day. Coulson pretends to be under Lorelai’s command and heads down to the Basement to rescue the girls. While May is getting pummeled by Lorelai (seriously that hit she took that sent her across the room looked painful), Ward undoes the ceiling in Sif’s room and she gets sucked out of the plane. Asgardians can fly though right?

Coulson gets downstairs and into the room where Skye and Simmons are locked. He tells Skye to get Sif back on the plane and he needs Simmons to distract Fitz. I have to say that mind-wiped Fitz is kind of adorable. Like I just want to hug him and pat him on the head. Coulson has to punch him and knock him out. Upstairs, Ward and May start duking it out while Lorelai goes to get Sif’s sword. But too bad for her, Sif’s back on board and we get a simultaneous fight sequence that is pretty brutal for both pairs. But in the end, Sif bests Lorelai and frees Ward from his mind wipe. May tells Coulson he needs to unload to Skye about whatever he saw in the bunker and he tells her to go talk to Ward. She doesn’t have much to say to her sometimes paramour but notes that if Lorelai was telling the truth that he was in love with someone else on the plane, then he was more honest with the crazy Asgardian than himself. And we learn that Odin has ordered Lorelai back alive. Coulson is kind of surprised that Sif is willing to follow orders, even when it goes against what she wants. I have to think that Loki and Lorelai could get up to all kinds of shenanigans and (spoiler alert!) he is actually Odin now. Coulson’s heart to heart with Skye basically turns into “we’re going to find answers on our, the system be damned and we’re starting with Fury”. Unfortunately, May has been spying on them and she reports to HQ that Coulson knows what’s going down. Uh oh!

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