Monday, March 17, 2014

Once Upon a Time 3.13: "Witch Hunt"

“This isn’t an end. It’s an eternal middle. This curse can be broken by the only true love in my life and the only reason I would even want to wake. My son.”
- Regina

Emma wastes no time in getting the low down from her parents. They remember seeing her drive out of town, black out and then waking up the next day. Clearly it wasn’t a day. They are quick to blame Regina, but Emma’s not so sure. And really, we need to stop blaming her for everything. Before Hook can finish explaining that he left the realm and got a little birdie message, Leroy and another dwarf bust in to report they are down three brothers. And maybe Neal’s missing, too. The next morning, Emma and Henry meet up with David and Mary Margaret for breakfast (oh and did I mention Ruby’s back). Things get kind of funny when Snow lies about knowing Emma from prison. And things get even more awkward when Regina sees Henry and he looks at her like a stranger. So Emma pulls his other mom aside for a chat to explain why she is back and with her memories intact. Regina professes her innocence again, noting that she isn’t in the habit of casting curses to hurt herself. Out in the woods, Robin and his men are hanging out and Little John tries to shoot a turkey with a high tech bow (likely from Mr. Gold’s shop which has me thinking that our favorite immortal imp is not around at the moment). Unfortunately Little John gets too close to the town line and is swooped up by a flying monkey.

Back in the Enchanted Forest, we see the Wicked Witch getting comfy in Regina’s castle. She tries on her clothes and plays with all the fancy jewels before sending her winged minion to let Regina know who has been sleeping in her bed. Between Regina and Belle, they figure out the identity of their mystery shield caster. Neal and Snow seem surprised at the normalcy of it all. And when the monkey attacks, Regina manages to rescue young Roland and turn the monkey into a stuffed toy, no doubt earning her some cred with Robin. But Regina says there are secret tunnels running under the castle and if they’re lucky, they’ll go under the spell so she can sneak in and bring it down so Snow and Charming can come along with an army.

Emma and David head out to the town line where Robin explains that Little John went missing and describes a flying monkey as the culprit. Lovely. Emma makes the decision to go talk to the whole town to see if she can weed out the curse caster while David and the guys do a search of the woods for the missing dwarves. The rabble is rowdy at the town hall and are again quick to point the finger at Regina. She denies her involvement and then puts on a show. She makes an earthquake and disappears in smoke. Emma goes after her but clearly they’ve planned this. It’s time to find the real culprit. I can’t wait to see more of them working together. I’m liking this new Regina, I must say.

Back in the Enchanted Forest, Regina is getting ready to make her covert entrance when Robin sneaks up on her and says he is going in as back up. She protests his offer but says that he owes her a debt for saving his son, even though the monkey was really after Regina. You can so tell they’re testing out the waters with each other. I can’t wait for her to see his lion tattoo and realize who he is. And to think, if she’d trusted Tink, Roland could be her kid biologically! They make their trek under the castle and end up in the crypt Regina built for Cora. I’m guessing she’s not in there but I could be wrong. But there’s a problem. Regina sealed the entrance to said crypt with blood magic. The Wicked Witch is either eve more powerful than Regina or a blood relative somehow. As they hang out in the crypt, Regina admits she has a son who is lost to her forever. How Robin hasn’t put that together with Neal and Emma, I don’t know.

Speaking of Emma, she gives Regina the bottle that had the memory potion in it. It’s enough to replicate the potion and they can start distributing it to the townsfolk, including Henry. Emma says that she knew Regina was telling the truth when she said she didn’t cast the curse (and that she can’t live without Henry). I’m really liking them working together. Henry’s not all that interested in the people around him. Mary Margaret is reading an outdated baby book and she keeps freaking out about stuff and Henry’s just sitting there playing a game on his phone. When he goes upstairs to get his coat (she convinces him to go get a book out of the library), we meet a new face. Zelena is a newcomer to Storybrooke, claiming she wasn’t swept up in the last curse. And she’s a midwife. This seems to make Mary Margaret really excited but I’m just creeped out. Especially with the belly touching. Mary Margaret needs to be one of the first to get that potion so Zelena doesn’t steal her baby or something. Out in the forest, the guys find Little John and he’s got a nasty shoulder bite so they head off to the hospital where he promptly turns into a flying monkey and tail whips everyone before busting out a window. Yeah, that can’t really bode well for the three missing dwarves.

Back in the Enchanted Forest, Robin figures out that Regina is up to something. But it’s not nefarious or harmful to anyone else for a change. She’s making a sleeping curse that can only be broken by Henry’s true love kiss. Which clearly isn’t happening any time soon. But she says she’ll keep her word and lower the spell so Snow and Charming can be victorious. Robin points out sad that is and begs her not to do it. I was honestly surprised by what Regina was ready to do. Obviously something happens to change things but it’s still sad to see her think that’s the only way she can deal with her pain. And the tattoo reveal has to be coming soon.

Regina and Emma’s attempts to make the memory potion fail and Regina has used up all the dregs of the potion Hook had. She’s ready to give up but Emma suggests another tactic. It’s an old bail bondsperson trick. You make the target think you’re closing in on finding them and they reveal themselves. So naturally, they spill the beans to Leroy who goes to Granny’s and blabs the news quite loudly. Zelena is there and she beats a hasty retreat as the rest of the occupants begin to debate over who would take the memory potion to find out who cursed them. This leads Emma and Regina to a stake out in the VW Bug and they share a sweet moment bonding over Henry’s happiness. But they spy someone up in Regina’s office. Regina locked it with blood magic but the perp escapes anyway.

Back in the Enchanted Forest, Regina is getting ready to prick herself and go to sleep when Zelena appears and drops the bomb shell that she is Regina’s sister. Yeah, I shouldn’t be surprised by that but I was kind of disappointed that the writers went there. I do realize that everyone is connected. So that and the Snowing baby fulfill our two new additions to the family tree this season. Apparently Zelena is older than Regina and was cast off by Cora and taught by Rumple. Because why the hell not. But she vows to ruin Regina’s existence before flying off. And of course, now Regina is all revved up to destroy her new enemy.

Back in Storybrooke, Regina takes a tentative step to meet Henry and Hook and David bring the news about people turning into monkeys. Regina makes the Wicked Witch connection (but not the blood related bit). And then we see Zelena traipsing down to a bunker with Rumple is locked up in a cage and he’s bat shit insane. Methinks there’s no Mr. Gold in there at all.

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