Friday, June 27, 2014

Dominion 1.02: "Godspeed"

“Doesn’t it make you angry that they were given our birthright, this earth, these bodies. And what did they do with it? They turned it into a pit. When they’re gone, the last of them a bad memory, maybe then Father will come back.”
- Gabriel

We begin our second episode this week in a flashback to happier days for Jeep and Alex. It looks like we find them shortly before Jeep abandons Ales. They’re at a small house playing basketball when some eight balls attack. Jeep fends them off but Alex is freaked out that his dad will leave him. Jeep promises that won’t happen but then we cut to his funeral as Alex hides and watches from afar. We cut to him drinking and then he and Claire get into it. He wants to run away and forget all the Chosen One crap. But she won’t go. She says the city needs him now more than ever and she has faith and proof that the Chosen One will save them all. Alex is just massively in denial about everything. He refutes her reason for him becoming a soldier. He just wanted three squares a day instead of starving to death at the bottom of the pack. Claire sends him away after he finishes his drunken rant. It’s a tad stereotypical but I’ll let it slide.

Elsewhere, the council is meeting and some of the senators want to punish Wheel for letting the eight ball loose inside the city but Rysen backs his play. Interesting that they’re not at each other’s throats when we know they don’t particularly like one another. And my dislike of Wheel increased as he tells Rysen that the issue of everyone in the room (tech people etc.) are being taken care of. His version of taken care of is a bullet to the head and being fed to a lion. Rupert Giles this man is not. I don’t even think Ripper would be that cold hearted.

Over in Frozen land (and not the cool Disney version), Gabriel and his horde of eight balls are celebrating and mourning the deaths of some of the Powers Michael took out. We see the little boy Power has rejoined the gang. For a moment though, Gabriel seems to lose focus before rushing off and leaving his horde to their giant orgy. On a lovely seaside cliff, Michael is flexing his wings in the breeze when Gabriel shows up. Gabriel assures his brother that surrender is definitely an option and the way he sees it, he lost a battle, not the war. They bicker about their Father leaving and Gabriel blames humanity while Michael points out that Gabriel is just an angry child lashing out. But Gabriel has to have the last word and he whips out the “I know the Chosen One is here” bit. And we also were denied an awesome Michael/Gabriel fight.

Wheel pulls the Helena representative out of lock up (they were deprived of their full body coverings which is apparently part of their culture) and is interrogating her about the boy Power show infiltrated her ranks. She disavows any knowledge on her part or on the head of her city. Wheel wants their air force but she knows her superior won’t go into a fight with Gabriel again unless they are directly threatened. Oh and apparently killing her would mean nuking Vega. Well I guess he won’t get what he wants out of her. Over at house Rysen, Claire and Bixby (I got her name wrong in the pilot…sorry folks) are eating breakfast when daddy Rysen comes in and he knows that Claire loves Alex. They can’t really marry for love at this point. Apparently, the class system was supposed to be temporary but the senate is stuck in their ways. He won’t be stepping down soon either. It also seems Alex’s assignment has been swapped to House Wheel. He’s on the way when Michael literally whisks him off to a tower. Alex is pissed at Michael and tells him that he read one of the tattoos and warns Michael to stay away. There could have been another fight here but again we were denied.

Alex makes his first appearance at House Wheel and gets a warning from David about the price of fame and we also learn that Wheel was a former televangelist. I can kind of see it but it just adds to my dislike and distrust of him Of course, William is all hot to trot about Alex and is bowing to him and stuff. If we didn’t know he was Gabriel’s son, I’d probably think he was just obnoxious. But he does seem to be sort of nice. He hands out extra rations and medical care cards to poor people. Oh and it turns out Papa Rysen has congestive heart failure and he’s keeping it a secret from Claire. Not a good idea. Also, leaving the city is not a good idea and he seems to be doing that on a regular basis, too.

In prison, the de-robed women are scraping their nails down to the beds to make poison so they can kill Wheel. I don’t really get that but I guess I don’t have to. I’m assuming it will fail since Tony is in more than just two episodes. Back at House Wheel, Alex bumps into one of the other household staff and he reveals a sliver of a tattoo. She turns out to be a Power as well and sprouts some wings and takes off. Michael really ought to be checking people more closely. Speaking of Michael, Papa Rysen is kind of annoyed that Michael never mentioned the Powers. Michael admits he didn’t think they’d factor in since they were hands off for the first war. He doesn’t know how to reach Alex about his destiny. He asks Rysen for advice but the dad doesn’t have any idea.

Alex is sneaking around and ends up in Claire room and they have some hanky panky time and we get some good views of Alex’s tattoos. He’s on his way to sneak out when Bixby spots them. Claire drags the girl off to bed while Alex is left to face off against the lady Power. He’s getting his ass kicked and then he finally starts fighting back. But there are causalities. A random guard gets knifed (or maybe cut by her crazy wings) and Bixby gets cut, too. But she may be okay. Alex tries to light the Power on fire but she takes off while her wings smolder. I guess they aren’t like the angels from Dogma whose wings burn up with fire. And it also turns out we were sort of wrong about the women captives. They are all dead and the representative gives Wheel an ultimatum she can go back to her leader and say they were in league with Gabriel and so Wheel killed them and she has no involvement or all-out war erupts and Vega loses badly. I have a feeling I know what way he’s going to go. Alex is running again because he doesn’t want to put people in danger. Claire wants to go with him but he refuses. Gabriel welcomes his spy back into the fold and tends to her wounds but she reports that Alex is stronger than they expected. We end on a rather bizarre note. We learn the purpose behind Rysen’s trips beyond the walls. It seems his wife (or mistress maybe) is an eight ball and he’s got her locked up in what looks like an old casino. Definitely not what I was expecting and I get why he’s keeping it a secret from Claire. Well hopefully next week will bring us some more Michael fights and maybe some orgies. A girl can hope!

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