Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Summer DVR Dump: Warehouse 13 5.04: “Savage Seduction”

“Shut up and get in the TV.”
- Artie

I have to say I was a little concerned based on the episode description that this would just be a silly filler episode. Considering we only have six episodes for the final season, I thought it might be a bad idea. But it actually moves the story along and I laughed a lot at Pete and Myka’s storyline. Speaking of, we find Myka working on writing a book. Pete doesn’t have much time to razz her about it because his ex, Kelly, shows up. She’s very pregnant and Pete kind of freaks out. She reminds him they broke up like two years ago and he relaxes. But they’ve got a case. Her grandmother’s TV is possessed. So they head over and it is pretty clear there is something artifact-y going on. Her grandmother has been sucked into a telenovela. And before long, Myka and Kelly get sucked in, too! Pete watches the show (Myka and Kelly are playing a maid and the daughter of the family respectively). Artie arrives and he and Pete hop into the TV to try and find the artifact and neutralize it. Artie reads a letter from the telenovela company that thanked Kelly’s grandmother for watching the show and they gave her a broach. Holy artifact creation! Artie and Pete have cufflinks that allow them to remember who they are and Pete has some fun testing out his newfound Spanish skills before going in search of Artie. He runs into Kelly briefly and then goes to find her grandmother but the broach has been taken by a thief. Oh boy!

Elsewhere, Artie gives Claudia and Steve a case to help distract Claudia from her search to revive Claire and remove the crazy artifact energy. She’s crabby about it but I have a feeling she’s going to be enjoying herself shortly. Apparently, during a student presentation, said student was attacked by a shadow and his spine broke in three places. I have to say it totally reminded me of Pan’s shadow on Once Upon a Time. Creepy, no? Claudia and Steve go to the kid’s dorm room and his roommate tells them he was partying hard out by a bridge. So that’s their next stop. They find the kid’s cell phone with a video on it where he fell off the bridge and broke his back. Claudia notes that the kid was speaking Latin and Steve puts it together with the frat symbols spray painted on a car. At the frat house, they find that the boys have some kind of duplication artifact and that when you fall down or pass out (at least that’s what it looks like), the other you in shadow form slams back into you and you’re hit with whatever was going on with your other half. Not a good artifact methinks.

Pete goes to find Myka after he realizes that she left a note for Kelly’s grandmother about her supposed long lost son (aka Artie). Pete convinces Myka (as Maribel) to go with him to get the Colonel. Artie has no idea who took the artifact so he needs to get into character so he knows what the Colonel knows. I can only assume this is going to backfire. Almost immediately, Artie (as the Colonel) starts throttling Pete, calling him a bastard. I have to say this storyline is actually really funny and I’m kind of glad they did it. Though I did have to pay attention to the subtitles (even though I do have a minor in Spanish).

Back on campus, Steve and Claudia get into the frat house and down to the basement where all the spooky shenanigans are going on. Claudia zaps a guy with her Tesla and Steve sneaks into the ritual. But he’s outed as ATF when he starts pulling out an artifact baggie. And wouldn’t you know it, he gets whammied and split in two. I kind of wonder if they got both Aaron and Shawn for this episode. (A quick search on IMDB says no). It would have been awesome if they did though. That’s the benefit of having a twin in show biz. Anyway, this s probably the funniest pat of the episode. We’ve got straight laced Steve (no pun intended) and flaming gay Steve. They end up finding the candle but flamer Steve makes off with it and the two Steves end up fighting. I have to say I love flamer Steve (and so did Claudia). And hey, she got the college experience without all the expense! Claudia bags the artifact but there’s still the dual Steve issue. So she knocks out flamer Steve with a shot from the Tesla. Restored (and hung over), they head home and Claudia did have a good time. Girl needed it, really.

Back in the telenovela things get super crazy. Revelations abound. Maribel is the Colonel’s real daughter with his mother’s maid and Carmen is the product of an affair with another man. The cufflinks switch hands quite a few times and eventually they end up taking out all the necessary parties to save Kelly’s grandmother. And Maribel’s long-dead mother returns and stops her and Pete (aka Armando) from kissing because they are siblings. Weird. But kind of totally accurate for a trashy Spanish soap. They make it out of the TV and things are sort of back to normal. Well there’s some residual awkwardness between Pete and Myka and Kelly points out that things never would have worked out between her and Pete because he’s in love with Myka. So I guess they really are going towards getting the two of them together. Hey, at least they’re doing it right at the end. I still don’t think I can get behind that, though. They’ve always been too brother and sister for me to see them as a romantic couple.

Well I must say I’m really glad we had this light episodes right in the middle because things are about to get super crazy. Someone has taken Claire and it can’t be a coincidence that we saw Mark Shepard’s character come back in the season premiere. Only one more episode left until the series finale. I’m really glad we got these final run of episodes to tie everything up. It’s been an exciting ride from day one.

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