Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Summer DVR Dump: Atlantis 1.04: "Twist of Fate"

“I’m not sure we should get any further. The child’s clearly from a wealthy family. Whatever reason they had to abandon him one thing’s for sure, they don’t want him found.”
- Pythagoras

Our boys are out trying to do some hunting when they happen upon a sort of whining sound. Hercules throws his spear but Jason catches it (with crazy-skill precision. (Think Nick on Grimm as of last season). He stopped the spear because it was about to impale a baby. Against Hercules’ advice to leave the baby there because it’s been exposed and left to die, the guys bring the baby home. I swear this is going to be Oedipus! Anyway, Jason runs out to the market to get some food and supplies and lucky he runs into Medusa because he was going to be feeding the poor kid fish and olives. Luckily, she manages to call the little guy down but Hercules really starts bonding the little guy when Jason and Py go back to where they found the baby to look for clues.

Up in the palace, King Minos has returned from a hunt of his own, accompanied by King Leos. Pasiphae seems a bit too chummy with the king and Ariadne remarks on how sad Leos’ wife looks. Pasiphae passes it off as the other woman being young and not having grown into the role of queen yet.

Jason and Py find some broken shards and grain near where they found the baby and so they collect them to see if they can reconstruct what it was. Little do they know but they’re being watched by an old man. The guys get back to the house to find Hercules asleep with the baby on his chest. After a little work, Pythagoras figures out the shards were a pig and it was a baby rattle. Py doesn’t think that they should keep looking for the little guy’s family because they clearly didn’t want him for some reason. They finally get the little guy to sleep. It’s been a long day for our heroes.

That reason may soon come to light. Up at the palace, Minos makes an offering to Artemis for the hunt they had and the food it produced. At the head table, Pasiphae offers to go with Leos on his hunt the next day. This makes Leos’ wife a little snarky. Before long, the man who was watching Jason and Pythagoras appears and explains to another man and the queen that the child is gone. Leos appears and seems to know about the baby. Ah, so they’ve been getting horizontal behind Minos’ back. Not sure how they wouldn’t notice if she was pregnant.

The next morning, the baby wakes up crying and it’s Jason’s turn to get up with him. He realizes they are out of goat’s milk and so goes down to the market to get more. He spots a whole lot of soldiers starting to knock on doors and rushes home. Medusa has arrived and it’s not good news. I was right in part. The baby is King Leos’ son but probably out of wedlock so he’d want the child gone to avoid messing up succession with his legit heirs. Unfortunately, now our gang has to make a hasty retreat with the little tyke. Medusa stays behind to answer the door and hide the evidence that a baby has been in the place. She thinks she’s done it until she sees the rattle on the floor. She tries to hide it behind a basket but the soldier interrogating her sees it after she leaves. Out in the city our boys are nearly cornered. Soldiers are advancing on them and they’ve hit a locked door. Jason has the bright idea to leap off to the next tear of walkways and he and Py (and the baby) make it. Hercules says he’s too old to do it and he manages to bust through the door. He tricks the soldiers into going through, assuming he’d gone on ahead of them before slipping back through and locking the door on the other side.

Jason and Pythagoras are hiding out in the basement of a tavern at Medusa’s suggestion while Leos, Pasiphae and their lord buddy try to figure out how to find and get rid of the baby. The lord pays off a guy to follow Medusa and unfortunately she leads all the people looking for the baby right to them. Hercules says he’d rather die than give the youngster up but then a woman shows up claiming to be his mother and the lord admits that when the baby was born, they took him to the Oracle which said he was destined to kill his father. Yep, it’s definitely Oedipus. The lord even tells Pythagoras that the prophecy also said the boy would marry his mother. So our heroes agree to take the baby out of the city to safety (to the boy’s grandfather). Things look a little sketchy at first when they get to the gate and there’s a ton of soldiers but Jason leads them away and using his mad skill gets away and meets up with Py and Hercules beyond the border. It’s a bittersweet goodbye with the little guy (and yes, the lads do name him Oedipus). Seriously, if Jason grew up in our world, didn’t he study Greek myths and Shakespeare plays? Doesn’t know any of this stuff? Anyway, back in Atlantis, the boy’s mother thanks the lord (who actually serves King Leos) for his assistance. And everything settles back down in Atlantis as Hercules goes off to see Medusa and Pythagoras and Jason speculate about how bad things will get for their friend (all in good fun).

I have to wonder if any of this storyline will potentially come back at some point. I know it will have to take a long time for the baby to grow up and it depends I suppose on how long the series runs. I think I enjoyed this episode more than the last to be honest. I thought it was kinda sweet that Hercules was cut out to be a dad. I think the show is starting to come into its own.

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