Monday, September 29, 2014

Sleepy Hollow 2.02: "The Kindred"

“You founded a country. Figure it out.”
- Abbie

In true “Sleepy Hollow” fashion this episode kicks off with a bang. In the woods, Headless is dragging around Katrina to perform a creepy ritual that is supposed to sanctify her so he can marry her. It turns out to be a dream Ichabod was having after he read about it in a lost gospel of the Bible. He’s convinced more than ever that they need to rescue his wife. Abbie understands his desire to save her and they seem to be making progress in narrowing down where the Horseman could be hiding. While Abbie goes to meet the new boss, she tasks Ichabod with figuring out where Abraham would have taken Katrina.

The new Captain is a woman that worked in the department when Abbie and Jenny were young. Apparently she responded to some of the domestic violence calls that wen on back in the day. Abbie acts like it doesn’t throw her off but I bet it does. I also worry that this woman is going to get in the way of our Witnesses doing their thing. Luckily, Ichabod arrives with some fresh intelligence about where he believes Headless is keeping Katrina. A recon mission proves his instinct was right but Abbie has to literally drag her partner away before he goes off half-cocked and gets himself killed trying to rescue Katrina. Back at the cabin, our team finds some information on a creature that Ben Franklin and Katrina’s coven worked on that was supposed to rival the power of the Horseman. The only problem back in the day was they didn’t have a piece of the Horseman to complete the creature. I have to say this totally reminded me of Frankenstein’s Monster. Anyway we know our Witnesses have a rather large chunk of Headless lying about so they may have a shot at raising the Kindred.

After a bit of squabbling about whether it really is a good idea to raise the Kindred, our heroes decide to go for it. Jenny’s off to raid the weapons stash just in case while Ichabod deciphers the rest of the raising ritual. Abbie pays Irving a visit and he’s not doing well. No one likes ex-cops in prison and he’s gotten quite the beat down for it. He tells Abbie he considered the insanity defense but his lawyer didn’t think it would stick. The reason for her visit, despite being concerned about it, is more pressing. They need the Horseman’s head. He’s secreted it away at Sleepy Hollow Savings & Loan in a big ass safety deposit box. The part where Abbie and Ichabod go to the bank was one of the exclusive clips we saw at Comic Con in July and it still cracks me up. Ichabod is so indignant about the guy trying to get him to sign up for a credit card it is rather adorable. Unfortunately, Jenny runs into the new Captain while bringing the cache of weapons to the archives and gets arrested. I really don’t like this woman.

Elsewhere, Henry gets pulled into Purgatory for a tongue lashing by Moloch. Henry may be powerful and think himself a badass but he’s really just a big child seeking affection from a neglectful parent. It’s rather sad. And speaking of neglectful parents (sort of), Katrina is pissed that Abraham is insisting that they will be together. He’s also trying to sow doubt in her mind that while Ichabod may be alive and free, he went for Abbie first. I have to believe that Katrina understands their bond and knows that Ichabod is coming for her.

Things really aren’t going well for our team on the new Captain front. Jenny’s still locked up and Ichabod is basically on the outs, too. At least Irving takes Abbie’s advice and plays the “demon” card during his polygraph and gets moved to the same psych hospital Jenny was at. It’s a lot easier for our heroes to access their Captain if he’s close by. After leaving Jenny behind, Ichabod and Abbie go trolling through the tunnels to find the preserved body of the Kindred (gross). On the way, we get some very important character beats about both of our Witnesses. Abbie explains that her faith in Ichabod is her weakness and she thinks maybe Henry is Ichabod’s. After all, they’re going after the Horseman of Death instead of Henry. Speaking of, he’s relaying Moloch’s message to Headless and Katrina listens in. He tells her that they’re all blind to what’s coming and that while Ichabod and Abbie may be coming to save Katrina, there’s going to be no one to save them. I have a feeling the two Horsemen are going to team up. Really, Abbie and Ichabod should realize this already.

I have to say the scene where Ichabod and Abbie raise the Kindred is pretty amusing. In typical fashion, Abbie has to jab at her pal when nothing happens after he reads the incantation. He reads it a second time and it’s just enough to get their monster up and running. At the house, Katrina tries to play on Abraham’s feelings. She says she wanted to marry him but she wasn’t ready to marry anyone and Ichabod gave her time and that ultimately turned into a husband (well and a baby). She wants to make the choice to be with Abraham of her own free will and it seems he accepts before going off to try and kill Ichabod. And as predicted, Henry’s got a hand in all this, too. It looks like he’s fashioned a bad ass bullet of some kind that he’s going to use via the Horseman of War’s armor that he now controls.

The Kindred is pretty awesome and it fights not only the Horseman of Death but also War. It gives Abbie a chance of getting to the house to try and get Ichabod and Katrina out. Too bad Katrina’s decided she’s going to stay and play spy for them. Ichabod is pretty much heartbroken at that revelation and I doubt he agrees with her belief that their son can be saved. He’s pretty far gone. But at least they managed to get to Katrina so the plan wasn’t a total bust. Though they should go find the Kindred (and the Horseman’s head). I have to admit I was a little worried it would pop off during the fight and they’d all be screwed. Now, it just seems that Irving is the one that’s screwed. He never got the Henry is Jeremy is War memo and who should show up at the psych ward posing as Irving’s new attorney but one Henry Parrish. He even gets Irving to sign an agreement (basically in blood). The thing I thought was a bullet was actually a pen. Something tells me Irving’s life is about to get very tricky and dangerous from here on out.

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