Saturday, September 6, 2014

Summer DVR Dump: Atlantis 1.13: "Touched by the Gods - Part 2"

“We will stop this, or we will die trying. But we will go down fighting, not roasted in the belly of some fat, bronze bull.”

And so we reach the end of our Summer DVR Dump of “Atlantis” series 1. While the show definitely had its ups and downs, it was, overall, an enjoyable ride. The creative team has created some intriguing characters, and I look forward to seeing more of their adventures in the future. This episode continues the plot that began in the episode we discussed last week. Ariadne has just been tried and sentenced for treason. This is clearly not going to fly with Jason and his friends, so adventures ensue. We also get some good plot twists related to the overall mythology of the show. Given my complaining about how the Hercules/Medusa drama was derailing the mythology behind Jason, you can guess I was happy about that. We learned the identity of Jason’s parents, which was quite the big reveal. I was spoiled on the identity of Jason’s mother, but I didn’t know his father would also be addressed in this episode. Overall, the episode gave me a lot to think about as we wait for the next season.

This episode begins where the last one ended. Jason has just learned that Ariadne has been sentenced to death. We learn just how horrific the Brazen Bull is. It’s a hollow, metal bull. The person sentenced to die is placed inside the Bull, and a fire is lit underneath. The horns of the Bull are hollow so that the people watching can hear the screams. It’s pretty barbaric, really. Jason gets it in his head that at the very least, he should confess to being the assassin and die inside the Brazen Bull along with Ariadne. Luckily, his friends disabuse him of that notion. They are certainly going to try and rescue Ariadne, but if they die, they’re going to die fighting, not roasting in the Brazen Bull.

Meanwhile, Ariadne is in the dungeon, and she’s terrified. Melas, one of the priests, pays her a visit. This turns out to be a very fortunate thing. Ariadne is losing faith in the Gods, and Melas finds both that and the fact that Pasiphae is about to execute the future Queen chosen by the Gods very disturbing. Pasiphae asks Melas to take care of her father once she’s gone, and he agrees. It’s about time somebody discovers that Minos has been poisoned, and Melas is just the person to make that happen. Melas isn’t the only one who is disturbed by the situation. Pasiphae is praying when the Oracle confronts her. The Oracle warns Pasiphae that killing a member of the royal family would break their most sacred laws. Also, Pasiphae’s “nemesis,” who is touched by the Gods, is drawing near. Pasiphae is not happy about this at all.

Jason also decides to consult the Oracle, and she tells Jason that if he manages to rescue Ariadne, he should take her to a silver mine up in the mountains because they will be safe there. Ramos, the leader of the City Guard, also provides an unexpected assist. He stops by to offer his help. He can get Jason and his friends close enough to the palace to have a chance at a rescue. He is loyal to King Minos, and he thinks that what Pasiphae is doing is wrong. Ramos is indeed able to get the guys close to the action, and as Ariadne is being led to the Bull, Jason sets of a flaming arrow that makes the whole thing explode. It’s the perfect distraction, and Jason is able to get to Ariadne and start getting her out of Atlantis. Ramos leads the group to a secret tunnel to the forest. Heptarian and some other guards follow, and Ramos stays behind to fight them off and give Ariadne a chance to escape.

Jason, Ariadne, and the guys make it safely to the forest and set up camp. There’s a bit of a light moment where Ariadne changes into traveling clothes and the guys have to resist peeking. The next day, Jason tells everyone his plan to travel to the silver mine (which sounds like a place of the dead), and nobody is very enthused. Meanwhile, Pasiphae is leading a search party herself. She wants Ariadne and Jason captured and brought back to Atlantis by sundown. The camp is found, and when she sees a scrap of the fabric from Ariadne’s dress, Pasiphae knows she is on the right track. Maybe our heroes aren’t going to be so safe after all.

Meanwhile, back at the castle, the lackey maid who sold out Ariadne is preparing Minos’ latest does of poison. Melas the priest watches and she feeds it to him. When the maid leaves, Melas investigates the chalice and confirms that Minos has indeed been poisoned. Melos and the Oracle then discuss this discovery. Neither of them especially like Minos, either, but compared to Pasiphae, he’s the better of two evils. They want to save him. Melas questions whether sending Jason to the silver mine was a good idea. The Oracle then reveals that Jason’s father is at the silver mine, and that is why he will be safe there. Before this moment, I had no clue that we would ever actually meet Jason’s father. Later, Melas catches the maid again, and this time he stops her. He then feeds Minos another potion, which is probably some type of cure.

The silver mine cave is dark and turns out to be a leper colony. The leader of the lepers, Tychon, introduces himself to the group. He notice’s Jason’s necklace, and when Jason says his name, there is a look of recognition. Obviously this guy is Jason’s father. Over dinner, Tychon realizes Ariadne is in their midst, and when Jason tells the whole story of what has been happening in Atlantis, Tychon looks concerned. It’s not long before Pasiphae and her army arrives at the silver mine, too. Tychon ushers Jason and crew out of the cave while the battle rages. Outside, they all end up getting separated, which of course is a brilliant move on their part. Ariadne gets captured just as Jason is seriously injured.

Jason is unconscious, and Pasiphae is just about to finish him off herself when Tychon stops her. At first Pasiphae is confused, but then she realizes who he is. Apparently he’s her ex-husband and the deposed true King of Atlantis. And, further twist, Jason is their (Tychon and Pasiphae’s) son. Apparently after Pasiphae betrayed him, Tychon sent Jason away for his own safety. Pasiphae can’t bear to kill her own son (he’s her flesh and blood, and she’s got quite an ego). Tychon and Pasiphae both promise never to reveal to Jason who he truly is (the true heir to Atlantis). Tychon agrees because he doesn’t want Jason to be corrupted by the power, and Pasiphae agrees because she still wants the power for herself.

Jason comes to, and he’s really upset when Tychon tells him Ariadne has been captured. He has not healed enough yet to do anything about it, though. After falling unconscious and coming to again, Heptarian attacks. Heptarian had been wounded earlier but apparently survived. This time, however, Jason finishes the job. Later, Tychon walks Jason out of the woods, and as they are about to take leave of each other, they have a bit of a heart-to-heart. Tychos tells Jason he should be proud of himself, but since Jason doesn’t know Tychos is his father, it doesn’t really register for him.

Back at the palace, Pasiphae is about to start preparing Ariadne for the Brazen Bull again when a seemingly recovered Minos puts a stop to the foolishness. He is extremely pissed off at Pasiphae for trying to usurp him and for trying to kill his daughter. He calls off the execution, and Ariadne runs in for a hug. Pasiphae knows she’s in deep shit. Later, Melas delivers a note from Ariadne to Jason, telling him to meet her at the temple. Jason complies, but he barely has time to lock eyes on her before Minos appears and interferes. He warns Jason to stay away from Ariadne since she can’t be with a commoner. Pasiphae, for her part, visits the Oracle, where she is informed that Jason will indeed be her undoing one day. When we next see Jason, Hercules, and Pythagoras, they’re back to their usual happy banter. And a cloaked Pasiphae is secretly watching them.

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