Monday, April 20, 2015

iZombie 1.05: "Flight of the Living Dead"

“I’m ready to be alive. To feel everything, good or bad. Now more than ever.”
- Liv

This week’s case involves a skydiving accident which may or may not actually be an accident. Oh and Ryan Hansen (Hi Dick Casablanacas) is guest starring in this episode as well which is another nice little Veronica Mars connection. My next choice would be Jason Dohring personally. Anyway, back to the case. As Liv and Ravi are waiting for the body to be extracted from the tree branch, they start associating said body with various food on a stick. Until Peyton calls and says that their former sorority sister Holly died in a skydiving accident. Oh snap! Liv is a little freaked about Holly being dead, after all she was all adventurous and up for breaking the rules while Liv was definitely not. Ravi gives her the option of eating someone else’s brain but Liv says she owes it to Holly. After all if she can do it for strangers, why shouldn’t she do it for an old friend?

Liv and Peyton are sort of mourning Holly at home when they see a video on Holly’s Facebook feed with one of the other jumpers, Lowell Tracy. He looks not very happy to be at the party they were at. It doesn’t help his cause when Liv has a vision of him yelling at Holly and making her jump before him. Liv heads to see Clive and does a little arm twisting to get him to bring Lowell in for some questioning and to retrieve camera footage from the helmet cameras. Clive isn’t particularly pleased by this request as he has two open cases on his desk (two cases, the horror) and Major has stopped by to ask for help in finding his other missing kid. We get to see some of Holly’s spontaneity rub off on Liv when she decides to bike over to the precinct. Lowell answers their questions but is totally hitting on Liv the whole time (typical rock star). And Clive comes back after supposedly looking at footage and reveals that the footage was destroyed by the company sponsoring the jump.

Liv suggests they bring in Lowell’s friends and so they get everyone from the jump into the interrogation room. And boy do they have some crazy stories to tell about Holly and Lowell. Lowell was moody at the party and Holly made it her business to try and figure out why. Apparently he was the only guy who could resist Holly’s charms. It turns out Carson (Ryan’s character) had slept with her, too. His girlfriend, who is in marketing for the company, says it was a fling long over but it wasn’t. And it turns out, thanks to Liv having another vision, that maybe Carson was sleeping with one of the other guys! All really crazy stuff.

Liv is kind of enjoying being free and sharing in Holly’s carefree attitude but things get serious when Ravi reveals that Holly was drugged. The girl has good timing though because she shows up with this information for Clive right as he’s getting his ass handed to him by his boss. So it looks like a homicide after all. While Liv goes to Holly’s memorial, Clive heads to the skate park and learns very quickly that Majors two runaway kids aren’t the only people missing. I like that we are slowly building this mystery even though we as the viewer know that Blaine is behind the disappearances. Anyway, at the wake, Liv accuses Holly’s friends of drugging her and does a little snooping in Carson’s room. She finds a pre-signed prescription pad from his father and puts Ravi on the trail of tracking down who wrote the GHB script. She gets caught by Lowell who as it turns out is also a zombie. And Liv is quite taken with him (come on, who wouldn’t be). He explains that he jumped last because he felt himself going full on zombie mode and he was missing for a while after everyone landed so he could calm down. Liv heads back to the ME’s office and shares this with Ravi and is quite relieved to learn that Carson was the one who put in the script for the GHB.

Clive and Liv haul Carson in again and he denies filling or writing the script and he ends up blabbing that he accidentally got emailed some damning stuff about the company and Holly saw it. She threatened to expose it if he didn’t and so he went to his girlfriend and it seems like she was the one who drugged Holly. Clive and some officers go to arrest the girlfriend but she’s in the wind. Clive is kind of annoyed about this but his boss tells him that they’ll find her. Oh and his boss totally shuts him down on the missing persons case (all 60 of them). And we shortly earn why. Dude’s a zombie, too! Man, we are just getting all kinds of covert zombies up in here aren’t we? Was he at the boat party or did he get infected later? Is he under Blaine’s thumb? For that matter, is Lowell under Blaine’s thumb? I seriously hope not because I like him and clearly so does Liv. He even shows up at the morgue with a bottle of really crazy hot sauce. And he asks her out, too. He seems like he could be a good option for Liv what with the fear of infecting other people. You clearly can’t infect another zombie. I am intrigued to see where it goes and I hope that Bradley James (formerly King Arthur on BBC’s “Merlin”) is a recurring guest star. Oh and it seems Major is going to need some serious help in tracking down these kids because he gets into a fight with the guy who took one of his kids’ shoes and gets bloodied pretty good. There was a moment when a new body rolled into the morgue that I feared it was Major and Liv was going to panic and it would ruin her vibe with Lowell but luckily, it wasn’t. I’m very excited to see where this goes next week.

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