Sunday, April 26, 2015

Once Upon a Time 4.20: "Lily"

“Our actions are our own, but fate pushes us. Maybe it’s time to push back.”
- Regina

We have been leading up this episode since season 4A when we first met the titular character. Of course, back then we didn’t know she would turn out to be Maleficent’s lost daughter or that she would have such a tight connection to Emma. Bring on the awesomeness! We spend most of our time this episode either in Emma’s flashbacks or on the road so we’ll get the very quick blip of the Enchanted Forest out of the way. Right after the Apprentice traps Isaac in the book, he goes to see the Sorcerer (a giant colorful glowing cloud that kind of reminds me a bit of the Smoke Monster if it was on acid) and we learn that Emma and Lily’s fates have always been linked, what the Charmings did doesn’t change that.

In Storybrooke, the family is having a little gathering to discuss how to keep Emma from going dark when Maleficent shows up seeking their help to find Lily. She wants to get out of Gold’s shadow before he stabs her in the back. Emma agrees but kind of freaks out when she realizes that Mal’s daughter is in fact her one childhood friend that she pushed away. But with a little pep talk from Regina, they decide to head out to track down Lily and save Robin. Yay for a Swan Queen team up. I love how their relationship has progressed since season 1. While they are away, Rumple has some personal business to attend to involving Belle. And apparently he doesn’t’ much care where Emma goes dark, so long as she does. It seems Rumple wants Will to steal back Belle’s heart and there’s no saying ‘no’ to the Dark One. It is really bad that every time Rumple opens his mouth this week I just want to smack him and tell him to be quiet. But I guess he does get what he came for when Will manages to steal Belle’s heart back. So much for that insurance policy. But Rumple does sort a nice thing. He gives Belle back her heart and steps away from their marriage. If he continues to hurt her then he has no hope. So he wants Will to protect her now.

In the late 1990s, we find Emma is in a new foster home (before the home she ended with Ingrid back in Boston). The family is going on a camping trip when Emma finds Lily hiding in the garage. She is in big trouble and she needs Emma’s help. Emma’s foster day is more than happy to have over for dinner but Emma starts getting worried when Lily lies about how they met. And just after Emma confronts Lily about it, she sees on the news that it looks like Lily was one of two masked assailants involved in an armed robbery. I guess that potential for darkness is really kicking in! Lily explains that it was all her boyfriend’s idea and she had no idea it would turn into what it did. She needs to get a necklace from her birth mother before she’ll take Emma’s money for a bus ticket. I guess this is where Emma starts to push Lily away. She manages to steal back Lily’s necklace but she gets caught sneaking back in by her foster parents. Lily apparently stole some money and when they called Emma’s social worker, they learned not only the truth about Emma and Lily’s first meeting but Lily’s involvement. Emma does what she always done, runs away. Lily finds her at a bus stop and begs her to go away together because she’s really gotten kicked out by her parents this time. She says that everything in her life is going to crap and is full of darkness except when Emma is around. Emma isn’t having any of it and she just up and leaves. Lily gets on a bus where the Apprentice finds her and starts filling her in on the truth. Well I guess we know how she learned about everything now.

The first stop on Emma and Regina’s road trip of awesome is Lowell, Massachusetts. Regina remarks that fate seems to have been pushing the together since Lily lived so close to Emma. But when they get there, they find that Lily is gone, possibly dead in a drunken car wreck. Emma loses it a little when the landlord calls Lily a loser. Regina has to talk her down. I think I can start to see what Rumple’s hoping for. Emma is going to get so emotionally involved with finding Lily that if it turns out badly, she’s going to lose it and go completely bat shit. Emma refuses to talk about her little snap in judgement as they leave town. But it seems fate is stills crewing with them because as they are talking, a wolf appears in the road much like when she tried to leave Storybrooke the first time. They get a flat tire and are near enough to a diner that they split up to get coffee and the flat fixed. Wouldn’t you know, the waitress that starts serving Emma is none other than Lily living under an assumed name? Emma follows her out back and calls her on living under the fake name. She tries to tell Lily that she was right about them being connected. Lily doesn’t want to hear it. She claims that she fell in with a bad crowd and needed a new start. But she’s good now with a husband and a daughter. We see the latter part is a lie though because she convinces a little girl getting off a school bus to take her hand and walk out of sight with the promise of free burgers for a week. Emma looks absolutely devastated.

Emma snags Lily’s time card with her real address and she and Regina pay the empty place a visit. What they find is not what they expected. Lily somehow knows the truth and is out for revenge. Oh and she stole Emma’s car. So Emma steals a car of her own and she is clearly going down the dark path when she finally catches up with Lily. Lily insists that she’s not going to stop because it’s all Emma’s fault. Well not really but whatever. Emma eventually pulls a gun and Lily goads her, trying to get her to shoot. But Regina talks her down again (see there was a purpose to this road trip after all) because if Emma killed her, Gold would get exactly what he wanted. With news that Rumple has Belle’s heart, they rush off (with Lily along for the ride) to New York. And the worst ending ever happens. Regina drops the truth bomb on Robin and then Zelena and Robin drop the even bigger truth bomb when he says he can’t leave; she’s pregnant. Every week I don’t think Adam and Eddy can hurt my Outlaw Queen shipper heart more and yet they do. They just keep ripping it out and stomping on it.

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