Monday, June 1, 2015

iZombie 1.11: “Astroburger”

“How does it feel to finally know the truth?”
- Liv and Major

So no matter how much I am not a fan of Major, his storyline dovetails perfectly with this week’s case. He’s been at the mental hospital a few days and he’s kind of bonded (for lack of a better term) with Scott E., another patient who claims he’s seen zombies. Major goes to find Scott E. after the latter misses their chess match and finds the guy dead in a bathtub with slit wrists. Clive, Ravi and Liv show up and Ravi quickly points out that it was murder, not suicide. I assumed as much given the lack of deep red color to the bath water (which is exactly what Ravi points out). Things get a little awkward when Liv and Clive question Major about finding the body and digging for information on who he thought might have done it. After talking to Scott E.’s doctor, Clive and Liv learn that not only did Scott E. have a weird persecution complex that made him hallucinate the devil, he was at the same boat party as Liv and he saw lots of zombies and death and stuff. When Major asks Liv if she saw anything out of the ordinary at the party (aside from the death and stuff), she kind of panics.

Ravi has some serious concerns about Liv eating Scott E.’s brain, given his paranoia and mental health issues. But Liv says she needs to do it. Not only because he was kind of a friend of Major’s but because he supposedly has video of zombies at the boat party. Things are also a little awkward because Peyton and Ravi are having their first date night. Liv tries to get out of being the third wheel but gets stuck when Major shows up, having checked himself out. The gang is going to watch a scary movie but Liv thinks better of it, worrying it might trigger something for Major. And then the weird hallucinations start for Liv. Just as Ravi predicted.

While Ravi is clearly concerned about Liv’s mental state, he ends up enjoying the rest of his date with Peyton and Major ends up crashing on the couch. I have to say, the more this episode progresses, the more I kind of like Major. He’s got a little bit of snark going on that’s kind of hilarious. As if dealing with a paranoid brain isn’t enough, Blaine finds out from Clive’s boss that she was found with Lowell’s body. So of course, Blaine has to check up on things. Liv gets a vision of Scott E. seeing a woman he’s sleeping with lying with her legs up (to get pregnant). Seriously, is that really a thing people do? Anyway, she and Clive then go talk to one of the other residents that Scott E. was sleeping with. She claims to be a minion of the devil but denies she’s pregnant. My money is on the doctor.

Liv has some more hallucinations with bags of chips and she also sees that Blaine visited Scott E. several times using a fake name. She rushes back to the morgue to fill Ravi in when she finds that Blaine has shown up. She briefly considers poisoning him but it’s a good thing she doesn’t because Blaine can probably sense what she’s up to and makes her drink some Max Rager too (Ravi wants to see if that affects them at all). Yeah, I’m kind of glad Liv didn’t try anything because when she takes Blaine out it needs to be a bigger showdown than the morgue for sure. While all this weirdness is going down at the morgue, Major gets called down to the station for some more questions with Clive. Major says that he and Scott E. played chess and there was one time Scott E. ranted about not wanting kids, which Major didn’t realize could be linked to someone trying to get pregnant.

The next morning, Liv is getting ready for work when she sees the news and Cliff (from Veronica Mars…I can’t remember his character’s name on this show) is on. And then he shows up at the morgue. He knew Scott E. because the kid was his pot dealer (he apparently sold more than just Utopium.) Cliff escorts Liv to where Scott E. stashed all his valuables and she finds a laptop which should hopefully lead her to his missing phone. Thanks to some snooping, Liv finds Scott E.’s phone in the apartment of one of the orderlies from the mental hospital. She sort of has to trick the cops into finding the phone and some drugs in the apartment but it’s enough to bring the guy in. He confesses to stealing dead patients’ stuff but says the pills were from Scott E.’s doctor to keep him quiet after he walked in on them. I was right! It was the doctor who was pregnant. And in very short order Liv and Clive manage to get her to confess to the murder to keep the truth about the baby’s paternity from getting out.

While Liv was doing some breaking and entering, Major was doing some of his own into Scott E.’s place. He’s interrupted by Blaine and Julien showing up to torch the place (and hopefully the cell phone video). Major sneaks into the trunk of their car so he follows them back to Blaine’s store. That night Liv finally tells Major the truth about her condition and it doesn’t send him running away screaming. He feels relieved that he now knows what came between them. So maybe he and Liv can team up to take down Blaine. I’m still sad about Lowell but this new side of Major is kind of cool and if they are ultimately endgame, I’m slowly getting on board with it.

And things unravel very fast for Liv at the end of this episode. She realizes that the Cliff she’d been running around with was a delusion from Scott E.’s brain. It gives her the code to unlock his phone and she sees the video and is horrified that her first meal as a zombie was caught on tape. And then Major shows up and has brains galore to show her to prove that zombies are real (Blaine killed another zombie who let Major take the brains…oh and Blaine killed a famous astronaut). So it turns out Liv admitting to Major that she’s a zombie was another delusion. Very trippy. And not good that Major intends to kill all zombies!

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