Thursday, November 2, 2017

Lucifer 3.05: “Welcome Back, Charlotte Richards”

“I understand you want to clear the red from your ledger Charlotte, but believe me this is not the way to do it.”
- Lucifer

This week’s episode is all about pudding. The case of the week revolves around a food chemist who works for a big pudding company. He’s found dead in a vat of pudding. Dan is devastated because he loves pudding (and the company) but his emotions turn even more despondent when who should appear to be representing the company’s CEO but Charlotte Richards. Sure, she’s got a huge gap in her memory but she’s acting like she’s all good.

This also sets Lucifer on edge. After giving Trixie some creative alt-swear words (Chloe has been using a swear jar), he says he’s going to stop letting his father control him and get in his head but he’s not overly invested or interested in the case. He’s more freaked and worried about needing to talk to Charlotte. Despite his declaration that he’s done letting Dad hold the reins on his life, Lucifer is convinced Charlotte is back as part some of plan by God. I suspect he’s wrong about that. The case takes an odd turn when review of personnel with security access to the vat where the victim was found leads to the former business partner of the CEO. She left to start her own company but after Lucifer works his mojo at the set of the commercial she’s shooting (which she hates because it’s selling sex and not pudding) she admits that the victim offered to sell her the secret formula for the pudding.

While Lucifer is ogling the pretty, scantily clad models for the commercial, Chloe notices a guy in a trench coat watching them. It turns out he’s a corporate fixer for the CEO of the pudding company who had the secret formula. Lucifer jumps at the chance to confront Charlotte again but since Dan has gone to her office and sort of spilled his guts to her again (only to get rejected and give a throwaway line about how Charlotte and Lucifer were close in ways he’d never understand), she sends someone else. While Chloe is trying to get any information, she can out of the fixer (she does learn there was a corporate merger in progress so the potential espionage was moot), Lucifer goes home and finds Charlotte in the penthouse. She comes on to him and starts kissing him which really freaks him out. But, it does lead to her admitting she can’t remember the last few months and it felt like she was reliving the same horrible nightmare over and over again. It makes sense that when she died and Mom took over her body, her soul went to hell and when Mom left her body, she was able to somehow returned. Maybe Mom’s energy restored her or something. It’s not entirely clear. But Lucifer believes her and she even agrees to hand over security footage to prove her client innocent.

Right before looking at said video footage, Ella gets the autopsy report back that showed the victim had kidney stones and would have died from renal failure pretty soon. And as Ella looks at the “secret” ingredients in the pudding, she realizes that they are two things that when mixed together become poisonous and cause renal failure. Oh boy! As the gang digs a little deeper they realize that the two CEOs and fixer all could have had motive (money-wise) to want to keep the victim quiet. This sets Charlotte off quite a bit because now she’s got three potentially guilty murderer clients to deal with and her whole crisis of faith and being good is not putting her in a very good mindset.

Some additional digging leads to the security guard who was on duty that night and he reveals that while he would have made a lot of money in the merger due to stock options, he liked the victim but he had shared during a drunken night out that lots of people would suffer and he wanted to end it. So, it appears as though our victim purposely took his own life but made it look like a murder to get the police to investigate and punish all of the corporate folk. It’s rather clever if you think about it really.

Unfortunately, Charlotte has gone off and gathered her clients together to force them to tell her the truth. The gun she’s wielding doesn’t scare any of them really and she’s starting to get quite hysterical when Lucifer shows up and manages to talk her down. I can understand her not wanting to go back to hell when she dies again but threatening to hurt people who are ultimately innocent of this particular crime isn’t going to get here where she wants to be. Luckily, the trio made some incriminating statements while Lucifer was listening in and he recorded it. Yay modern technology? And yay for Dan, too, because it looks like he and Charlotte might try to find some kind of relationship again. I suspect Dan will like the real Charlotte a lot more than Mom. While Chloe explains to Trixie back home that she was trying to show that bad words can hurt people and make them feel bad, she realized she had given her daughter rules without explaining the why behind it. So, no more swear jar, although Trixie is out all of the money she put in. And I will be interested to see how Lucifer and Charlotte develop in their new relationship because it seems they are going to get to know each other, too. It was kind of heartbreaking to see Lucifer finally acknowledge that he missed his mother more than he realized and way more than he’d ever share with those close to him (namely Amenediel and Maze). Overall, I thought this was a decent way to reintroduce Charlotte into the mix, even if the case wasn’t as exciting as some of the others have been.

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