Thursday, November 23, 2017

Lucifer 3.08: “Chloe Does Lucifer”

“I’ll just channel my inner Lucifer.”
- Chloe

Lucifer is in a weird place socially these days. When the episode opens, he’s playing Monopoly with Trixie and Chloe and it’s adorable. When he gets home though, Amenediel drops by and is surprised that his brother is living a boring life. Lucifer is super touchy about this designation because he thinks he needs to live a lifestyle that inspires other people. Even the case they land this week starts off feeling boring. The victim was a computer engineer who looks really bland (beige furniture and clothes). But thanks to her roommate, they learn that she was in an argument the night of her death.

The case leads Chloe and Lucifer to a dating app for celebrity people (which sounds absolutely ridiculous). They have super crazy criteria and you have to go through an interview before you can even set up an account. The victim wasn’t eligible and she hacked her way onto the platform. The CEO of the app is totally hitting on Chloe and it’s pissing Lucifer off. He also doesn’t like that everyone keeps treating him as boring. I don’t think spending a night in playing monopoly and face painting (Trixie’s price for getting to be the top hat during the game) is a bad way to spend an evening. Sure, he’s not off drinking and hooking up with strangers but he just needs to realize that he and Chloe are supposed to be together (even if it was God’s plan) and own it. She clearly still has feelings for him that she’s not over, too.

While the gang is going through the motions of the case, Amenediel gets roped into helping Linda plan her ex-husband’s funeral and Charlotte approaches Ella to try and learn how to be good so she won’t go to Hell. Dan walks in on that conversation and both he and Ella kind of bail on poor Charlotte. She’s just trying to figure out how not to end up being tortured for all eternity. Charlotte starts by lying to Ella about being in a shadowing program but ultimately, she comes through with the case at issue (even if she did end up stealing the information o seem like she was useful). She does some digging that leads them back to the CEO of the dating app. And Linda admits to Amenediel that she isn’t all that upset about her husband’s death. She’s just focusing on her own brush with death and knowing all that she does about God and Angels and such. Amenediel manages to convince her that she really isn’t that much different than she used to be before she knew everything. She just has different questions she’s asking. I do like that they are developing a friendship. Though for a moment I thought there was going to be more than just a friends situation going on as they were laying on the beach together contemplating the sky and getting some perspective.

Meanwhile, Ella discovers that the victim’s profile had one match and they even apparently had a dinner reservation the night of the murder. The profile pic of the potential suspect is useless but Chloe is going to channel her inner Lucifer at a mixer that the suspect is attending to try and find him. Lucifer tries to teach Chloe how to be him but it doesn’t really work so much. She ditches her earbud with the guys in the van and ends up finding the suspect on her own. He admits that he first met the victim when he went on a couple dates with her roommate through the dating app. But he liked the victim more because she was genuine and he didn’t have to be so superficial and “on” all the time. This leads Lucifer and Chloe back to the roommate who under Lucifer’s mojo admits she’s a phony, too. She just pretends that she’s constantly traveling and things. But she’s not the killer. As Charlotte points out it looks like the victim actually built the app and she hired the CEO to be the face of the company and she wants to get money back from him because he basically stole the app from her after she hired him to get the funding needed to get the app off the ground. So, Chloe ends up heading over (since apparently, she’s his type) to try and see if he has the murder weapon. Lucifer shows up independently to find Chloe there. He was trying to get his swagger back and wanted to go on a bro weekend to Vegas.

It turns out the CEO isn’t a complete idiot and he pulls a gun on them once they’ve found the murder weapon. But he is still dumb enough that when Lucifer tosses a ceramic version of the guy’s head in the air, he drops his gun and Chloe can arrest him. As Chloe imparts on Trixie that being yourself is always better than pretending to be someone you’re not, we see that Charlotte is going to be around more since she took a job as a DA to try and do good so she won’t go to Hell. Ella is not happy about this and I still can’t figure out why. And Lucifer is back to his usual debaucherously sexed-up self after he touches base with Linda and tells her all about his relationship with some random woman.

Overall, I thought this was a decent episode. Lucifer probably is shallower than he probably should be but at least Chloe got a chance to teach Trixie a good lesson and some of the other characters are moving forward with their stories. I really want to know why Ella is freaked out by Charlotte being around. There is definitely more story there to be told and I can’t wait to see it. And I believe the next new episode will return to the Sinner man plotline so that will be interesting, too.

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