Monday, November 6, 2017

Lucifer 3.06: “Vegas With Some Radish”

“Yeah, well this is Vegas. This town is always up for an encore.”
- Ella

Welcome to Vegas, people (or more accurately another of the four stand-alone episodes they filmed last year that got sprinkled throughout season 3). But, from everything I’ve heard about this episode (including the shipping of the fabulous costumes), I’m super excited to see what happens. It is Chloe’s birthday and they are celebrating at the precinct with a cake and then a stripper cake, courtesy of Ella shows up. Chloe is quite enjoying herself and Lucifer is impressed by Ella’s ingenuity until he gets a phone call that his ex-wife Candy (from the mid-season premiere last year) has gone missing in Vegas. Ella ends up inviting herself along as he heads off to try and track her down, leaving Chloe all kinds of flustered and confused.

Lucifer and Ella get to Candy’s place to find a dead woman’s body and a bunch of police, including the lead detective. Lucifer quickly deduces that the victim is not Candy based on her foot size but Ella convinces him not to tell the detective that because it could get back to the killer and put Candy is more danger. As they try to surmise who might want to hurt Candy, we get a flashback to when Lucifer was last in Vegas and he met Candy. She picked his pockets to fend off a sleazy loan shark. Unfortunately, that line of inquiry dies as quickly as the loan shark because when they get to the house, he’s dead, too.

Back in LA, Chloe pays Linda a visit because she can’t reach Lucifer. She claims she has a question about a case but I think she wants to see if they can rekindle what they had. I don’t think Lucifer is in a place right now to be with Chloe, even though they are clearly end game. Linda offers to go with Chloe to the penthouse to see if Lucifer is there (which obviously he’s not). This is going to get super crazy, I’m sure. It turns into quite the to do. First, they start drinking and messing around with the piano and then are on their way to root through his sock drawer when he calls Linda to reschedule his therapy session. This leads Chloe to whine quite a bit about him leaving her on her birthday. She insists she’s not jealous and that she’s not interested in a romantic relationship but Linda clearly isn’t buying it. At some point, they call Dan because they discover a wall safe and they can’t seem to crack it. But he’s got a power drill (and some spackle when he drills a giant hole in the wall). Why don’t they just call Amenediel? I mean he might have some idea of the combination!

While the weird pity party is underway in LA, Lucifer and Ella head to a casino to try and get the dead loan shark’s wife to confess to the double murder. Ella insists that Lucifer play black jack and she’s feeding him what to do for a while before she just takes over and gets them dragged to the back room. Ella is a really good card counter and had been banned from the casino before. She explains to Lucifer that counting cards helped quiet the voices in her head (she doesn’t elaborate but now I’m super intrigued). They decide they need to find another lead when who should appear (in disguise) but Candy herself. She fills our duo in that someone is trying to take her father’s bar (which is what the loan shark was after back when Lucifer first met Candy). We get a quick flashback to them commiserating and Lucifer convincing Candy to marry him to help him get over Chloe. He paid off the loan shark, though. The female victim was a friend of Candy’s who was staying with her after a break-up. However, since Lucifer and Candy are still legally married, he takes over as owner of the club and puts on quite the show with Ella as one of the dancers. That was pretty epic and of course it’s always nice to hear Tom Ellis sing. By the end of the night, the true killer has emerged: the bartender at the club. With a bit of mirror work and the fact that Lucifer is bulletproof without Chloe around, they get the bartender to confess and all seems well.

Lucifer gets back to the penthouse to find Linda and Dan passed out on the couch and Chloe curled up in his bed. He starts explaining that he went to Vegas and didn’t tell her because the last time he did that it was predicated on unhappy emotions and he didn’t want that to be the case this time. As he gets up to unlock the safe, Chloe presents to wake up (she heard all of his confessions which is nice) and then he presents her with his gift. The bullet she shot him with when he died and went to hell at the end of season 1. God, that seems like such a long time ago! But they both get a good laugh out of it and it is pretty adorable and they hug. I really want them to find a way to be together. Lucifer has to finally succeed in telling Chloe the truth this season because it’s getting a little ridiculous that basically everyone else knows.

Overall, I really enjoyed this episode a lot. It was fun and I laughed so much. I think the writers did a great job giving us kind of a one-off that still moved some things forward without it seeming too out there and out of line with the rest of the season thus far. I do wish they’d put a few more bits in for some of the other characters to be funny. Like, can we get some Amenediel and Dan scenes? They don’t have to be even doing improv. Just the pair of them together is quite hilarious and awkward.

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