Monday, January 1, 2018

Lucifer 3.11: “City of Angels?”

“You didn’t come here to find the thief, you’re stalling your return to Hell!”
- Amenediel

Before we can get back to Lucifer and Cain sitting at the bar sharing a drink, we have to take a trip back in time to when Lucifer first set foot in LA. When we first find Lucifer, he’s strolling down the street in an Elvis suit. Apparently, the last time he went to Earth that was the fashion. He ends up meeting a woman who introduces him to some other women and he’s in quite the party mood when Amenediel shows up. Lucifer isn’t surprised to see his big brother. Just miffed about his timing. It would appear this isn’t the first time the brothers have done this dance. Lucifer asks for a little time to “say his goodbyes” and Amenediel gives him ten minutes. In retrospect, Amenediel should have dragged Lucifer off kicking and screaming that moment because Amenediel ends up getting shot and the guy makes off with his necklace (which we all now know was part of the key to activating the flaming sword).

While our core group doesn’t realize it, they will all be working the same case. Amenediel tries to go to the police (dealing with Chloe before she earned her detective shield) and I can’t remember laughing so much at a scene from this show in a long while. His outfit, the sketch he made of the shooter, the price of the necklace. It was all just perfect in his naivete in dealing with humans. Oh, it was great. But he ends up getting Lucifer to agree to help him. At first Lucifer is just stalling but after seeing a news report on the other victim, Lucifer actually offers help in return for a blank check. I suspect that means his 5-year stay on Earth before the pilot.

I suspect this may also be the case that gets Chloe that promotion. She’s starting to dig into things and she finds a key fob where Amenediel was shot with some blood. Hopefully it’s the killer’s blood and not angelic blood! She and Dan are also still married and showing some PDA in the field. Well, it’s more Dan than Chloe but that’s fine. I have to admit, I wasn’t expecting Dan to have a higher rank than Chloe. It’s kind of nice to see them before they split.

Lucifer drags his brother to a porn shoot because he claims the photo the news used showed a particular set of breasts of a very popular porn star named Misty Canyons. Lucifer is quite excited to chat her up and Amenediel gets himself into yet another funny situation. Lucifer understands the girl’s desire to rebel and I think we are seeing the seeds of him wanting to stay in LA. But after Amenediel botches the scene by blathering on about his necklace and the dead guy, things really start to get interesting. She tells the guys about the fact that the dead guy (who was an MMA fighter) wasn’t the best but he wanted to win fair and square and he turned down a lot of money to throw an upcoming fight. Chloe is on a similar track, visiting the gym where the victim frequented and she gets pointed towards a shady promoter with some less than savory fights (and he also didn’t pay his talent0. This may be where our dynamic duo first crossed paths as everyone convenes at the fight. Unfortunately, it appears I was wrong. Chloe goes after the promoter’s bodyguard while Lucifer and Amenediel go after the promoter. Amenediel ends up training to look like he can fight like a human—well just enough until Lucifer gets the promoter to admit he fixes fights and he offered the victim a ton of money. Chloe has come to the same conclusion but Dan warns that without any concrete proof, they can’t try to make a deal without tipping their hands to the bad guys.

When Amenediel isn’t able to get the promoter to confess the whereabouts of his necklace, he turns to Lucifer’s particular talents. Being the wily Devil he is, he delegates to dear Maze. She gets so excited about torturing the guy, she just jumps him. It’s not a total loss though. The gang decides to use the promoter to rig the fight. All seems to be going well until Amenediel calls Lucifer evil because he’s the Devil. So, Lucifer ends up in the ring opposite his big brother. And if they want to find the thief, Amenediel is going to have let his little brother win. While all of this is going on, Chloe has gone to the promoter’s lawyer, none other than Charlotte Richards (pre-Mom obviously). While I like the character, I’m not sure they really needed her for this episode. It seems a little convenient. Oh, and Chloe manages to exert some leverage over the attorney to get what she wants.

The fight is somewhat cathartic for both brothers but Amenediel yields in the end and the killer turns out to be the owner of the gym where the victim worked out. The brothers get him to admit where he stashed the necklace and then he confesses to the police (a glimpse of Lucifer’s Devil face may have helped). And as I was expecting, Lucifer’s deal with Amenediel is for Lucifer to stay on Earth. We even get to see him and Maze on the beach as she cuts off his wings (in a giant middle finger to God). Overall, I think this was a nice episode to give us some backstory on the characters and I am hoping that we are now through the standalone episodes they filmed at the end of last year that didn’t get to air. They all were a good time but they messed with the continuity and flow of the show a little bit. I want to get back to Lucifer and Cain and what all of this means for the team!

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