Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Lucifer 3.12: “All About Her”

“I know what you’re doing. You’re helping me so I’ll help you back which is actually worse than not helping me at all, so thanks but no thanks.”
- Chloe

We pick up right where we left off before our little brief hiatus: Lucifer and Cain sharing a drink at Lux (while Cain bleeds through a whole mess of towels). He had Lucifer kidnapped but he swears up and down he didn’t have anything to do with the wings and devil face. Meanwhile, Chloe is mad at Lucifer for going behind her back and doesn’t want him on the case of a murdered surfer. Maze does sort of give Chloe some advice that she needs to just accept that Lucifer is who he is and she’s not going to change him. Elsewhere, Ella is shutting down thanks to Cain yelling at her the day before. It may seem like a strong reaction but it totally fits her personality. She really looked up to the guy and he flipped out on her and she took it super personally. Thanks to Charlotte, though, Ella manages to overcome her feelings and confront Cain later on.

The first suspect is another surfer who was seen on camera threatening the victim but he turns out to be innocent of this murder anyway. He killed a seal on accident (and seemed really broken up about the whole thing). While Chloe and Dan are digging for more clues, Linda tells Lucifer he should think about things from Chloe’s perspective and this leads to him trying to do everything for her so that she’ll help him out later (he wants her to investigate Cain). Lucifer does have a habit of making everything about him and I would have thought that three seasons in he’d be a little less self-centered and self-involved. Linda has her own drama going this episode. She and Amenediel are sneaking around behind Maze’s back which isn’t a good idea. But, Amenediel also seems to have contracted an STD! Maze finds this hilarious (until she spies Linda and Amenediel kissing over dinner…after the news comes in that it was a false positive on the test). She is seriously pissed and if I were the two of them, I would be very scared right now. I’m not entirely sure why the writers decided to go this route with the three of them to be honest. I kind of liked Maze and Amenediel together and I feel like Linda doesn’t need a love interest to be interesting. She’s a strong woman on her own and has enough going on just trying to wrangle Lucifer.

Our team takes another stab at possible suspects by using Dan as an undercover. He loves to surf and he found out that a surfer gang has been hanging out where the victim was found and they tend to rough up other people who encroach on their turf. Chloe gets booted out of the van while Lucifer and Cain have a heart to heart while Dan pisses the gang off and then bonds with them over the victim’s death. They explain that they’d never go to the beach where the victim was found as it’s private property. The surfers (and Dan) have kind of a little memorial for the victim in the water which is kind of nice I guess and helps cement that these guys aren’t the killers either. We also learn that Cain is planning to leave town. He allows Lucifer to use his devil mojo to get Cain to admit he wants to die. He thought that getting close to Chloe would have the same effect she has on Lucifer. That’s why he had Lucifer kidnapped but the whole wing thing ruined everything. It would seem whoever gave Lucifer his wings back didn’t want Cain to be able to succeed. Heck, even with Chloe right beside him, he wasn’t able to die when he got shot a few episodes back. He just healed right up!

Chloe has everything click into place when she finds that Lucifer has organized her desk (in silly colors and ridiculous categories) but it makes her realize the beach that was marked as private isn’t owned by anyone and therefore can’t be private. So, she and Lucifer set aside their differences and get the woman who owned the house to confess to killing the victim. It turned out not to be personal. She just wanted to send a message. Which makes Lucifer realize his father used him to get to Cain! So naturally Lucifer wants to make Cain a deal so they can kill Cain and stick it to God in the meantime! We also got to see Charlotte stick it to Cain a bit (she was actually pretty awesome) and we did get a nice hug and apology between Cain and Ella.

I’m intrigued by what Lucifer and Cain plan to do now to get back at God and actually kill Cain. As we see in the trailer for the next episode, he’s been trying to end his life for quite some time. There clearly has to be an endgame and I do hope we at some point loop Chloe in on the whole celestial gang because as I’ve said before, this is getting ridiculous. And I can’t wait to see what Maze does out of jealousy. She’s not used to feeling human emotions (even if she can sometimes give somewhat decent advice on feelings) and she’s not one to talk things out. She is definitely more of a stab first and ask questions never kinda gal. On a more positive note, I’m liking how they are fitting Charlotte into the team more. I was a little worried when they brought her back as actual Charlotte. I mean, she was great as Mom but they are developing her character nicely and it’s fun to see her play a sort of grey character trying to be good. It reminds me a little of her character on Battlestar Galactica.

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