Saturday, December 10, 2011

Body of Proof 2.07: "Hard Knocks"

It's time for another "Body of Proof" write-up courtesy of Sarah. Enjoy!


“I’m the child and you’re the adults. You’re supposed to be worried about my happiness. I’m not supposed to be responsible for yours.”
- Lacey

This week finds us with a young guy calling 911, but it doesn’t do much good. He passes out before the operator can get much useful information. Jump to Megan’s apartment where Lacey is bugging her mom about what guy she (Megan) is seeing. Megan tries to brush it off but finally tells her it is the FBI agent from the kidnap case. They have a coffee date. Unfortunately, Megan gets called to the crime scene of the 911 caller. He died before the EMTs arrived and Ames cancelled their date. Turns out the caller is 17-year-old Jake Brady. Megan finds bruises on his stomach and he smells like alcohol. She also finds black light paint on his cheek and Peter leads them on a trek to a rave spot. Bud and Sam go to notify the parents.

At the lab, Ethan announces that there was some kind of drug in Jake’s system but none of the party drugs they were expecting. Peter finds some strange yellow pills and Megan snatches them up and takes them to Ames since he has access to the federal drug database. When she gets back to the lab, Ethan shows that there were ligature marks on Jake’s wrists and Megan finds a spot on his side that determined time of death. Apparently when the 911 call was made, Jake had already been dead for four hours.

Over at the police station, Bud and Sam find a website for the woman who holds the raves, and they pick her up at the airport. She denies knowing Jake or anything that happened to him at the rave. As Megan is cutting up some body part, Curtis reports that Jake had no broken bones and Peter adds he had nothing in stomach to absorb the alcohol. Signs still point to an overdose. And then Agent Ames shows up with the yellow pills. Megan had told him to call with the results. He tells her that she could have found out what the drug was from her own database. It’s an ADD drug. They have a slightly awkward flirty moment when he asks her out to dinner that night before he hands over the evidence. Later, Bud and Megan head back to Jake’s parents’ house as Bud hasn’t heard anything from the dad. He’s got serious anger management issues. But he swears that Jake never took the easy way out (i.e. using drugs of any kind). They do manage to get a name out of him, Patrick.

Bud and Sam haul him in to interrogation and he admits to giving Jake the drugs and says he made the call because he freaked. But he didn’t put the sign on Jake. When Bud and Sam look confused, Patrick pulls up a picture on his phone. Jake is sitting on the ground with a sign that says “Dead Meat” on it. And from the picture they determine cause of death. Jake’s hands were bound and the sign was propped under his chin in such a way that it closed off his airway and he suffocated. So Ethan and Curtis are sent back to the rave spot to find whatever bound Jake’s hands. And we get a pretty funny scene with them breaking it down to Ethan’s sort-of techno beat boxing before they actually find the cable that they’re looking for.

On a wholly unrelated plot point, Todd is thinking of accepting a professorship at a law school out in California. Lacey is obviously not pleased about the possibility of moving. They’re going to fly out in a few days so Todd can meet the Regents, and he’s taking Lacey along. Back at the lab, Megan is running DNA on the skin cells found on the cable. It pops but it is a restricted profile. That means it is from a parent who submitted their child’s DNA in case the child got abducted. So Megan’s off to pump Ames for more favors, except he says no, especially since they aren’t dating. Megan offers to change that, and they end up at her apartment drinking wine. Just as things are getting a bit sexy, Lacey interrupts in a rather Ethan-esque fashion.

Lacey says she doesn’t want to move to California but she didn’t want her parents to divorce and it happened anyway. Poor kid. The next morning, Bud and Sam confiscate the computer of the editor of the school newspaper and with Megan’s help and the information that the person they’re looking for as a rare chromosome disorder, find the kid who tied Jake up. Bud and Sam bring the boy in, but he says he moved the sign when Jake started to move and went home. So the sign position didn’t kill Jake. Megan continues to check the body, but Todd shows up and they have another argument (Megan certainly does a lot of it). Kate interrupts, and it’s even more awkward since she doesn’t know about the California move yet. She’s not pleased when he does dump it on her and she gives him a “are you kidding me?” look when he asks if Kate wants to go with him.

Megan is ranting at Peter about how she is going to lose Lacey when she realizes what killed Jake: a punch to the heart. She’s back to exam the body, taking out stitches from the Y incision over Jake’s heart when Ames shows up with roses, likely to apologize. She kind of sends him away though, because the flowers could contaminate the area, and Kate walks in. Kate turned Todd down for the move to California, and it’s obvious Megan is a little happy. The rest of the crew gathers and Megan finds the impression of a Greek Sigma. Looks like Jake’s dad punched him. As with the rest of the investigation, it’s not exactly as it seems. And Bud blurts out that he and his wife are expecting. And Megan determines why Jake’s dad isn’t responsible when Kate pops by to tell her to call Ames. She and Megan were both in honor society and pre-graduation they wore the ring one way and after they turned it around. Jake’s dad’s ring was facing the wrong way. Maxine, the editor of the newspaper, is the real culprit. She tutored Jake and when she saw the photo of him with the sign she went to go help him, but he didn’t even remember her.

Later that night, Megan and Ames are sharing another glass of wine when she tells him that she needs to focus on Lacey if she stays. Todd shows up frantic because he doesn’t know where Lacey is, only to find her hiding out in Megan’s apartment. Lacey doesn’t want to go. But she doesn’t want to ruin her dad’s career or Megan’s love life. When Megan and Todd finally get their heads on straight and ask Lacey what she wants, it becomes clear that she wants Todd to go to California and she can move in with Megan.

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