Monday, December 26, 2011

Ringer 1.09: "Shut Up and Eat Your Bologna"

“Oh My God! I’m falling in love with Andrew.”
- Bridget

We begin this week with a bit of a new scenario. It’s obvious Bridget is starting to really like playing wife. She and Andrew are having a little make out session in the closet and he tells her that they should take a vacation after everything they’ve been through and promises to book something that morning. And he’s gotten “Siobhan’s” wedding dress back from the cleaners. In a funny line, Andrew tells her if she wants to take out a little revenge on Juliet, he’ll turn a blind eye. But she stops him when he tries to put it away. The gun is still hiding on the top shelf. And as she picks it up (once Andrew’s out of the room), we get a flashback to before she went to New York.

It’s dark in Bridget’s hotel room and she cold cocks Jimmy, the Fed who is staying with her for the night. She thought he was an intruder. Things go sideways fast when he tells her that she’s not safe and that half the FBI is on the Botoway’s payroll. He tells her to run to Siobhan and tries to force his gun on her for “protection”. We jump back to the present with Bridget calling Charlie for help in disposing of the gun. He offers to take care of it for her as he makes a bologna sandwich. It’s unclear at first where he is. He tells Bridget he’s at the public library looking at Gemma’s phone records but he’s really in a house with Gemma tied up in the basement. The bologna sandwich is for her. He is a really despicable human being.

We find Malcolm at NA and he seems to be doing a lot better than the last time we saw him. He’s thankful for Charlie opening up his home and offering his help. Without it, Malcolm probably wouldn’t have been clean the past week. Bridget shows up and hands the gun off to Charlie, telling him that she just wants it out of the house. We get a quick flashback that shows up Jimmy hid the gun in Bridget’s bag. I really don’t trust that guy. Over at Martin-Charles, Andrew has asked Henry to sign a few forms. We also learn Henry’s father-in-law (the client that Olivia really wants the firm to sign) isn’t doing well health-wise.

After NA, Malcolm and Bridget are having coffee. Apparently coffee is Malcolm’s recovery substance. Better than heroin. He doesn’t think it was such a good idea to give away the gun, even though it would lead back to Bridget (and therefore, “Siobhan”). He also doesn’t like it that Bridget is starting to get used to being with Andrew, playing house. But Bridget is adamant about not leaving until she knows who was after Siobhan. So she goes on a hunt through her room and finds a prescription bottle with the name Dr. Anabel Morris as the prescribing doctor. So she makes an appointment.

The therapist seems nice enough but freaks Bridget out a little when she asks why she (Bridget) called herself Siobhan Martin. It turns out she always booked under the alias of Cora Ferrell. And that clicks with the Tyler meeting. She tells Dr. Morris that things are better with Andrew, she broke things off with Henry and Juliet doesn’t hate her anymore. Dr. Morris is impressed that she made such huge strides outside of treatment. She prompts “Siobhan” as to why after all that success, she’s back. As Bridget thinks it over, she realizes she’s falling in love with Andrew. I don’t know why it took her so long. The man’s gorgeous!

Back at Martin-Charles, Andrew is trying to book something for he and Siobhan to get a way when Olivia steps in and insists that if they don’t sign Gemma’s father, the company is going to collapse. And she’s disappointed with how soft Andrew’s become. Bridget is just getting started about how great things are with Andrew when Dr. Morris says their session is over. Bridget does a little fishing for information and learns that the anti-depressant meds she found weren’t for depression. Of course she has to steal the notes from Dr. Morris’ notebook to find out that Siobhan was paranoid. She also gets caught by Dr. Morris and their relationship sort of ends. Malcolm is starting to suspect bad things about Charlie. He looked around the apartment but didn’t find anything incriminating, except that Charlie only has 4 pairs of clothes. And the batteries in the TV remote haven’t been used.

Olivia is still trying to twist Andrew’s arm about using Henry to get his father-in-law as an investor. And Andrew’s still avoiding it. She questions where he’s going in such a hurry when “Siobhan” shows up for lunch. It is a really touching scene and I can see just how much Bridget cares for Andrew. He asks her, hypothetically, if they lost everything, would she stay with him? She says she would and the look on his face is so happy. She asks how he’d feel if she said she was going to spend the afternoon in church. He doesn’t believe it. She brushes it off as just a hypothetical. But she’s really going. That’s where Dr. Morris’ notes indicate Siobhan found her answers.

Charlie gets home to his apartment and Malcolm confronts him. But it’s not as obvious as it looks. He tells Charlie he wants to apologize for the morning when he complained about the mouth wash in the bathroom (it had alcohol in it). Charlie tells him not to worry about it and heads for a shower. Malcolm finds a PO Box key and finds mail for a John Delario. Meanwhile, Bridget heads to church. It’s kind of a secret bar and she finds Charlie (aka John) at the bar. She freaks out and gets sort of caught by a bouncer. She pays him off and finds out that Charlie is there a lot drinking and on his cell. Probably where he’s talking to the real Siobhan. Bridget ducks out and calls Malcolm, telling him to meet her at the apartment ASAP, just as the real Siobhan calls Charlie/John. Apparently he hired Jimmy to give the gun to Bridget. The conspiracy just keeps getting more twisted and complicated.

Andrew’s made his decision about Henry’s father-in-law. He’s not pursuing it. He actually doesn’t care if the company goes under, now that he knows Siobhan will stand by him. Olivia is rather disgusted and in a somewhat HG Wells-esque move, she rips up the statement Henry signed that morning. She’s going to do things her own way. Meanwhile, Malcolm and Bridget are trying to figure out the deal about John. Malcolm found a second address and is going to check it out. Olivia ends up at Henry’s place and tells him that he missed a page in signing it. She’s probably changed all the language. Henry goes to get them a drink and she checks his phone and finds a picture of him and Siobhan. She puts two and two together.

Bridget is keeping Charlie/John busy while Malcolm does a little breaking and entering. Bridget left a voicemail that was urgent just to get him to the coffee shop. She says she’ trying to figure out why Charlie’s been so helpful. He says he’s just a good guy. Unfortunately, things start to slip. She asks for the gun back and he freaks a little, telling her that he doesn’t have it and he gave it to a guy to get the serial number filed off. Malcolm finds a key ring and after some searching finds the locked door to the basement. Gemma hears his footsteps but being tied to a chair and blindfolded, can’t do much. She topples over as he tries as many keys as he can to fit the padlock on the door. But Bridget texts him that Charlie is taking off. Charlie makes a call to Siobhan telling her that Bridget suspects him.

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