Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Person of Interest 1.06: "The Fix"

For your reading pleasure, here's the latest "Person of Interest" write-up from Sarah.


“I never thought I would know what happened to her. And now I also know the man responsible.”
- Finch

This week we begin with a woman, Zoe Morgan, walking out of her apartment and Reese greeting her at the car. He’s obviously not who she’s expecting and she even calls to verify his story of her usual driver being sick (she gets Finch on the other end of the line). As Reese drives off, Finch appears. Looks like he’s going to do some leg work this week. He complains about not being able to pick the lock as Reese arrives at the location he’s supposed to be taking Zoe. Finch gets inside and finds nothing personal at all in the place. And from Reese’s perspective, it appears Zoe has just done a drug deal with some shady kids. Finch finds a gun in her living room under the sofa. Only problem is, it wasn’t drugs she got from the shady guy. It was a gun. Zoe has Reese drop her at a swanky party. Reese isn’t so sure it’s a good idea to stay in the car so he follows Zoe inside and sees her hand over the gun to a cop. Apparently his nephew (also a cop) left it in a subway bathroom. Woops. Turns out Ms. Morgan is a fixer.

We also have a case of the week for Detective Carter. She’s got a 70-year-old dead guy who happens to be an enforcer and gangster. And he skated on the murder of Marlene Elias (she was stabbed multiple times in the chest with a kitchen knife). So I guess we know why the crew a few weeks back wanted that knife. Out in the city, Zoe has another meeting. She’s going to make a blogger shut up about a high-powered executive’s affair so his CEO father-in-law doesn’t find out. She pays the blogger 40 grand. He’s creepy and a blackmailing jerk but not capable of killing Zoe.

Carter has asked the cop who worked the Elias murder to come in to fill in some of the blanks. It seems a pretty typical case. Cocktail waitress has an affair with an upper level mobster, and when she keeps begging him to leave his wife; he has his knife man off her. Too bad Mr. Mob and Elias had a kid together. Seems likely, now that he’s all grown up, he could be the killer. Meanwhile, Reese is driving Zoe to another meet, and he gets the vibe that things are off when there are two guys waiting. She brushes him off and tries the make the hand-off of the recording she got from the blogger when a third guy appears and they try to grab her. Reese intervenes and gets Zoe out of there without too much damage (well the back window of the car is shot out). They need to find out what was on the recording. Zoe made a copy, but it’s not very high quality. They pull up to find one of the businessmen dead from heart failure. Someone’s cleaning house. Unfortunately, Zoe’s taken off in the minute Reese left her alone in the car.

Back at HQ, Finch is working on cleaning up the recording from the flash drive, and he discovers the woman’s voice belongs to a woman named Dana Miller. She worked for the company that hired Zoe to fix the problem. She was having the affair with the heir apparent to the empire, and she died six months earlier from a brain aneurysm. Finch knows this because she was one of his numbers before he met Reese. And now Finch is off for a very important business meeting. He’s just bought stock in the company, and he uses the opportunity to meet with Lawson (the heir and the one who had Dana killed) and plant a bug in his office. Lawson’s muscle reports in about getting the flash drive and killing the other guy but Lawson says they need to get rid of both Zoe and Reese.

Back on the Elias case, Carter gets a call from the former cop. He found some information on Elias’s son. He was a runway except for one woman who looked after him. He sent her Christmas cards. So Carter is going to swing by to get them. I’m not sure I trust this guy. But then again, maybe I’ve seen too many cop drama. Anyway, Finch manages to clear up the audio a bit on Dana’s recording. She was going to blow the whistle on an unsafe drug. Reese hasn’t had any luck finding Zoe until she turns her cell phone back on. He meets her at fancy restaurant, and she explains that Dana worked in clinical trials and five days before she died, she was transferred out and her access suspended. So now Zoe and Reese are going to team up to do something illegal. Apparently Zoe’s got connections on the force because she strong-arms a cop into making sure no one responds when there’s a break in at the company that night.

The break-in is going fine at first. They find that the new migraine drug that has just been FDA approved was altered. Well, the report anyway. Six people died and were dropped from the list. Finch also manages to clean up the rest of the recording. It turns out Dana was going to go to the CEO about the drug. Unfortunately, Lawson’s muscle and the cop that Zoe strong-armed show up, and Zoe and Reese get taken hostage.

We get a little moment where Reese and Zoe bond. We find out why Zoe became a fixer (she met one when her dad got caught up in a corruption case). Things start spiraling out of control as Finch tries to reach the CEO. He gets to hear the rest of the recording. The CEO was in on the whole thing. Back at the offices, Zoe bargains her way out of handcuffs (she says she sent a copy of the report to a friend and she’ll take them to the person who has it. She also slips Reese a way to get out of his own cuffs. They could make kind of a fun team. Reese manages to stab his captor with a syringe (so his body count for this episode is 1). And while on the road, Zoe calls Finch with a location; the navy yard. Reese swoops in to save the day as Finch has dinner with the CEO and ruins him quite spectacularly. Finch takes all of the CEO’s money. Zoe obviously gets a portion, and Dana Miller’s family does as well. And Zoe’s cop finds himself facing corruption charges. All in all, not a bad haul. I really do hope they bring Zoe back. We end with Carter showing up at the former cop’s apartment to find him dead. She exchanges fire with who she assumes is the killer, and she nails him enough to leave some blood.

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