Friday, December 23, 2011

Ringer 1.08: "Maybe We Could Get a Dog Instead?"

“And just so you know, I want this marriage to work. Baby or no baby.”

We begin this week back where we ended last week. Bridget is in the hospital after seeing Malcolm at Gemma’s opening and fainting. The doctor is going to do an ultrasound to check on the baby. And since Bridget isn’t actually pregnant, the doctor doesn’t find an embryo. So she’s lost the pregnancy. The doctor says it was likely an ectopic pregnancy, which is rarely viable anyway. Andrew is devastated. Even Juliet is nice and sympathetic to “Siobhan”. As soon as Andrew and Juliet leave Bridget to get some rest, she gets a voicemail from Malcolm telling her where he is staying and that he needs to see her. So she sneaks out of the house and shows up on his doormat.

Bridget’s pretty happy to see Malcolm, though he’s clearly a little out of it. He tells her that Botaway grabbed him and tried to get her location out of him, but he never gave her up. He leaves out the part about being hooked on drugs again. He tells her that he led them to think she was in Seattle before he managed to come to New York. He refuses Bridget’s offer to move to a nicer hotel, but he accepts the wad of cash she gives him. In return, he hands over her six-month chip. She gets home and we see a flashback of her first NA meeting. She’s not very talkative.

Bridget tells Andrew she has a follow-up doctor’s appointment but that she wants to go alone. He’s not too happy because he took the day off to be with her, but doesn’t fight it. At school, Juliet still has problems with Tessa, and she begs Mr. Carpenter to do something about it. He says he will handle it. She dumps her problems on him, expecting to have a willing listener, but he is clearly not interested. And I really hope they don’t go down the teacher/student romance road. It’s just creepy.

Since “Siobhan” gave him the brush of, Andrew has gone in to work, and he is a little fired up and pissed off. He fired the head of European operations because a bunch of files went missing. He doesn’t know it, but he has his wife to thank for that. Olivia isn’t entirely hip to the idea, but she does pick up on his sour mood. He tells her about the miscarriage and how “Siobhan” doesn’t want him around. Even though he had been set on not having children, he’d been warming up to the idea. The poor guy is just so heartbroken. We get a quick scene of Malcolm coming back to his hotel room and shooting up and Henry catching Juliet when he calls the apartment. She tells him about the baby.

Meanwhile, Bridget is in fact meeting Charlie for some support and an update on the search for Gemma. She zones out again, remembering the end of her first meeting where Malcolm offers to be her sponsor. Charlie snaps her out of it, and she admits that Malcolm is back in town and it is throwing her off a bit. She assures Charlie that she still wants him to be her sponsor and rushes off. Charlie makes a call to Siobhan in Paris, telling her about Malcolm’s sudden presence. She tells him to take care of Malcolm, she doesn’t care how. She hangs up on her end and we see she is still shacking up with Tyler. He’s flying off to Rome for business and asks her go with him, but she declines. That evening, as he is on his way to the airport, Andrew calls and asks him to change his flight to New York. He wants to make Tyler the the new head of European operations.

Back in New York, Henry shows up at the apartment and runs into “Siobhan”. He’s not happy that he heard about the miscarriage secondhand. He had hoped that when “Siobhan” had the baby, she would realize she wanted to be with him but now that isn’t going to happen. I really don’t get what Siobhan saw in Henry. He’s annoying and needy and not nearly as pretty as Andrew. Across town, Malcolm is watching infomercials when the cops show up and haul him in to the station for a chat with Victor. Nothing really earth shattering is revealed, but Victor wants to let Malcolm go so he can lead them to Bridget.

“Siobhan” and Juliet are having a little bonding time while watching TV, and Juliet says she was starting to like the idea of having a little sibling. “Siobhan” says she doesn’t’ think they’ll try again and she just wants things to go back to how they were. Juliet suggests they get a dog (I guess they needed something for the episode title). “Siobhan” doesn’t know that Andrew is listening in on the conversation. He is just getting emotionally trounced on in this episode. The next morning, he is pretty frigid with her. He shouts at her that he overheard her conversation with Juliet and he doesn’t know where they stand. He leaves in a huff just as she gets a call from Malcolm. She’s going to meet him at a coffee shop, but on her way out of the building she gets ambushed by Victor. He tells her he wants her to wear a wire when she sees Malcolm and threatens a little blackmail about her and Henry if she doesn’t help.

So she goes in wired, and Malcolm is more than a little confused when she acts like they’ve never met before. She takes off for a minute after dumping coffee on her blouse but returns, a waiter hot on her heels. He offers a menu to Malcolm with a note inside telling him that Bridget is wearing a wire. Their conversation turns up nothing useful for Victor, and “Siobhan” storms into the van, furious that he didn’t tell her Malcolm was a drug addict. Guess she figured out he was using. She catches up with him on the street and they have a big argument about how Malcolm wants to beat using again. But, he doesn’t want Bridget’s help.

Juliet is furious with Mr. Carpenter for how he handled the Tessa situation. He transferred Juliet out of his class. He says he does like her, but not the way she wants and his decision is for the best. That night things appear to be going well at Andrew’s business dinner with Tyler and Olivia. Until “Siobhan” shows up. Tyler is obviously thrown for a loop to see the woman he thinks is Cora sitting down and referring to Andrew as her husband. And she spends the entire dinner acting like she doesn’t know him (because she doesn’t!). We also get a brief moment of Malcolm stealing some money from an outdoor restaurant. He really needs help.

Andrew and “Siobhan” have a sweet bonding moment on the drive back from the dinner. She wants to stop playing games and not go back to the old Andrew and “Siobhan”. And she wants their marriage to work. I think Andrew needed that. He’s been so down the rest of the episode. When they get back to the apartment, Malcolm is waiting for them. He admits he needs help and “Siobhan” immediately agrees to let him stay in the apartment overnight. She takes him to see Charlie the next day.

Tyler is understandably pissed, and he calls Siobhan to rant at her or not telling him she was Andrew’s wife. She tries to deny it but obviously she can’t. He’s not interested in excuses or apologies. He doesn’t want to see her again and she needs to get out of the hotel because Martin-Charles isn’t covering the tab anymore. It looks like her little plan is starting to unravel.

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