Friday, September 6, 2013

Graceland 1.11: "Happy Endings"

“You know, man I’ve known you longer than anyone else in the house. I’ve seen you at your best and your worst. But this?”
- Jakes

We are barreling through the final batch of episodes in this first season. It’s been an interesting ride and I’ll be intrigued to see where it goes but I’m not sure what they’d do if granted a sophomore run. Anyway, Briggs can’t sleep and he looks up Juan’s missing poster and notes the type of car he drove. So he’s got to get rid of the car (and the potential wire recording that Mike mentioned. It seems Briggs is going to take a late night stroll to Juan’s place to see if the car is there (clad in a dark hoodie) when he sees Mike asleep on the couch. Instead of just sneaking past, Briggs makes his presence known and says he couldn’t sleep. He feigns that he was just going down for some OJ before ducking up and out of the first floor. He sneaks into Jakes’ room and gets him to promise to help make Juan’s car disappear. I laughed rather hard in this scene because Jakes says the only reason Briggs should be waking him up that late is if ninjas were attacking. Seriously!

Things are getting kind of back-stabby in the house, too. Mike and Paige put a magnetic GPS tracker on Briggs’ car. Mike is still torn between whether he wants to clear Briggs or prove the Bureau is right about who killed Juan. Johnny, ever the goof, is making funny shaped pancakes. He really is a bizarre foodie at heart I think. Things between he and Jakes are still tense but Jakes gets Briggs to assist with his bird smuggling case (apparently the cover to go dispose of the car). Rather telling, Briggs convinces Jakes to drive. Either he thinks the Bureau has bugged his car or he suspects Mike has (what with the previous episode’s confession of his super-secret assignment).

The hunt for Juan’s car heats up as both Jakes/Briggs and Paige/Mike hunt for it. They come to some of the same conclusions relatively quickly. The car got boosted by a gang kid. So while Paige and Mike go at the kid’s mom from one angle (faking a pregnancy), Briggs gets honest with Jakes about what happened and they head off on a wider radius to find the car. Meanwhile, Charlie meets up with Jangles in a sort of swanky bar. He asks if anyone knows she’s working with him. From what I’ve heard about the finale, this will end horribly for Charlie. Which is unfortunate because she’s one of my favorites. She follows him to an apartment building when Johnny calls. He gives her a tip on Quinn and she plays it off as just another informant, so as not to lead Jangles to any particular conclusions. But she ditches Jangles to go check out Johnny’s lead n Quinn. It looks like, after some arguing with Johnny, she may be taking Jangles as her new partner to meet up with Quinn. Again, that is going to end poorly, girl.

Back in the hunt for Juan’s car, both groups eventually end up finding the guy who stole the car in the first place (Paige with fake baby belly and Briggs with a borrowed exotic bird). Briggs gets in on an upcoming crime and he texts Jake to be his backup but Mike walks through the door instead. Awkward. Briggs is rather pissed about the whole thing since Mike could have blown Briggs’s cover. Luckily, the kid bought it. Our guys have rather stressed conversations with their partners in deception. Mike is convinced he’ll know the truth once he hears the tape and Paige just wants to find out what’s going on. Briggs tells Jakes to arrest Mike first to give Briggs time enough to erase the tape before Mike finds anything. This some seriously crazy shenanigans!

Things go from bad to worse for everybody. Charlie goes to meet Jangles to ask him to be her new partner and Johnny interrupts. He’s pretty pissed that she’s working with someone outside the house and someone she barely knows. Johnny has a point. But Charlie has one, too. None of the houses mates really seemed interested in finding Odin. Johnny begrudgingly agrees to be their back up (Quinn met him as a valet already so it wouldn’t work if he played her new buddy). Things go bad because Quinn wants to talk business alone with Charlie and then starts hitting on her. Her reaction: beat the crap out of him. At least she doesn’t kill him. Meanwhile, the robbery goes as planned until they start to leave and Mike handcuffs Briggs. Briggs turns a sawed off shotgun on Mike but doesn’t shoot. Jakes ditches Paige to go help Briggs while she and the rest of the team tail Mike and the baddies. Mike goes all Fed on them once they reach Juan’s car. Briggs is kind of panicking a little since he knows Mike is going to find the recording first. His big decision is to run and start new somewhere else. While everyone else is out in the field, he heads back to Graceland to get what he needs to take off (this involves punching a wall to get at hidden stuff). Mike and Paige’s quest for the recording ends in bitter defeat because the recorder is empty in the glove box. They thinks Briggs took it but something tells me he hasn’t. As the saying goes, a house divided cannot stand. This house passed the crumbling stage long ago. I do hope we get some resolution to some of the storylines in the finale next week. Charlie can’t stay ignorant for much longer about who Jangles really is. And something tells me Mike is not going to be happy if he finds out that Briggs actually killed Juan and hid the body. Though I suppose to be fair, Juan approached Briggs when it was clear he was drunk and had a gun so it was kind of inevitable. Either way, we will find out how it all shakes out in one weeks’ time!

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