Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Summer TV Rewind: Lost Girl 1.13: "Blood Lines"

“I am ready to know who or what I really am. Whatever the cost.”

And we have reached the finale of our “Lost Girl” Summer TV Rewind. To be honest, it was a little bit of a let-down. I like my “Lost Girl” to be a little kooky in that early season “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” way, and kooky this was not. There was no case of the week, just an attempt at a dramatic showdown between Bo and her mom. I guess maybe it didn’t feel as epic as the creative team was going for because Aife seemingly escaped in the end. The cribbed right from “Empire Strikes Back” Luke/Vader moments didn’t really help maintain the atmosphere of solemnity, either. The whole “I know there’s still good in her!” thing was just too much. Too much. Then of course, you have the obligatory sacrifices by Bo’s harem at the end of the episode. Because Bo can’t beat this by just kicking ass. Both Dyson and Trick make major, major sacrifices to make the victory happen.

So yeah, as the episode opens, Dyson is telling Bo the truth about “Saskia.” Bo is really not happy about it. Actually, she’s mostly unhappy that Dyson has lied to her for so long. Dyson tries to make the excuse that the whole thing about Aife (the real name of Bo’s mom) was actually Trick’s secret to keep, not his. This, very logically, leads to a trip to the Dal, where Trick needs to perform one massive info dump. Two important bits of information are that Trick is a Blood Sage (anything he writes in his own blood comes true), and that Aife was once in his clan. A long time ago, Trick used his power to force a peace between the Light and Dark Fae. Aife chafed under this forced peace, and she led a rebellion of sorts, killing the leader of the Dark Fae. Still hoping to salvage peace, Trick turned Aife over to the Dark for them to do with her as they would. Trick warns that Aife can only be up to no good, but Bo wants to give her mom the benefit of the doubt and walks out, Kenzi trailing behind her.

In the present day, Aife is certainly getting ready to wreak some havoc, just as Trick warned she would be. Aife meets with a high ranking Light Fae under the pretense that she is considering joining the Light. Instead, she has her thralls kill the Light Fae in cold blood. Or whatever it is that Fae have. Aife just really, really wants to start another war. Maybe she’s trying to relive her heyday? Anyway, it’s clear that Aife intends to cause a lot of mayhem, so when Bo and Kenzi come up with a plan that basically amounts to “let’s go ask Lauren what to do,” I get a little worried. Lauren tries to make nice with Bo, which makes Kenzi uncomfortable, so she decides to leave. On her way out of Light Fae HQ, Kenzi runs into Hale. Hale leads Kenzi to Dyson, who wants to use Kenzi to get back in Bo’s good graces. Kenzi agrees to help when Dyson admits that he loves Bo.

Bo gets home from her consult with Lauren to find Aife in her kitchen baking cookies. Aife acts like she just wants to be a good mom, and Bo buys it, because she’s been looking for a connection to her Fae biological family for so long. Turns out, though, that the cookies are drugged. Bo takes one bite and passes out. When she comes to, Bo is in Aife’s lair, and a bunch of shirtless men are gathered around her. They offer Bo a drink, which she thankfully doesn’t accept. Aife and Bo have a chat, where we see that Bo is still completely gullible when it comes to her mom. She buys it when Aife goes on about how she was abused by the Dark King for years after Trick turned her over. Even though she was just drugged and kidnapped, Bo tells Aife she’s still wants to get to know her.

Meanwhile, Trick pays a visit to the Ash to warn him that Aife is in town and causing trouble. The Ash is mostly pissed that Trick didn’t warn him sooner. Trick’s excuse is that he had been trying to protect Bo. The Ash warns Trick that he overstepped his boundaries this time, and that they can definitely handle two succubae. Only they really can’t. The Ash is taking a meeting with some other Light elders to figure out what to do about both Aife and Trick when one of Aife’s minions enters the room and detonates a bomb. The result, of course, is destruction and chaos. The Ash survives the initial blast, but he’s in very bad shape, and he’s rushed to the Light Fae HQ sickbay.

Back at Aife’s lair, Bo finally realizes that Aife is more than a little nuts. It becomes apparent that Aife basically wants to rule the entire world, and Bo, being the “nobody’s going to tell me what to do” kind of girl that she is, is not at all cool with that. Bo wants to leave, but when Aife says Bo is grounded, Bo finally makes a run for it. Bo feeds off of Dyson for a hit of energy, then she pays another visit to Lauren. Lauren has read about an amulet that could potentially neutralize Aife’s powers if Aife tries to feed on Bo. The amulet is in a Light Fae museum of sorts, and Lauren gives Bo a key to that museum so that Bo can retrieve the amulet. Dyson also tries to help Bo by paying a visit to a crone called the Norn. If you ask for something from her, she’ll take what you care about most in return. The last time Dyson tried to bargain with her, she wanted his ability to shift into a wolf. That was too high a price to pay then, but Dyson is willing to pay it now to transfer some of his power to Bo for the fight ahead. There’s just one problem. Since the last time, the thing Dyson cares about most has changed. Instead of taking his wolf, the Norn takes Dyson’s feelings for Bo.

Bo, now armed with the amulet, goes to Aife’s lair to start a fight, while Kenzi becomes yet another unsolicited helper. Kenzi and Hale team up to convince Trick that he needs to use his Blood Sage powers to get Bo out of this alive. The trying-to-be epic fight between Bo and Aife just feels way to much like Luke and Darth Vader fighting in the Star Wars movies. The fighting itself reminds me of “Empire Strikes Back” and the “I know there’s still good in you” nonsense reminds me of “Return of the Jedi.” The extra Dyson power boost kicks in, and Bo is finally able to really hold her own against Aife. Aife ends up dangling over a ledge, and Bo stupidly decides to try to save her. Aife wants Bo to just let her go, and when Trick’s magic kicks in, Bo doesn’t really have a choice. Aife plummets to the ground below. When Bo and Kenzi (who has shown up to try and help some more) make it to where Aife landed, though, Aife is missing.

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