Saturday, September 28, 2013

Person of Interest 3.01: "Liberty"

“You think you were the first kid who had to stand in front of a judge and pick door number two? Turns out I was good at it. Maybe even made for it. And so are you.”
- Reese

And the boys are back! Season 3 kicks off right with the action as Reese rescues a diplomat’s son from some cartel thugs who want to kill him to send a message to Daddy. Carter (after trying to knock down HR and got busted down to a uniformed patrol officer), pulls up and asks where all Reese’s friends are. We jump to another part of the city where Shaw and Fusco save a womanizing thief from a mob hit. Shaw’s a bit trigger happy and anti-phone still since her whole government assassination attempt last year. So she’s only a semi-willing participant. But hey we got to see Fusco dressed in a costume which was funny and he refuses to work with Shaw anymore because she’s a lunatic.

The next morning, Reese and Finch get a new number for a sailor named Jack. It’s fleet week so it may be a little harder to find their guy with all the other seamen around. But Reese gets lucky at bar number 6, only to lose him after a bar fight breaks out. So he’s going to enlist some extra help. He enlists Carter’s help and it’s a good thing he does. She knows about a few haunts he doesn’t including a hidden strip club. Reese finally catches up with Jack and his shore leave buddy, RJ, but things don’t go too well. RJ goes off with a dancer and then misses the meet-up with Jack an hour later. And then some super angry Marine-types corner Jack and demand he give them back what he took (which he’s got no clue what’ they’re talking about). They start to pound on him and Reese needs to make a move to get him out of there. It involves stealing a car and taking out of the Marines.

For those who haven’t heard, the ever-lovely Amy Acker has also joined the cast as a series regular. So Root is still around. Her storyline this week doesn’t really dovetail with the main storyline so I’ll just cover it briefly. Finch has locked her up in an institution and she’s still got contact with the Machine. She gets put in solitary after she steals her doctor’s cell to keep communicating and when she finally gets out, she explains that she and the Machine have been debating whether Root’s going to kill the doctor. Yeah, she’s going to be very dangerous going forward.

Shaw gets in on the action when Reese realizes that Jack got shot during their escape. She manages to extract the bullet before the Marines call saying they’ve got RJ. And we learn what all the fuss was about. The Marines stole a bunch of uncut Somalian diamonds from some pirates and RJ nicked a few. Really not a good idea, buddy. I have to say though, I’m quite enjoying the Reese/Shaw team-up. They are a lot of fun and have an interesting chemistry which is different from Reese/Zoe. From what I hear we’ll see Zoe shorty in a guest role. I love the people they’ve populated this world with. Reese and Shaw accompany Jack to the meet but things are getting out of hand (though Shaw is quite excited to use a high-tech sniper rifle). RJ is rigged to go boom and because Reese has joined the party, the Marines want Jack to proceed alone or else RJ gets turned to shrapnel.

Jack heads off and is told he’s going to fence the diamonds for the Marines and he’ll die if things go south (aka the fence tries to low ball the price). Meanwhile, our team is also trying to locate which fence will be used. Carter pays a visit to Elias (who is in hiding) and gets the name which she passes off to Fusco. Unfortunately, Reese takes the Intel and leaves Fusco to defuse the bomb. Not the best use of assets, people. Anyway, Jack delivers the diamonds to the fence and he says he’ll pay 30 cents on the dollar. He apparently promised the Marines 50 cents and they all bust in, guns drawn. Since this guy is a shady Russian mob-type, he’s got his own guns that show up. They spend a little time all shouting at each other to put their guns down which I thought was kind of stupid and then Reese arrives. Until that point, the team leader thought he had extra insurance on Jack since he told Reese not to leave (or else RJ would go boom).

So Reese’s appearance pisses off the team leader and he tries to set off the bomb. Luckily, Fusco manages to defuse it just in time. Yay Fusco! Reese gets Jack clear just as bullets start flying. The Russians have a little extra back up which Shaw clues Reese in on and she even gets to use the nifty sniper rifle to take people out. She has gotten very snarky and I kind of love it. After the two sides are thoroughly bullet-riddled, she insists that Reese buy her a steak because she worked up an appetite. And he actually does! In the aftermath, a man comes in and takes the diamonds and the cash. It’s one of Elias’s guys. I shouldn’t be surprised. Elias still has great pull in the criminal community. Reese checks in on Carter who insists she’s fine. And she turns down his offer of help if she ever needs it. She clearly is not over Cal’s death or what HR did to her. In fact she’s got a secret flowchart of the organization hidden on the back wall of her closet. Something tells me she’s going to get in some serious trouble if she pursue them on her own too long. Maybe she should have accepted Elias’s offer to wipe out the Russians and HR. Reese meets up with Jack as he is about to head back from leave and warns him that Jack is made for the military but if the CIA comes knocking to recruit him, he should turn them down. It sounds like Reese has some guilt over joining (to be fair, if he’d only been in the army still he might have been able to save the woman he loved from being killed). Finch replaces Jack at the bar and he’s worried that there’s more disaster to come. But for now, he gets to try his first boiler maker (which looks like an Irish car bomb but with lighter beer).

Overall, I was very pleased with the premiere. It’s getting back to helping people which was the core of the first season and made it interesting. I’m not saying I dislike the mythology portions about the Machine but it got a little out of hand and I really wish they’d wrap up the HR plot soon. It’s gone on too long.

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