Friday, September 6, 2013

Summer TV Rewind: Lost Girl 1.12: "(Dis)members Only"

“And can I just say, ‘wow!’ That is the most amount of words I have ever heard you say!”

“(Dis)members Only” was a more straightforward case of the week episode of “Lost Girl,” but it still served to move the character relationships forward. This particular case is prompted by a request for help from an old friend of Kenzi’s from her criminal past. This case leads to the trio of Bo, Kenzi, and Dyson infiltrating a high class country club to figure out who is killing illegal immigrants. Posing as a married couple, the situation also leads Dyson and Bo to have some serious discussions about their relationship. It was, for the most part, a nice respite from the mythology and main character danger-heavy episodes that preceded it. It was, for the most part, a fun mystery story. And there seems to be a human-eating plant! How can that not be at least a little fun?

As I mentioned, the case of the human-eating plant at the country club begins with a request for help from an old friend of Kenzi’s. He was a fellow criminal, and in a funny moment, he reveals that Kenzi’s pseudonym was “Meow Meow.” Kenzi’s friend is named Neville, by the way, and he’s got a cousin called Thumper. Thumper worked as a groundskeeper at an exclusive country club, and all of a sudden, he went missing. There’s an extra wrinkle, too. Thumper was an undocumented immigrant. Because of Thumper’s immigration status, Neville can’t contact the police about the disappearance. That’s why he wants Kenzi and Bo’s help. They do indeed agree to help, and they also enlist the help of Dyson. The trio go undercover, with Dyson and Bo as a married couple seeking to join the club and Kenzi as a waitress.

What’s kind of cool about Dyson and Bo’s cover is that they use Bo’s faux credentials to try to get into the club. She pretends she works for the UN doing humanitarian work. The faux credentials mostly do the job, but Bo also uses some succubus mojo to seal the deal. Kenzi’s experience is much less positive. The head cook is nasty and a perfectionist, and there’s also a “three strike” system for employees. As Kenzi works (and makes mistakes), she learns that three strikes have pretty dire consequences. Every kitchen/wait staff employee with three strikes has completely disappeared. Kenzi also learns that the club has a particular penchant for hiring undocumented immigrants. The obvious reason would be because they can be hired for significantly less than market wages, but in this case, it’s more likely because when they disappear, people are less likely to notice.

Dyson and Bo want to find a woman named Blake, who they have heard acted strangely around the time of Thumper’s disappearance. She’s basically a raging alcoholic who likes tennis. Her purpose, story-wise, is basically to impart information about the workings of the club. She tells Dyson and Bo about how the club is mostly new money, and there’s this group of especially snotty club members who have Scotch tastings together. Bo and Dyson manage to score themselves an invite to the next Scotch tasting, but when they arrive, it’s not quite what they expected. It turns out that there is indeed Scotch, but it’s primarily a swingers group. Bo and Dyson quickly excuse themselves as politely as they can while still getting the heck out of there. An additional problem is that Dyson and Bo won’t have Blake to help them navigate the club anymore. She gets eaten by the killer vine, just like Thumper was.

After the disastrous Scotch tasting/swinger party, the team regroups to share information. Hale has been doing some research, and he found out that all the club members seem to have incredible financial/business luck not long after joining. Kenzi also mentions the files that are kept on all the undocumented immigrant employees, and she says that she knows she has two strikes already. Finally alone, Bo and Dyson have a bit of a relationship talk. Dyson wants Bo to himself, and it worries him that Bo has to fight her nature to be monogamous. They agree to have no more secrets, which leads Dyson to go to the Dal and tell Trick that he’s done with hiding what he knows about Bo’s past. Either Trick is going to spill all to Bo, or he (Dyson) will.

The next day, the stakes are raised. Kenzi gets a third strike (which means she’s going to be plant bait soon). Dyson and Bo also start experiencing some of that unusual club luck. Dyson gets a phone call that his division in the police department is getting a budget increase. Then Bo finds a winning lottery ticket worth $25,000. On the walk where Bo finds the lottery ticket, she and Dyson also make the discovery of what looks like a really gross sewage container. Inside is Blake’s trademark hat and a bunch of gross liquid. An analysis of the container shows both human and Fae DNA, which means that this plant think has killed at least one Fae, too. Bo uses her succubus powers to get more information out of Mitch, the guy who runs the club. He says that there is a secret about the club that brings luck to its members, but others must sacrifice for this to continue. Kenzi and Bo go to Trick for a final opinion. Trick says that the culprit is a particular type of Fae, probably Dark, that is a nature-based shapeshifter. In exchange for food (unfortunate humans), this Fae brings luck.

The most obvious suspect is, of course, the creepy groundskeeper that has been lurking around the club throughout the episode. Bo chases him down, but he’s not actually the Fae. He’s worried about being eaten himself. The true culprit then becomes obvious. The head cook who has been giving Kenzi so much trouble. Bo saves the day just as the cook is about to eat Kenzi. Bo and Kenzi then leave the cook to the rest of the abused workers and a bottle of herbicide. It’s kind of creepy, but that Fae certainly had it coming. Crisis averted and case solved, Bo gives the lottery ticket to Neville to help out Thumper’s family. We end the episode with a little more mythology. Saskia pays a visit to Dyson at the police station, and she starts force feeding on him. Bo stabs Saskia with a stake, and Bo then uses her powers to revive Dyson. It’s not pretty at all.

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