Sunday, December 1, 2013

Once Upon a Time 3.09: "Save Henry"

“I’ll get you a child. But whether or not that’s helping you that remains to be seen. When you become a parent, you must put your child first. No matter what.”
- Mr. Gold

We are very close to the end of the Neverland arc and I honestly can’t say what’s going to happen between now and the end of episode 11. But we have to face off against a more powerful Pan. But back in the Fairytale Land that was, right as the curse is hitting, Regina pays Rumple a visit to gloat. He points out that now that she’s killed her father, she’s going to have an emptiness in her heart that he will fill for her. We jump to Storybrooke, eleven years ago, and Archie points out that Regina seems empty and alone and she remarks about being happy when Owen was around. So of course she heads off to see Gold and demands he procure her and infant. He says he will do it but he’s not sure it will help her and he also tells her that becoming a parent means putting one’s child first always. Yeah, you might want to listen to your own advice buddy. Not surprising, Gold comes through and procures baby Henry. He’s in Boston so Regina gets to take a trip. She seems quite excited at the prospect of motherhood and not at all concerned with the fact that she’ll never get to find out any information about the baby’s birth parents. In hindsight, that probably wasn’t such a good thing, Regina.

In Neverland, Emma, Regina and Neal are kind of flailing over Henry’s unconscious body. Pan points that without Rumple to help them, he’s unstoppable. Emma does manage to cut him before he floats off. In a rare moment, Emma concedes leadership to Regina because Emma admits she doesn’t know what Regina’s feeling seeing as Emma has family around. I laughed as Regina vaguely gestured at Neal and called him “this person” since she didn’t know how to categorize him in terms of his relationship to Emma at this point. He didn’t seem bothered. He was too busy pacing aimlessly in the background. Under Regina’s leadership, they’re going to find Pan and kill him. They head back to camp to share the news that Rumple has been locked up in a box. And they’re facing a ticking clock The preservation spell Regina cast on Henry has a short shelf life so they need to find Pan quickly. Emma appeals to the Lost Boys’ need for love and a mother and she gets a few them to tell her where to find him; his Thinking Tree (my guess, the tree Malcolm climbed where he encountered the Shadow when Rumple was a boy). Their only real problem is Felix being too loyal to Pan.

Back in Storybrooke, Regina is having a hell of a time getting baby Henry to stop crying. Granny suggests she tell him a story but that doesn’t get beyond “once upon a time” before he spits up on her and she whisks to see Dr. Whale. He says that if there’s actually something wrong with the baby, they’d need the bio parents’ medical records to find out. See, I knew having a closed adoption could be problematic for her! So she sets Sydney to find the info and she also realizes that Mary Margaret can soothe Henry’s crying. So maybe it’s something wrong with her (as Gold diagnosed). She does start to bond with Henry a little bit, but when she gets the info from Sydney on Henry’s birth mom, she loses it. She storms off to Gold and accuses him of planning the whole thing since the records show the baby’s mother was found outside the town limits 18 years prior. Gold is ignorant (or at least he’s really good at faking it) and Regina thinks the only thing to do is give Henry up again. But she has a last minute change of heart as she realizes that this baby loves her unconditionally. She does decide that she’s never letting go of him again which probably leads to some of the issues she has as he gets older. And we see the people who were set to take Henry were none other than the Darling brothers sent by Pan. Lovely. Regina meets up with Archie who seems very pleased that she’s happy and he tells her to stop worrying about the future and just enjoy the present. She takes Henry down to the crypt and takes a forgetting potion so she won’t remember that she’s worried about Emma coming along one day and taking everything away from her.

Back on the island, Emma, Regina and Snow prepare to storm the pixie woods (yes, I was right in assuming the location of the tree), while the menfolk stay behind to load up the Lost Boys and prep the Jolly Roger for transport. I’m assuming this will give Neal and Hook some time to snipe at each other without Emma present. The ladies make it to the woods and find Pandora’s Box. Unfortunately, Snow sets off a trap as she reaches for it and all three of them get tied up to the tree. Pan appears and gloats that the tree feeds on regrets and they’ve got lots. He also reveals that Rumple is his son and he doesn’t regret letting him go but he’s got him all boxed up for safe keeping. It turns out Regina is the strongest link among them because all the regrets she had (lives she took and decimated) led her to getting Henry. So she breaks free and snags Henry’s heart and the box. Time to hightail it back to the boys.

Things seem to be going our heroes’ way. Henry wakes up with his heart restored and he gets tucked in by Regina while the rest of the adults are topside. She casts a spell to make sure no one can ever take his heart again. She leaves and Pan appears with a knife. So not good. Is it wrong I really want someone to just KO the little prick? Up on deck, Neal manages to release Rumple and they have a hugging and slightly emotional reunion. Neal tells Rumple that he’s not like his father. And Emma and her parents get to hug it out, too. Regina and Rumple pop down to check on Henry when Rumple feels a disturbance in the force and traps Pan (or so he thinks). Meanwhile, Regina and Tink bond, too. Things seem to be going well until Henry brings Felix some food and it because obvious to at least one person other than this viewer that Pan switched bodies with Henry (since Pan was trying to rip out Henry’s shadow when he got sucked into the box. So now they’ve got to deal with a traitor in their ranks. It is going to be one hell of a final two episodes to this arc.

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