Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Sleepy Hollow 1.10: "The Golem"

“We never really bury the dead, son. Not really. We carry them with us. That’s the price of living.”
- Henry Parrish

We have reached the fall finale which means we are only three short episodes away from concluding our first season’s journey with Ichabod and Abbie. I’m excited to see where the end of the season takes us but saddened we will have to wait until September for new episodes. This week begins with Ichabod out chopping wood to vent some of his frustrations. Abbie arrives and says she understands why he is upset but she’s surprised when he calls in Henry Parrish (aka the Sin Eater) to help him contact Katrina in Purgatory. Henry is concerned that he’s never used his power to do this but Ichabod demands he try. In order to get to Purgatory, Ichabod needs to be close to death, so Henry strangles him until he passes out. He comes to in Purgatory and after Katrina freaks out at his presence, demands answers about their son. His name is Jeremy and apparently she didn’t know she was pregnant when she buried Ichabod. Her coven turned on her for saving him and so she fled to Europe to try and find a spell to sever the blood link between him and the Horseman. I guess that clears up some of my confusion about how she could hide a pregnancy from her husband back then, even if he was travelling for war efforts and the like. She says that she knew her coven was going to keep hunting her down (and they, not Moloch were responsible for landing her in her current situation) so she gave up baby Jeremy to Abbie’s ancestor (the woman who delivered baby Crane) to keep him safe. So while Ichabod now knows some of what became of his son, he still needs more answers. And unfortunately, his time in Purgatory brought some big nasties to our world.

After Ichabod shares the info that Abbie’s ancestor took custody of little Jeremy, Abbie suggests they go do some historical records digging. At a historical library of course. Because doesn’t everyone go there? Oh and Ichabod does the math and determines that if Jeremy lived to adulthood, married and produced three children and they all had children etc. through eight generations, he could potentially have spawned 6,000 descendants. That’s a lotta Crane! Abbie even sweet talks Henry into going with them. Their trek is only somewhat helpful. They learn that Abbie’s ancestor died in a fire in the 1790s and the townsfolk thought it was little Jeremy. Apparently he inherited mama’s powers and could cause fire by crying. He was sent to a home for orphaned children of the war but no other info is available. And the librarian who knows more than she’s letting on runs off and then gets squished in her car by one of the Purgatory monsters.

Elsewhere, Captain Irving is having a little crisis of faith regarding Abbie and Ichabod’s role in the apocalypse and what that means for him. His minister explains that typically in New Testament terms, Witness meant martyr and those that followed as apostles got the same fate. Irving is not pleased to hear that he’s destined to die. He explains he joined the military to protect people and then Macey (his daughter) gets hit by a car (hence the wheelchair) and then when he became a cop, his wife left him. It seems painful that he should dedicate himself to serving and protecting and all he gets in return from the Big Man Upstairs is death. But he does apologize to his ex while picking up Macey for a weekend. Things seem to be going ok until Irving goes to get Macey some hot chocolate and the vendor starts getting all Moloch-esque and asking about how strong her soul is and that they have a plan. Irving understandably freaks out and the possession jumps to another person before he bugs out with his daughter.

Back at the lair, the gang has secured the librarian’s personal effects from her office. While Henry does crosswords to calm himself, Ichabod finds a box with the crest from Katrina’s coven on it. Henry freaks out over the bad juju it gives off and it seems he has good reason. There’s a little notebook in it what belonged to the priest who ran the orphanage Jeremy ended up at. It seems the priest was cruel and beat the poor boy until one day, his magic manifested and created golem from the toy Katrina made for him as a baby. It killed the priest and now Ichabod believes it is in our world and killed the librarian because her coven deprived the boy of his mother. Ichabod fears that the death toll has only begun against the coven. But why does Ichabod feel its presence following him? It isn’t like he knew he had a child before he got his chest sliced open and put in a cave-side coma.

While reminiscing about his own father’s advice and how he never got to give any of his own to his son, Ichabod realizes that he knows what the creature is. He finds the reference in Washington’s bible and it all starts to make sense. The golem was crafted from Jeremy’s rage and grief and abandonment. Abbie returns with the librarian’s personal safe with tickets from carnivals dating back over a century. The latest one was two days earlier. It would seem she’s been visiting the group of four who banished Katrina. So naturally, the golem will go after them. Ichabod recognizes their value in staying alive. They can retrieve his beloved wife as long as they’re still breathing. He gets Abbie and Henry to wait by the car while he goes to speak with the witches. It reminded me of an episode of Merlin a little bit with the four women talking at the same time and passing parts of sentences off between them. They read his palm and realize who he is. Apparently, they believe his arrival seals their fate (aka death). Good times.

He warns them of the golem and they admonish him for making Katrina’s mistake by trying to interfere with fate. He becomes furious when they tell him that they locked the golem in Purgatory because they couldn’t kill it and basically murdered Jeremy when he refused to join their coven (he was too powerful). The golem smashes the foursome but Ichabod manages to stop it thanks to a funhouse mirror. Only Jeremy’s blood could stop the beast and since Ichabod got a glass shard stuck in his shoulder, he had the requisite material. He thanks the golem for looking after his son but puts the thing to rest and Jeremy with it. I think he seriously needs a weeklong hug. He’s just had a run of bad luck and miserable times of late. It seems Abbie agrees with my sentiment because after Henry leaves (in much better spirits about helping them in the future), she gifts him with a stocking. It makes him smile at least. Unfortunately, the cheeriness of the gift is dwarfed by Moloch dragging Ichabod into Purgatory to warn him that soon, Ichabod will deliver Abbie’s soul to him. That’s not ominous or anything. And we have to wait a month to see what happens next!

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