Sunday, December 8, 2013

Once Upon a Time 3.10: "The New Neverland"

“Life is made up of moments. Good ones, bad ones. But they’re all worth living.”
- Charming

We are one week away from the fall finale (aka the end of the Neverland arc). Our heroes have finally returned home to Storybrooke and get a rousing welcome home from the townsfolk. Friends and family reunite and Regina even gets a well-earned bit of praise from Snow. But things aren’t all happy. Pan has plans and the first step is to “punish” Felix so that the family will trust him. I did like that we got to see some reunions with Belle and Neal and Neal and the Darlings. I really do hope someone gives Wendy a comb. Girl needs a hair salon pronto! Rumple locks Pandora’s Box up in his shop under a spell only he can undo and while he’s alive, no one is opening that box. I’m thinking that may benefit Pan seeing as he doesn’t want the family to know he’s not Henry.

Back in the Fairytale Land that was, Regina crashes the Charming’s wedding and Snow is furious that her stepmom keeps ruining her life. She wants to go after Regina and find a way to stop her but Charming says they need to show Regina that her threats don’t bother them by going on their honeymoon. She convinces him to go to the summer palace since she always dreamed of going on her honeymoon there. She confides in Grumpy though that there’s something at the palace that might stop Regina permanently. I am getting a bit tired of all the Charming/Regina past history drama. They get to the summer palace and Snow tells Charming she’s got something special (of the hanky panky variety) planned for the evening which she thinks is enough to give him the slip. But he’s not stupid and he says he’s not letting her go off alone on their honeymoon. So they’ll go find Medusa together. Charming wants to know if there’s a way to reverse Medusa’s magic but the only way is to kill her and no one’s managed to do that yet. And Snow can’t explain why she can’t just let Regina go. Maybe it’s because they have such a long history. They get into Medusa’s cave and predictably, Charming gets stoned. With a little taunting from Regina in a mirror (bingo) which gets Snow to win and get to actually enjoy her honeymoon. Apparently Snow was too afraid of letting Regina live because she wanted to start a family. But now Snow realizes that they need to seize the day as it were.

Back in Storybrooke, Rumple professes his desire to travel a path into his future only with Belle at his side. Which is sweet but they’ve not had much luck sticking together. And everyone’s moved to Granny’s for a party. Emma hands off the storybook to Henry which I’m thinking isn’t such a stellar idea. And Hook tells Neal that he’s backing off Emma since he doesn’t believe Neal is in it for the long haul given his track record. But he sorta, kinda, gets Emma to agree to have lunch with him which is awfully sweet. Things are a little icy between Mother Superior and Tink at first meeting. But it seems in order for Tink to get her wings back, she needs to believe in herself. The night winds down and Henry says he wants to go home with Regina. All parties seem okay with that but again, things are odd when Henry asks questions about Regina’s vault. After she tucks him in, he calls to his shadow. This is not going to end well at all. Hopefully the adults aren’t blind to the fact that something wonky is happening.

The next day, Rumple comes through on his favor and cures David. He and Snow share a happy kiss before Snow realizes that Emma isn’t showing up to lunch with Neal. Charming is on it and finds her out by the ocean fiddling with her phone being a wuss. She says she’s not ready to do that but Charming says that’s all the more reason to do it. Back near Granny’s, Hook tries to hook up (no pun intended) with Tink when he literally runs into her but screaming interrupts them. David and Emma arrive at the same time and they see Pan’s shadow rip out Mother Superior’s shadow, leaving her dead. Oh damn. Regina shows up with Henry and they all agree to keep Henry hidden away while the Charming/Gold side of the family hunt down and recapture the shadow. My faith in Emma is slightly restored when she warns Regina that Henry is acting not like himself. Regina quips that Emma just doesn’t like that their son wants to be with her. Yeah, Regina, so not the point. And taking him to your crypt of evil magic is not a good idea.

The Charmings hit up Mr. Gold for Pandora’s Box because Emma has a hunch that if they get rid of Pan once and for all, then maybe the nightmare will be over. They take the box out to the town line and Emma crosses over into the real world, ready to shoot Pan. But we as viewers know it’s Henry and he begs them to believe him. He recites some facts about himself and then Emma tells him that life is more than that and asks him about the first moment they connected. He gets it right and the family is one step closer to being reunited. As Emma and Henry walk off, charming wonders where Pan really is. We jump to Regina’s crypt where Pan ends up slipping a magical vial from a shelf and using it to knock out Regina so he can continue having his fun. Or whatever it is he’s up to.

Everyone converges on the crypt and it takes Rumple a minute to get the doors unlocked. While he’s doing that Emma is freaking out that she can’t live for the good moments because she can never get a break so doesn’t think she deserves anything or a shot at being happy. Oh come on, get a grip woman. They finally bust in and find that Pan has taken the curse Regina cast to get everyone to Storybrooke. If Pan casts it again, without Snow and Charming’s love woven into the magic, not even Emma could save it. Pan breaks Felix out of jail so they can enact the curse and turn Storybrooke into the new Neverland. The kid needs a new hobby. Or to die (preferably once he’s in his own body again). I have to say I wasn’t overly impressed with this episode but I know it was a bit of filler to get us to the fall finale next week. We will see how this arc all concludes a week from tonight.

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