Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 1.22: "Beginning of the End"

“But Fury always said, a man can accomplish anything when he realizes he’s a part of something bigger. A team people who share that conviction can change the world. So what do you say, you ready to change the world?”
- Coulson

Welcome to the season finale folks. If you missed the news, SHIELD is coming back for season 2 and will be continuing its adventures on Tuesdays at 9pm. We start the season finale with a guy being brought in on a sort of job interview. It quickly becomes clear that the company he’s come to work for is Cybertech (aka the guys helping Hydra). In fact, we get a demonstration of some soldiers attacking Coulson and company. Somehow May gets hold of the Berserker staff and brings the house down. Luckily, Skye did her hacking thing and they now have access to the systems on the plane. And Coulson reports that the tracker is on the plane but FitzSimmons isn’t answering. That’s probably because they are 90 feet down in the ocean. Poor Fitz broke his arm and he’s spent the last hour determining that there’s no escape and he ad Simmons are going to die. Now might be a good time for him to point out he’s in love with her. They share a little sad banter about death (and some really sweet stuff about being cast out into the universe since energy is not created or destroyed) when Simmons realizes that the glass is still intact and they might be able to rig something to blow it and escape the pod.

Back on the plane, Garrett is going kind of loopy. He’s seeing the world in a whole new way thanks to the miracle drug and he says that plans have changed and gotten bigger. Ward is a little skeptical of his boss’s change of mood and personality but he’s willing to go with it for now. Yeah, I know some people want Ward redeemed. Personally, I want him to die painfully. Ward is concerned about Garrett so he sends Raina to talk to him and she asks him what she’s going to become (after he rambles on a bit about how the drug awakened his mind).

Coulson and company are getting ready to take out Garrett once and for all and Coulson gives a rousing speech about changing the world. Good man, that Phil! He and Triplett steal a hummer with some rocket launchers while Quinn tries to sell some of Cybertech’s inventions (aka the super soldier program) to the US government. Garrett interrupts as our boys are blowing holes in walls with rockets. He’s really lost his mind. He ends up killing a US military General and Ward looks on kind of disgusted and shocked at his mentor. Ward is furious that Quinn and Raina are taking the gravitonium and that Garrett seems to be happy in la la land. Raina tells him that Skye is the key to the future changing and Garrett finally gives Ward orders to go get Skye.

Meanwhile, Skye and May bust into the control center for the super soldiers and reset the default directive which is now to protect our team at all costs. Bet you didn’t that one coming, Garrett! But during a gloating phone call to our villain, he does drop the bomb on Skye that FitzSimmons in deep trouble. We cut to our geeky duo and Fitz explains that there’s enough air in a compressor to give Simmons a breath to get to the surface. He’s ready to be left behind and he does finally admit his feelings to her. But she won’t leave him behind. They blow the window and she pulls him to the surface. Just as things look bleak for them, a helicopter appears and we get the triumphant return of the not so dead, slightly less hobo looking Nick Fury.

Simmons wakes up in a decompression chamber and we learn that Fitz is in pretty bad shape, having been oxygen deprived for a while. But the beacon he rigged up led Fury right to them and now they need to go find Coulson. While May and Ward literally duke it out with power saws and nail guns, Skye is using the incentive program to find their ace in the hole (quite literally Mike’s son, Ace). It seems that Skye has been communicating with Mike the whole time lately. Coulson finds Garrett and then Fury shows up and I have to say I want more of Fury and Coulson tag team. First Coulson blasts all the soldiers with an epically big gun. And then they trade barbs with Garrett. The good guys are just hilarious! Things are looking up for our team as May beats Ward to a pulp, including nailing his foot to the floor. And then thanks to Skye getting a message to Mike, he turns on Garrett and does him in. I know it probably isn’t in the budget but damn I want more Coulson and Fury. They are awesome together.

Garrett attempts to resurrect himself and go all super soldier but Coulson finds one of the alien artifacts and blows him up. I cheered. It was amazing. And Fury give Coulson the keys to the kingdom. He’s letting Phil rebuild SHIELD. And Coulson gets to yell at Fury for bringing him back and we get to the point that every person is worth saving. That’s pretty awesome. And Mike takes off to make amends for his son and be with him. I’m glad he was redeemed. I’m not even sure I care what happened to Ward. Coulson and the team reunite with Simmons (and Fitz is at least alive) at a new secret base and Patton Oswalt is back but not as the agent we saw at the other one. I have to wonder if he is a Life Model Decoy! I have a feeling it is actually which is kind of cool because I know some people thought Coulson was one for a while. We see Raina going to a secret base of her own with a picture of Skye. It seems at least one of her parents is alive. And we end the season on a disturbing note. Coulson is redrawing whatever Garrett did on the plane except it is on a huge wall. Please tell he’s not going crazy, too!

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