Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Person of Interest 3.23: "Deus Ex Machina"

“If you’re asking me whether I feel at ease with what I’ve created or if it was the right or the wrong thing to do, I honestly don’t know. But I designed the Machine in part because I was worried and I remain worried about what someone else might build. Someone who wasn’t worried.”
- Finch

And so we’ve reached yet another season finale. And I have to say this season has been particularly harrowing for Team Machine; losing Carter, having to fight Decima and Vigilance. And our heroes are nowhere near finished. Collier has brought in an attorney and the media and a jury to give a semblance of a fair trial but we all know that every person at the defense table is going to be found guilty. Which makes me concerned about Finch. He was doing what he did to keep people safe. The others, I don’t care if they kill them. Honestly, I’d be happy if they did. Collier calls the President’s security advisor to the stand first and ends up shooting him. I’m not sure if it was just for show or what but it kind of freaked me out.

Out in the city, everything is still dark. Shaw, Reese and her old Northern Lights nemesis are trying to find the courthouse where the trial is being held. But Shaw is worried about Root. In a kind of touching conversation between our two hard-hearted ladies, we see that Root likely won’t survive on her own by trying to take out Decima’s servers and Samaritan. So while Reese and the other dude hightail it to a designated spot, Shaw hijacks a bike and takes off to give Root some backup. I must admit, we did get some interesting character growth for Shaw this season. I’m not sure what we got with Root exactly but she’s slightly less antisocial I suppose.

We jump back to 2010 briefly where we see Collier become who he is and get roped in by Vigilance. I get why he’s doing it and everything but I still don’t like him. In the present, the next witness to be called is the Senator. He survives his time on the witness stand, however, because he admits he didn’t start Northern Lights but was read into it after it came to be and he was responsible for cleaning up the mess. Oh and both Control and the head of Decima are trying to protect Finch’s identity as the creator of the Machine. Very interesting I must admit.

Out on the streets, Reese and ex-Northern Lights guy end up meeting up with Fusco and Bear. I want Bear to go bite some Vigilance jerks. The boys need to head off to a sporting goods store to get some gear. And they also figure out that Vigilance is using diversions to keep the cops occupied and not watching the trial or trying to stop it. Well, with Lionel on the case now (in his awesome hummer thing), we might have a shot at rescuing the brains behind the Machine. And Root is almost toast at the Decima facility but Shaw saves her. I think it’s a little weird that they are flirting so much but it kind of fits their characters so I’m okay with it. They steal RFID chips and manage to get by security (although Shaw has a little bit of trouble). I can’t wait to see what Root and her boys did to the servers. They plug in the new servers and now they just wait. And thanks to some quick thinking by Reese and his cohort, they find a Vigilance guy, show him a map and he ends up showing them where the courthouse is. Oh and Bear totally got to tackle the guy!

We jump back in time again, this time to 2012, where we see that Vigilance wants Collier to step up his game. He thinks they go bigger and go after the people directly responsible. So that is what turned him on to Northern Lights. Well crap! It seems Control is going to protect Finch until the very end. She denies knowing anything about the design or location of the Machine but the jury finds her guilty with a sentence to be carried out immediately. And of course, the writers have to go and make me feel a twinge of sympathy for her. Before they shoot her, she puts a few questions to Collier. She wants to know where he was when the third plane hit the Pentagon on 9/11. She was in the thick of it, carrying out wounded and covering up bodies. What she did was to protect her country. He’s not really moved by her speech. But it seems Finch can’t sit by and watch these people die to protect him.

After another trip to the past (2013) where Collier shoots an FBI agent undercover, we get Finch’s exposition about why he built the Machine. He tries to explain that the closed system was supposed to protect people’s rights and that he’s constantly worried about what would happen if someone built something else who wasn’t worried about these types of protections. He is looking directly at the head of Decima. I have to hope that Samaritan never comes online and maybe next season we get back to basics a little with helping people. Reese and the other guy get to one of the guard posts outside the courthouse and this prompts Vigilance to move the trial elsewhere.

Things quickly escalate and take a turn for the weird. While Reese and his cohort are trying to take out as many Vigilance and Decima guys as they can to get to Finch, the head of Decima makes a big reveal (after Decima shows up and rescues him). It turns out the two organizations are linked and he was the one who recruited Collier. I did not see that twist coming. And to get Samaritan up online, they’re going to stage a massive tragedy on US soil. They’ve rigged a bomb to go off in the courthouse that will take out a slew of reporters, civilians and cops. It looks like Reese’s cohort might get the bomb diffused but the power comes back on and the place goes boom. I really hope Reese and Bear are okay. They can’t kill off Bear. He’s like the best part!

One of Decima’s guys shoots Collier and is about to shoot Finch when Reese and Bear come to the rescue. Unfortunately, the little demonstration worked and Samaritan comes online for good. Things are going to change for everyone because our heroes are seen as threats. Root has created new identities for them and we learn that the seven servers she stole and modified are each protecting one of them (plus the three hackers she was working with). They have to go their separate ways and assume the new lives to stay alive. It was definitely not an ending I was anticipating but I think it provides an interesting landscape going into season 4.

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