Sunday, May 4, 2014

Once Upon a Time 3.20: "Kansas"

“Whether it works or not is irrelevant, dearie. Because no matter what you change of your past, once thing shall remain the same. Who you are. And that is a fate you can never escape.”
- Rumple

The big day is upon us. Zelena is going to cast her curse as soon as the Snowing baby arrives and by the looks of things, Snow’s labor is moving quickly. She’s understandably scared that Zelena will try to take the baby but Emma and Regina are on protection detail. Emma casts a protection spell over the hospital and then decides she’s going to bring the fight to Zelena. She’s really not happy to have Hook tag along but David insists he help, even if he is just cannon fodder. I laughed so hard that bit. The look on Hook’s face was hilarious. I’m thinking that may be hard with Zelena on the move. It turns out she’s let Rumple spin because it clears his mind and she transforms the spun gold into a brain. She’s got a little ritual circle all set up with Regina’s heart, his brain and Charming’s courage. Now all she needs is the baby.

Back in Oz, Zelena is watching Rumple train Regina and is annoyed at how hard a time Regina is having conjuring fire. She’s still bitter Rumple chose Regina. But Zelena get a visit from Glinda. She thanks our green witch for turning Walsh into a monkey and putting a stop to his charlatan ways. She wants Zelena to meet her “real” sisters. And I have to say it sounded a little bit cultish. Glinda takes Zelena to her sister witches and they want Zelena to fill their fourth seat (of innocence). Apparently they believe she is meant to help them protect Oz. Yeah, somehow I doubt she’s going to believe that for long.

While everyone else is waiting for the baby to come along, Henry is looking in the classified section of the paper for apartments that he and Emma can move into. He doesn’t seem to think it will be an issue staying in Storybrooke. Archie kind of points out that maybe he should talk to Emma first. Speaking of, she and Hook are bickering on their way to the farmhouse and he finally calls her on her bullshit. He says that she sees a future for herself in Storybrooke and she’s afraid of being happy. Just as she snipes that he must think she sees a future with him, Zelena busts up the argument. She leaves Emma in a no-win situation when she forces Rumple to drown Hook. Stupid Emma gives Hook mouth-to-mouth and loses her magic. I yelled so much at the TV watching that. Seriously, she could have done chest compressions or something to get the water out of his lungs or turned him on his side and pounded on his back. She didn’t need to kiss him. So now I’m guessing the protection spell at the hospital is kaput.

Zelena pretty easily makes her way through all the various layers of protection (read: people) at the hospital. She arrives in the room just after baby boy Snowing enters the world. I kind of wonder what they’re going to name him since I know that Zelena won’t win. But she absconds with the baby and Snow is left sobbing. I have to say I noticed that there was weird electrical issues in the hospital when she gave birth which were almost identical to when Emma had Henry. Knowing the writers of this show, it probably isn’t a coincidence. Zelena gets back to the farmhouse just as David decides to dash off to save the baby. Emma reveals to the rest of the family that she’s lost her magic and Henry points out that Regina can stop Zelena. When Regina says that she’s lost against Zelena twice, he says that she was using dark magic and that her using true love’s kiss was light magic and she just needs to believe that can be a hero. Hell, she’s got hunky Robin Hood giving her his vote so come on, woman! Put on your good witch panties and kick some ass. I really like that they are letting her be the hero now and redeem herself instead of having Emma do everything.

Back in Oz, Zelena gives up her vendetta against Regina (or so we’re led to believe) and she loses her green skin. She also gets the pendant that Glinda told the Charmings about last week. Just as Glinda is introducing Zelena to her land, a cyclone touches down from another land and deposits a young girl named Dorothy Gale in their midst. Methinks that Dorothy is really the innocent witch who should be filling Zelena’s spot at the table. And that’s what Zelena thinks as she watches the other witches faun over the girl. She also has read the rest of the prophecy and has determined that she is the greatest evil in Oz that Dorothy will defeat. Well, with an attitude like that I’d say it’s more of a self-fulfilling prophecy. She finds Dorothy getting a bucket of water and Zelena’s gone full-on green again. Dorothy is kind of freaked out when Zelena creates a fireball and throws the water at her. So of course we get the melting of the Wicket Witch. Seems Dorothy fulfilled the prophecy. But she doesn’t want to stay in Oz, she wants to go back to Kansas. So Glinda suggests a visit to the newly human Walsh. Zelena reconstitutes herself and sends Dorothy on her way with golden slippers. She now thinks she can change her past without being stopped. And she banishes Glinda to the Enchanted Forest.

Out at the farmhouse, Zelena starts to enact her spell to go back in time but the Charmings and Regina show up to thwart her. At first the gang gets their butts kicked by Rumple and he orders them to get his dagger so at least he can fight on their side. Regina finally musters up good magic and strips Zelena of her power. The spell ends and the baby is thankfully okay. And Rumple is free of her control. He wants to kill her for all the horrors she’s committed (and the fact she’s directly responsible for Neal’s death) but Regina grabs the dagger and stops him. Today she is a hero and heroes don’t kill. I really like the arc they are giving Regina this season.

So my happiness at Regina’s arc may have been a bit premature. Things clearly aren’t settled. Regina has her pendant and locks it in her vault in her crypt which we know isn’t the safest place in the world and I really don’t know if I believe Regina telling her sister to take a second chance. And Rumple is also playing both sides. He gives Belle his dagger and proposes to her but he then visits Zelena and has the real dagger. He kills her or so he thinks but we know she can reform. She disappears and green smoke flows from her pendant back to the spell markings and the spell seems to ignite again. Emma still doesn’t have her magic back but at least the Charmings get a sweet little moment with the baby who remains nameless. The final two episodes next week are going to be absolutely nuts!

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