Friday, July 11, 2014

Dominion 1.04: "The Flood"

“I’m here to remind you that we’re all we’ve got left. That’s why I never choose sides. I love you both.”
- Uriel

We pick up this week right where we left off. Alex has managed to get Michael back to Vega and to the infirmary before getting carted off in handcuff for desertion of duty and theft of property. Things are looking rough when the soldiers are telling other prisoners to strip. Obviously, he can’t risk a strip search. He overhears that if you don’t strip, you get tossed in solitary. So he picks a fight and gets beat up and tossed in solitary. I have to say I thought he was either going to get sent back to the infirmary so he would be closer to Michael or in solitary.

Speaking of Michal, Becca’s brought him back to his angel man cave and we see a figure entering the room and healing Michael’s wound. He wakes later to find himself healed and confused because the blade is made of imperial steel and should have killed him. He’s also fretting about finding the blade but Becca distracts him with sex and a speech about wanting a great man and knowing he is capable of love. We get a very brief cut of them starting to get frisky before yet another mystery visitor pays a visit. This time we actually find out the identity of the intruder; the archangel Uriel (who is female). She’s pissed that Michael didn’t tell the rest of the family that he found the Chosen One (has she been talking to Gabriel). Before she dives off the roof and leaves Vega, she gives Michael an invite to a family get together. Something tells me it’s not optional. I have a feeling, too, that the mystery healer is the archangel Raphael.

Claire pays a visit to Bixby in the infirmary and learns that Alex is back in town. Unfortunately, Bixby mentions Alex as the Chosen One and one of the senators, Frost, overhears. At a senate meeting later, he starts making a stink about the defense budget being a waste of resources if the Chosen One is really in Vega. This is not going to end well at all. Claire goes to pay Alex a visit after he has a sort of vision linked to the tattoos. It’s full of water and crazy imagery. She bails him out of jail and takes him to see Bixby. And as I suspected, Senator Frost has a bug up his ass about the Chosen One. He locks himself into one of the irrigation towers with Wheel and Rysen and basically threatens to kill them all, destroy the crops and let Vega starve unless he meets the Chosen One.

Out North, we finally get a family reunion. The boys are not happy to be in the same room together and they’re both rather surprised to see Uriel whose been hiding out somewhere for the last quarter of a century. I have to say I’m glad one of the angels is female. And she’s kind of hilarious. She’s annoyed at both of her brothers for different reasons. She’s obviously snarky with Michael for keeping Alex a secret and but she and Michael are furious at Gabriel for the attempt on Michael’s life. She’s still not taking sides, however and it’s kind of adorable. Gabriel thinks Alex will come around to his way of thinking in the end and takes off. Michael just sort of glares after him. Can we please just have a snarky archangel family show (maybe a web series) because they are amazing together. The best part of the show by far. Michael and Uriel spend a little more time together and ultimately, she promises her support against Gabriel as long as Michael trains Alex and unlocks the markings. And they share a tender moment when she gets kind of emotional over God being gone and missing him. We definitely need more Uriel!

Things wouldn’t be complete in Vega without Arika making trouble. She’s sort of flirting with Noma. She offers to take her back to Helena but I don’t know why. Alex has enough time to interrupt Ethan and Noma’s chat about Arika and admit to sleeping with Claire before the hostage situation gets big attention. The Archangel Corps gets summoned and the senate meets to try and decide what to do. Claire and William are temporarily in their fathers’ seats and Claire gives William the power to cast her vote with his. But she kind of feels like it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to reveal Alex’s identity. In the tower, Wheel and Rysen are bickering about Alex. Wheel even tries to reason with Senator Frost (going so far as to say that the chosen One is really a metaphor for all of humanity). It doesn’t get him very far. Well unless you count the bullet he takes to the leg.

Claire convinces the head of the Corp to send Alex in as a negotiator. It works, too because he shows Frost the tattoos and we learn the meaning of the flashes he got earlier. He convinces Frost that he’s the real Chosen One and then Rysen shoots him to keep the secret. Michael returns as Claire and Alex bond by a memorial for Frost. Alex wants to learn about everything and Michael is will to teach him. It would seem that Wheel isn’t particularly interested in getting better except with bourbon. Well, whatever floats your boat. And I didn’t expect it (though I totally should have) but Uriel goes and makes the same promise to Gabriel that she did to Michael. What a scheming little bitch! And if things couldn’t get any worse, a drunken Wheel goes to the infirmary and ups the dosage of morphine that Bixby is getting until she flat lines. What a horrible person. Killing a child to protect Alex’s identity.

I have to say overall I liked the episode but I would have loved more angel family reunion stuff. Maybe we’ll get more as things progress. And who knows, we might eventually meet Raphael, too. Now that Alex is done running from his destiny, I’ll be excited to see what happens next.

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