Friday, July 18, 2014

Dominion 1.05: "Something Borrowed"

“You must learn to control your emotions or they will be the end of you.”
- Michael

Well it seems like Alex has turned a corner. He’s embracing his “savior” status (even though it’s still massively under wraps for the citizens of Vega. But now he gets to train with Michael and learn how to really fight angels. He’s doing a pretty crappy job of learning out in the desert. The ground is littered with spent shells. Michael keeps flying at him and knocking him over with his wings and finally the lesson ends. Michael points out that he made Alex forget everything he knew about being a soldier simply by provoking him. Alex doesn’t see it that way. But of course, Alex is annoying and stupid so…you can’t really argue. Plus he’s made at Bixby dying and Claire ends up dumping him for William. So, overall, I’d say he’s not having a good day.

It seems David isn’t either. He flashes back to the night his older two children and wife were killed by an eight ball. Little William is even more annoying than his grown up self. He’s sitting there mewling like a cat and it’s what attracts the angel’s attention in the first place. When David comes back to the present, he tells William that they aren’t immortal and to embrace every moment he gets with Claire. She’s at home fretting over her wedding dress and feigning happiness at the marriage when David pops by with something borrowed; his wife’s necklace from their wedding day. He also says he told Senator Romero about her dad’s heart condition and there’s going to be a move in the Senate for a vote of no confidence. This obviously upsets Claire. And it seems Rysen is going to have more drama because his eight ball lover has snuck into Vega and ends up killing a stall owner when he notices her eyes. Whoops.

Rysen goes to visit his angel lover and he sees a music box she stole from the dead stall owner. She accuses him of not thinking ahead about the consequences of him dying. He scoffs at her suggestion that Claire learn the truth and help her. Yeah, I don’t think that’s going to fly. And Wheel is once again twisting Becca’s arm. Not only does he know about her and Michael but he knows about the little orgy and the other girls are willing to testify before the Senate. Bastard! Alex seems to be having a little more success. He meditates to see if the tattoos speak to him again and he sees Bixby and she tells him to not let anyone else die. He knows who he’s fighting for now.

William is out giving a sermon when one of his acolytes shows up. Williams turns all evil and nasty and stabs the guy a few times in the gut, warning him to never approach in public again and that by preaching what he is, he is in fact serving Gabriel. Claire interrupts what was probably going to be a murder and she basically admits to needing to blackmail big Wheel into not voting her dad out of power. Meanwhile, while all that’s going down, Michael is doing some shirtless training. Oh good lord is the man beautiful. And things look like they might finally get sexy (on screen) when Becca shows up but she’s there to be the second breakup of the evening. Michael doesn’t seem put out by her decision. Which kind of pissed me off. I mean couldn’t he get one final shag before they called it quits?

Meanwhile, Rysen’s eight ball lover has snuck into the city again and is in Claire’s room. She left the music box as a gift and Rysen finds her. He’s angry about the death of the stall owner and they argue. The angel in her ends up taking over and she escapes out a window. Elsewhere, Alex knows about the attack is going off all halfcocked and angry to avenge Bixby. Noma and Ethan point out it is a really stupid idea but they can’t stop him. Rysen asks Michael to have the Senate call off the search so that Michael can find the eight ball and take her out himself. Michael is perplexed by the request since Rysen admits he loved her once. Lots of “endings” going on in this episode. Elsewhere, William confronts his father and they have a battle of wills. I thin William may have actually won. And how conceited and full of himself does Wheel have to be to think that William owes him everything because he didn’t take a hammer to the kid’s head all those years ago?

Out in the city, Noma has followed Alex to make sure he doesn’t completely lose it and we get a little filled in history on them. They’d been together when they were drafted in t the Corp. but someone found out and told their commanding officer. So to make sure Alex didn’t get booted, Noma said she’d end it and so obviously she did. Hey, now that Claire is unavailable maybe he and Noma can have a go at it again? Their moment is ruined by another dead body. A fellow soldier happened upon the eight ball and clearly she panicked.

Back at House Rysen, William and his father show up and Claire is MIA. She’s at House Wheel snooping for blackmail material and she finds it. It turns out William stashed something linking his father to Gabriel in a drawer so she confronts Wheel about it at the engagement party. She seems to rattle him which is kind of impressive. She’s got balls. Nice. Sadly, it seems that Becca is seriously not going back to Michael because she sends the rest of the harem away to Helena. While Claire gives a speech thanking everyone for attending the party, Alex uses the training (read: beating) he got from Michael at the start of the episode to track the eight ball and corner her. He even wounds her but she begs him not to kill her. She claims she has a daughter and as the episode ends we see that she is in fact Claire’s mom. Well that explains why Rysen was keeping her around all these years. I can’t wait to see what Alex does next because it is sure to piss of Michael somehow.

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