Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Summer TV Rewind: The 4400 1.02: “Pilot Part 2”

“You saw what Bailey could do. You felt it. Who knows what the rest of them are capable of?”
- Diana Skouris

Things pick up pretty much where they left off at the end of the first episode (probably because on original airing, they did a 90 minute pilot episode). Diana swings by the hospital to get Tom because they’ve got a case. One of the 4400 has been detained in a murder investigation. Elsewhere, Shawn is finding it very difficult to get back into the groove at school, especially when a kid starts hassling him about selling him stolen concert tickets three years earlier which led to the thug getting busted. Danny intervenes on Shawn’s behalf which I can’t imagine is much of a boost of confidence. To have your younger brother have to fight your battles. Definitely not what an older teenage brother wants. Things only get worse for Shawn when the kid starts trash talking Shawn after school and they get into a fight. Shawn takes the kid down and starts sucking the life out of him. Definitely creepy. Things are getting complicated for Richard and Lily, too. He calls the house but Heidi (Lily’s daughter) answers the phone and tells him that no one by that name lives there. Meanwhile, Lily gets the shocking news that she is pregnant. She can’t understand how but the doctor suggests she conceived right before she was taken. I’m not so sure about that. And I have to say I really dislike her husband. She tells him she’s pregnant and he slaps her with a restraining order to keep away from him and their daughter. Real class act he is.

Anyway, Tom and Diana go to the police station to talk to Orson (the 4400 who was detained). All the video footage shows that he wasn’t anywhere near the guy who owned his firm when he died but something wonky happened. And as Diana reads an email from the dead guy, Orson gets upset and things start shattering. On a visit to the morgue, our duo learns that it wasn’t being impaled that killed the guy, it was the millions of micro fractures in his skull. Just like the glass. Tom and Diana get the guy released but things only get worse. He goes to visit his wife only to learn she died in the middle of the night. He is distraught and things start flying around the hallway and off the walls. He shatters light fixtures and then takes off all freaked out. Even with Tom’s warning to the staff at the nursing home to keep quiet, I doubt the public will be ignorant to what’s going on for long.

Speaking of more odd things, Maia gets her foster parents to take her to visit her parents’ graves. They try to assure her that her parents thought of her every day while she was gone. And then they get freaked out when Maia says she knows where her foster parents will end up buried. They get a brochure from the cemetery the next day. Maia doesn’t seem too concerned though. She’s all packed and ready to go back to quarantine. She claims she knew her stay was temporary. Well, that gels with what she told Diana earlier. But she won’t tell Director Ryland why she was brought back to quarantine. I’m guessing she’s starting to figure out that telling people she can see the future is just scary.

At school, Danny’s girlfriend Nikki (who Kyle was totally up for “corrupting” three years earlier) doesn’t seem fazed by everyone else treating Shawn like a pariah. She burns him a mix CD of bands he should listen to and kind of flirts with him. I’m pretty sure that gives Danny another reason to not be happy with his brother. Lily ends up at a park and is watching little kids play when Richard finds her. The relief on her face kind of makes me sad. They end up sharing lunch at a diner and she unloads about the baby. He says he wants to help and they realize there’s a connection between them. She isn’t surprised when he admits that he and her grandmother were going to start a family after the war. They are awfully sweet together.

Back at the Seattle Homeland Security office, Tom and Diana are trying to find where Orson might have gone by looking through his wife’s things. They find a photo taken in 1949 in front of his wife’s family cabin and so they start doing a grid search to try and find the location since that seems the most probable place he would have gone. They get to the cabin and Orson refuses to come out. He is scared of what he can do and he doesn’t want to hurt anyone else. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean he won’t use his ability if put under pressure. He rants that he can’t control what he’s doing and it looks like both Tom and Diana might succumb to the pain but Diana gets off a shot and takes Orson down. She’s never shot anyone so it will take some time to come to terms with it. And she’s concerned that if he had these abilities, others of the 4400 might as well. And that just opens up a huge can of worms. She asks Tom if he’s noticed anything off about Shawn but Tom denies it. Speaking of Shawn, he sees Nikki and Danny looking some stupid 4400 conspiracy theory websites. This prompts him to take a trip to the hospital to see Kyle. Shawn seems have an inkling of what he can do and I can understand he feels responsible for Kyle being the coma (since other people blame him, too). He puts his hand on Kyle’s chest and it seems to almost wake him up before Shawn pulls away and Kyle falls back to being a vegetable. Things are continuing to get interesting and I can’t wait to see Kyle wake up. It’s been a long time since I’ve watched this season so there’s probably things about various storylines I’ve forgotten. That’s the best part of watching shows again after a long time. Like reading a good book, there’s always things you miss the first (or even second or third) time around.

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