Saturday, February 14, 2015

Constantine 1.13: "Waiting for the Man"

“The point is we can all shape our destiny but none of us can escape our fate.”
- Constantine

Well gang, we’ve made it to the finale. I want to say it’s on the season finale but this is a numbers game and our boy Constantine just isn’t pulling in his weight. So I’m going to call it for what it really is, the series finale. All season we’ve been leading up to Constantine facing off against the Rising Darkness and it is finally here. The death of a cop who was working a missing person’s case in New Orleans draws Constantine and Zed back into the orbit of Jim Corrigan. Before our heroes arrive on scene, we see three young girls lure another young girl off to “marry” The Man. It’s clear they’re all dead and there’s some magic in the air to make them look alive. And after examining the cop’s body, Constantine realizes the cop ran afoul of a guy branding people with the devil’s mark. As Corrigan steps off to take a work-related call, the corpse is animated by none other than the spirit of Gary Lester. I guess he’s not too miffed at Constantine sacrificing him. Anyway, he warns that Papa Midnite has a big bounty out for Constantine. And we see Papa kill a man (who killed his own wife) to try and find a way to bring Constantine down. Oh, and all the while, Zed keeps seeing Corrigan as a bloody corpse backlit by weird green light.

The trio (I really wish Chas was here, too since he’s such a big part of things) heads to the house of the latest missing girl. Her mother is really worried and with good reason. Her daughter wakes up in a creepy house alone and ends up getting found by the other three girls. They’re getting her ready for her wedding to The Man (who is busy off torturing another cop). It is all very creepy if you ask me. Now I’ve watched shows with all kinds of nasty stuff happening to kids but this just seems really bizarre and not really connected to anything else that’s been happening in the season. With Zed’s visions on the fritz at the moment, Constantine does a Tibetan ritual (which involves eating some of the girl’s hair and electrocuting himself) to find where she was taken. It was really gross. But it does the trick. And while that weirdness is going on, Zed gets her own visit from Manny who tells her that her choice to share her visions is her real gift. I have a feeling she’s going to share the vision of Jim dying with him.

It seems Papa Midnite is going to use the dead guy has his proxy to take out Constantine because the guy, now a zombie, attacks Constantine at the abduction site. I’m pretty sure the zombie would have succeeded (for one thing it was controlled by Papa Midnite directly) had Corrigan not shot him. But Constantine knows that Papa is going to come back harder than ever next time and even more directly. So they need to get a jump on finding the missing girl. Zed finally has a vision and gets an address from the missing cop. The gang arrives to find a creepy crow sitting on a fence post. Corrigan and Zed don’t pay it any mind but Constantine knows something is up. It turns out the house belongs to the missing cop and they find him hung in his attic. I guess the Man is holed up elsewhere. Constantine orders Zed and Corrigan out of the house when he spots the crow again. It seems there’s going to a final showdown between him and Papa Midnite and he can’t risk their safety.

It seems Papa isn’t the only one who knows how to animate dead people. Papa shows up at the house and thinks he’s shot Constantine but it was really the cop with a glamor spell. But Constantine does learn some important information. The Brujaria has put the bounty out on his head. He manages to knock Papa out and snag his keys and phone before heading off to rejoin up with Zed and Corrigan. Things are taking a bad turn for our latest young victim when the Man returns and tries to strangle her. She runs off into the woods not long before Constantine shows up and finds the other three dead girls. Luckily, the gang stop the Man from killing the girl and return the girl safely home. Constantine releases the spirits of the dead girls and Corrigan shoots the Man.

With the case solved, Zed admits the truth about her vision to Corrigan and he decides now would be a great time to kiss her. Constantine watches as it happens and takes off into the rain where he gets a visit from Manny. The angel says they are closer to winning this war than they were before. Constantine isn’t too impressed and he really should have remembered Papa’s warning to him from the last time they crossed paths. Constantine would be betrayed by someone close to him and by God he is! Papa got arrested for the cop’s murder since he was found in the house but Manny sets him free with the order that Constantine’s life is off limits. Manny boldly claims that the Brujaria work for him. I must admit I was not expecting that reveal, although I suppose I should have.

I was a little disappointed in the finale. I was kind of hoping they’d end the episode with a voice over like they did with the pilot. It would have brought it nicely full circle. It is a shame that we likely won’t get to see the fallout of Manny’s reveal or how it affects the rest of the team. I can’t imagine either Constantine or Zed taking it very kindly that their angelic intervener is working with the enemy. I feel like we are left with lots of questions that will remain unanswered. But, that’s the nature of serialized TV.

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