Thursday, February 5, 2015

Sleepy Hollow 2.15: "Spellcaster"

“We don’t fight against something. We fight for something. Love, family, a life. I pray we never lose sight of what is important.”
- Ichabod

We are nearing the end of our second year with our Witnesses and things are starting to get a little strange. At an auction house, a curator comes across a journal of John Dee. No sooner does he hand it off to his assistant and take a phone call then a man in seventeenth century garb appears and steals the book, killing the assistant and a guard via blood magic. Yeah, that’s not a good sign. Elsewhere, Ichabod is house hunting and he needed Abbie to translate realtor speak. Of course there’s more to buying a house than that, many items which Ichabod doesn’t have (an income, a credit history). But he’s trying to look forward. Abbie clues Ichabod in on the case and they seek out Katrina’s help. With a little research on her part and some snazzy FBI technology, they get an image of the killer and Katrina IDs him as Solomon Kent, a warlock that all witches fear. As they talk about him, we see that he’s performing dark ritual via blood magic and trying to raise evil from Dee’s journal.

Speaking of raising evil, we find that Henry has been hiding out in long-term hotel lodging. It seems he just wants to be left alone but flipping through channels on TV alerts him to the present murder case and he recounts that he’s seen blood boiled in a body before. I have a feeling he’s either done that type of magic before or seen it. I don’t think he was old enough to have crossed paths with Kent, although at this point we don’t’ know when he was put to death. I am happy to see that Henry is back. He’s been sorely missed these last few episodes. But he does sort of bond a little with the hotel manager’s son who has come to fix the broken faucet. I really want to see him team up with mom and dad to kick Kent’s ass.

We get a rather interesting twist on the Salem Witch Trials once Abbie learns that Kent settled in Massachusetts and was a pastor. Katrina gets to fill in the rest thanks to her own family’s history there. Kent was once a good man and the leader of a strong coven, which is why Katrina’s grandmother settled there. Unfortunately, Kent fell in love with a woman who didn’t reciprocate his feelings and he used dark magic to cover up the fact he accidentally killed her. Kent was solely responsible for starting the trials and he even had Katrina’s grandmother hanged when she tried to implore him to see reason. Katrina’s family fled Salem and eventually the rest of the coven found Kent and banished him to Purgatory. Mrs. Crane also believes she might be able to follow the journal’s magical signature so they head to the auction house. She doesn’t know where it is but she sees that Kent’s attempt to access the magic within fails because the book has been split. Dee apparently made it so that the book had to be whole to work. So now they’re off to find the rest of the journal before Kent. And we still don’t know how Henry is going to factor into all this yet.

The gang heads to a warehouse after Abbie discovers that the missing pages were in a delayed shipment. She also gets a brief visit from Irving. He’s not holding grudges and he understands the hesitation to trust him but he claims Katrina said his soul was clear. I really don’t know for sure about that. But we will have to ponder it later because Kent makes it to the warehouse, too. He takes out Ichabod and Abbie and Katrina gets to throw a little power around and sort of taunt him with the fact that she’s going to stop him for her family’s sake. But he throws the fact that she’s limiting herself by being good back in her face and then uses some blood minions to keep the Witnesses busy. Kent tries to convince Katrina to give in to the dark side and she kind of goes there for a brief moment but pulls herself back. It’s enough time for Kent to insert the missing pages and abscond with the journal.

Katrina feigns being too weak to face Kent again. But she sort of admits to Ichabod that she has lots of parts to her magic that she’s never accessed or explored. While she’s resting, Abbie seeks out Irving to find out what she can about his return to prep for a zombie apocalypse. But it turns out that Kent’s plan may not be to resurrect his lost love but to go back in time and change the past to keep her from dying in the first place. Ichabod points out just how bad that would be for them and the history of the country in general.

Back at the hotel, Henry overhears an argument with the owner and some thugs who are staying there. It looks like Henry wants to smite the crap out of said thugs but he just turns around and goes inside. I’m seriously waiting for him to do something other than mope around because dude needs to take some action. This isn’t really an identity crisis as much as just moping around. While he’s mulling over his future, the Witnesses and Irving face off against Kent. They use modern technology and the elements to defeat him. Well to weaken him enough for Ichabod to get close and pound the ever living shit out of his face for hurting Katrina and her family. Things are not as they seem though when the Witnesses go off looking for Irving and he steps over Kent’s body, breaks his neck and steals the journal. He readily lies to them that the journal is gone along with Kent’s body. I guess it was a good thing I felt a little off about Irving because after Henry starts using his powers again (he kills the thugs but not out of a sense of defending the weak) he meets up with Irving and takes possession of the journal. Irving is most definitely Henry’s servant. Whether Katrina saw it or not is unclear. She’s dealing with her own magical problems as she starts exploring the darker side of her own powers. Abbie and Ichabod better be real careful about the people around them.

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