Thursday, February 5, 2015

Marvel’s Agent Carter 1.05: “The Iron Ceiling”

“I’ve been trying to tell that story since I came home from war.”
- Thompson

We are starting to come into the home stretch of our time with Agent Peggy Carter. But before we pick up with the latest drama in the hunt for Howard Stark, we get a glimpse into Dottie’s past in Russia in 1937. There are lots of young girls and they’re being trained to fight. Young Dottie ends up killing her opponent. Yeah, so we now have seen the origins of the Black Widow program, even if they didn’t give it a name. In the present, Dottie is having breakfast with Peggy and with a little spy craft manages to snag Peggy’s room key out of her bag. Peggy obviously doesn’t notice as she’s got more pressing matters to deal with. Jarvis shows up and tries to get her to still help Howard but Peggy’s just pissed at being used. When Jarvis points out that the guys at the SSR don’t respect her, she says she’ll make them respect her. And it seems she will get that chance very soon. The office is in a tizzy over the coded message that popped up on the typewriter. When the code breaker the Chief brought in can’t crack it, Peggy jumps in. The message is a meeting about an exchange of weapons and it’s supposedly linked to both Leviathan and Stark.

Peggy doesn’t quite beg to go on the mission but she does have to flaunt a little of her skills (namely her connection to the Howling Commandos) to get put on mission. She’s forced to change in the men’s locker room and Sousa ends up stumbling across her (thanks to Thompson being a dick) and sees a couple of Peggy’s gunshot wound scars on her shoulder. Peggy thinks nothing of it as they head off to Russia to meet up with the Commandos. It seems they at least have respect for Peggy’s war efforts. It seems like none of them knew Peggy was so closely linked to Captain America. Well they sure know it now, thanks to one of the Commandos blabbing about Peggy’s connection. As they head over the border towards Russia, Sousa looks over photos of the mystery blond woman and spies the same scars (which he confirms via Peggy’s personnel file. She’s got some explaining to do when she gets home.

Thompson’s team and the Commandos settle in at camp and are exchanging stories when we learn a little more about Thompson and his war record. He got a Navy Cross for saving his entire camp from some Japanese soldiers. I guess it humanizes him a little bit but I still think he’s a sexist prick. Back in the US, the Chief meets with a reporter friend who explains that Stark was at the battlefield in Russia to do clean up and got into an argument with the general on site and then turned down a seven figure contract with the Army and severed ties. It seems the reporter isn’t too convinced that Howard is involved with selling weapons or that he was involved in the massacre at all.

Back in Russia, the group infiltrates the drop location in two teams of four. It turns out to be the same place where we saw young Dottie getting trained. They find a little girl and one of the Commandos tries to get close to the girl and tell her that everything is okay when the girl stabs him in the chest and takes off. I could totally see that coming a mile away. I do find it interesting how the show is building all of this mythology for the movies we already have. I know some people don’t like how interconnected all of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is but I think it’s pretty cool. One of the other Commandos gets shot and the girl gets away. In tactical mode, Peggy takes over the lead and for once Thompson doesn’t seem to mind. They find an old man and a young guy locked up in a room. Interesting.

Back in the States, the Chief approaches Jarvis and starts to talk to him about Stark and the massacre. He explains that he’s not trying to railroad Stark. He just wants the truth. I want to believe him because the SSR were the good guys (though there probably were some Hydra agents in there somewhere) but I can’t completely do it. And we find Dottie break in to Peggy’s room and snoop around. She doesn’t find the hole in the wall with Cap’s blood but she does find photos of all of Stark’s inventions. She doesn’t take them but she still knows they are there.

It turns out that Leviathan stole blueprints for one of Stark’s inventions and they have mentally ill scientist trying to build it. Peggy busts them out of the prison but they end up in a fire fight and the scientist kind of loses it. He tries to bargain the lives of the Commandos for his freedom. Thompson ends up shooting him and then gets hit with some PTSD and freezes up. Peggy takes charge and gets them out of there (minus one SSR agent) and back to the States relatively safely. Thompson admits on the flight home that the soldiers he killed during the war were carrying a flag of surrender and he’s felt guilty about it ever since. It seems he’s got a new respect for Peggy which is good and I did kind of feel bad for him, carrying around all that guilt. Back at headquarters, Thompson, Peggy and the Chief kind of agree that there’s more to the story than they have but they don’t think Stark is involved with Leviathan. That’s something at least. But Sousa is still acting kind of weird around Peggy. I have a feeling he’s going to confront her soon about her involvement with Stark. And as if Dottie wasn’t creepy enough, that night, she climbs into bed and handcuffs herself to the headboard like they did to her at Black Widow camp.

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