Sunday, March 8, 2015

Once Upon a Time 4.14: "Unforgiven"

“It’s just every time I seem to make progress towards my happy ending, I hit another dead end. But I know I’ll never find it if I revert to my old ways. I’m sorry.”
- Regina

It looks like this week we’ll be getting to learn a little about why Snow and Charming were so edgy about Cruella and Ursula coming to town. Snow has a nightmare about the three Queens of Darkness trying to hurt her family and she finds David awake, drinking away his worry. In the Enchanted Forest, the couple returns home from their honeymoon to find the three ladies waiting at the castle. They want to make a deal. The next day at Granny’s, Ursula and Cruella are waiting for drinks and are clearly being snubbed. They make the mistake of bringing up some of Regina’s sordid past in front of Henry before storming off to pay a visit to Belle at the pawn shop. While Cruella distracts Belle, Ursula uses one of her tentacles to steal something from the back of the shop. It seems David is intent on making sure these ladies aren’t left alone so he enlists Emma to do some surveillance (much to her dismay and lack of grilled cheese). And down below the library, Rumple is getting ready to start resurrecting Maleficent. Sadly my first thought upon watching this scene was “how does he have reception down there?”

David and Emma are parked outside Gold’s shop and follow our newest arrivals out towards the woods. After a quick call to Belle, Emma says that a wooden box is missing. So of course, David pulls them over and checks the car. He finds the box in the back of the car but acts like the car is clean. Still, Emma wants to review video footage to see if they actually did steal something. David needs to see Snow to discuss what the hell is going on. It turns out, they made a deal back in the day to go with the Queens of Darkness to a tree of knowledge to find a way to defeat Regina. Yeah, that plan is definitely going to backfire. Things certainly get off to a rocky start. They’re trying to get across a bridge and the guards won’t let them pass due to their villainous trio and so Maleficent takes it upon herself to turn into a dragon and kill them. I guess that’s one way to solve their directional dilemma. Snow and Charming take off from camp the next morning and find the Tree of Wisdom but when they ask how to stop Regina, the tree rejects them. Apparently they aren’t as valiant as they thought. Maleficent picks up on Snow being pregnant and points out that while said bun in the oven was made from true love, the potential for heroism was just as strong as the potential for evil. Hence why the tree rejected them. Well that doesn’t bode well for Emma. That night, Maleficent pays Snow a visit and shares a secret that only Snow would understand. They are both pregnant, hence Maleficent’s desire to evade the curse. But Snow refuses to help her. She won’t go down a dark path and condemn her baby to that fate.

Elsewhere in town, Henry and Regina are knee deep in Operation Mongoose. When Henry questions Regina about their encounter at Granny’s, Regina admits that seeing Ursula and Cruella reminds her of a time she’d rather forget. She wants to focus on getting back to the happiness she felt being a little family with her and Henry and Roland and Robin. Henry is all for that as he chows down on some donuts while looking at the story book. They might even have a lead when Henry mentions that August added his own story to the story book to try and convince Emma of the truth. August may not be around anymore but little Pinocchio is.

David shares what he found with Snow and it turns out it is a totem of Maleficent and the witches are likely planning to use it to resurrect her. So clearly the obvious choice is to go find her remains under the library and get rid of them. Far easier said than done. First off, Rumple is already down there so they’d have to contend with him and they also have to deflect suspicion from their own daughter. After having a little awkward tiff with Hook over how he knows Ursula (he won’t give her any details and she’s kind of pissed), Emma sees her parents getting ready to head out for a hike. They feed her some bologna about having to see the best in their newest residents if the ladies have any shot of being redeemed. So, Emma heads back to the station but I can tell she’s not convinced. I really want to know what this secret is!

While David and Snow head down to the tunnels to find Maleficent’s ashes, Emma meets up with the rest of Operation Mongoose. Things are not going well. Pinocchio doesn’t remember being August or anything about the book and Regina is getting really frustrated. She lashes out which only results in Marco yelling at her to stay away from his son and to Emma getting the kids out of there to let Regina cool off. Down in the tunnels, the Charmings find the ashes but Ursula and Cruella are waiting for them and Ursula knocks them out with one of her tentacles. Rumple briefly shows up to ensure that things go smoothly and then Ursula uses Snow and David’s blood to actually resurrect Maleficent. We see her transform into all the version she’s been in the cave until she’s fully back. She threatens to cause the Charmings all kinds of pain for what they did to her.

Regina pays Marco a visit and apologizes to him for the way she spoke to his son. She’s clearly frustrated by the one step forward, two steps back routine she’s been stuck in. He ends up giving her some of August’ stuff so that maybe she and Henry can decipher the book more. It was a very sweet scene and I like to see Regina working to be a better person. She deserves her happy ending. That evening, the Charmings intend to tell Emma about her potential for evil but are stopped when they overhear Emma talking to Hook. Emma is trying to see the good in him, like her parents do and she can’t believe they’d ever lie to her. As the episode comes to a close, Snow and Regina have a meeting out in the woods where Snow fills Regina in on everything. Emma can’t know what Snow and Charming did in their past because she could spiral into villainy. It turns out, because of Snow and Charming fighting so hard to make sure Emma turned out a hero, Maleficent lost her baby. Oh shit. No wonder Maleficent is out for blood (the totem that the witches took from Gold’s shop was part of a rattle).

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