Sunday, March 22, 2015

Once Upon a Time 4.16: "Poor Unfortunate Soul"

“I may be a pirate, but I have a code. And I promise to never take that voice from you.”
- Hook

So this week we get to learn about Hook’s sordid past with Ursula. Surprise, she’s Poseidon’s daughter and she’s a mermaid, luring sailors to their deaths. Okay so they’re mixing Greek lore in here a bit with siren song but whatever. Ursula doesn’t want to kill humans just because one killed her mother and she thinks maybe she’ll go live in some other ocean not controlled by Daddy. Oh teenage angst. It really isn’t hat different even with rainbow colored fins. So she breaks into Daddy’s vault and steals one of the bracelets that allows mermaids to walk on land. Hook finds her serenading a tavern and offers to buy her a drink. While she explains she’s trying to save up for passage elsewhere, he says that for just a brief moment, her singing soothed his soul and the bloodlust for revenge on Rumple. He offers to take her where she wants to go but I seriously doubt he’s going to help her out. Well it turns out I was quick to question Hook’s motives. Well for about five seconds until Ursula’s father offers him squid ink that can paralyze even the Dark One. All Hook need do is steal Ursula’s singing voice with a shell. Hook shows Ursula the shell but says he wants her to steal the squid ink from Daddy and he won’t take her voice. I have a feeling their little plan goes awry and Daddy turns her into an octopus lady. Well, Hook does end up stealing her voice after Poseidon takes back the squid ink. Not sure how she gets turned into a tentacle-laden weirdo but whatever.

Back in Storybrooke, the Charmings are out looking for Regina and Pinocchio while Regina manages to get a bit of info out of August with a fireball. Apparently the dragon guy he sought out in Hong Kong had been researching the Author and August nabbed his notes after Tamara Tasered him to death. Rumple goes to search August’s trailer but I think Henry has the information. It will be interesting to see just what lengths Rumple will go to to get that information. Meanwhile, Regina uses some weird smoke magic to inhabit Snow’s body briefly to pass on the intel about Rumple and August. The obvious thing to do is go see Belle and get the dagger but when she reveals she thought Hook had it, Emma points out they were duped. So while they figure out how to rescue August, Hook is going to use his past with Ursula to figure out Rumple’s real plan. Given that Ursula sang as a young mermaid and she’s listening to classical music, I’m guessing she lost her voice (kind of like in the Disney movie but not Ariel). Interesting twist.

Regina shows the battered storybook page to August (he says he remembers being a kid) but doesn’t get much out of him about it before Ursula goes wandering off. Hook is summoning her with a conch shell. After she squeezes him a bit, he offers a deal. He’ll give her back her happy ending (which I’m assuming is her singing voice) if she tells him Rumple’s plan. Ursula agrees but to get her happy ending back they need the Jolly Roger which as we know is somewhere in the Enchanted Forest. Ursula opens an underwater portal and out pops a wee Jolly Roger in a bottle. How cute!

Hook and Ursula pay a visit to Belle and Will at the pawn shop in the hopes that Will might have some trinkets from Wonderland capable of getting the Jolly Roger out of the bottle. Will thinks he can help and it just makes me curious about what happened with Ana and Wonderland. Guess we still have a handful of episodes left to find that out. Back at Gold’s cabin, Regina has a weird dream where she finds Robin in the woods but their reunion is quickly interrupted by the Evil Queen wielding a fireball. We do get a somewhat amusing quip from Maleficent about trouble sleeping. It turns out Rumple wasn’t even going to check the trailer. He nabbed some fairy magic that can turn August back into a wooden puppet. Well crap!

After some painful lies make his nose grow (in human form, ouch) August spills the beans about the Author being locked away by the Sorcerer behind a door. The door is in Storybrooke and Regina apparently knows where it is. Since she gave the pages to Henry, she Rumple and Maleficent are off to find it while Cruella plays guard dog. She really has a crappy job. I can’t even imagine what her happy ending would be. Elsewhere in town, Ursula and Hook resize the Jolly Roger but she can’t get her voice out of the shell. So she turns on Hook and tosses him off the side of the ship unconscious. Lucky for him, another mermaid is randomly in the vicinity to save his ass. When Hook comes to, Ariel explains that Elsa kinda kicked Blackbeard’s ass for messing with Anna and Kristoff and Ariel got swept up in the well of putting the ship in the bottle. Whoops but at least Hook can use her to try and make things right.

Emma and the Charmings bust in and take out Cruella (thank you Snow and a frying pan). They’re about to rescue August when Ursula shows up and grabs Snow by the neck. Ursula is about to snap Snow’s neck when Hook shows up with Poseidon. Apparently he’s the only one who can give her voice back and after she gets it back, she actually gets her happy ending and heads home with Daddy. Before she goes, she fills Hook in Rumple’s plan. They don’t just need the Author to change the stories, they need to corrupt Emma so that she can get the bad guys their happiness. Well and Hook worries that he too will lose his happy ending (Emma…gah). Elsewhere, Cruella has taken off and warns the rest of Team Evil that August was rescued and she outs Ursula as a mole (lucky Regina). And in an interesting twist, August reveals that the door in the drawing is the actual door that the Author is trapped behind…in the book.

Overall I thought this was a decent episode and it shows that sometimes villains are only villains out of circumstance and their darkness can be remedied fairly easily. Oh and Emma is now going to track Robin down because Regina thinks her dream was a warning that the Evil Queen was trying to protect Robin from something. I can’t wait to see how the heroes try to find the Author now and what they’ll do when Emma learns the truth. This has been a fairly strong half season thus far and I just hope it doesn’t fizzle out around episode 20 or 21 (sort of like the Frozen arc did).

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