Monday, March 30, 2015

Once Upon a Time 4.17: "Best Laid Plans"

“Darkness is a funny thing, it creeps up on you.”
- Hook

So this week’s episode is being touted at having a lot of answers. Adam and Eddy also said we would see the Author before we knew his identity. We start this week with Snow and Charming in the Enchanted Forest in the past chasing a unicorn. Apparently touching the horn can show you the future. Unfortunately while Charming sees Emma as good, Snow sees her as a teenager and evil. Clearly they have a dilemma! But they meet a peddler on the road on the way home (I have a feeling he is the Author just because he’s random and helpful) and he sends them to see the Sorcerer’s Apprentice. He explains that both of the visions they saw could come to pass (and I feel like in a way it did because Emma was born innocent but going through the portal and growing up in foster care did give her a hard life) but there is a spell that can be done to protect her goodness. They can banish her potential for evil into another vessel and Snow thinks Maleficent’s egg is the perfect vessel. Yeah, I don’t think that’s necessarily true. Just because mom was evil doesn’t mean baby would be too. And I do like the idea of Lily being Mal’s daughter. It would make so much sense for her and Emma to gravitate toward one another. Snow and Charming steal the egg from Maleficent but Mama Dragon begs them not to take her baby. They promise to return it but they don’t get the chance. The Sorcerer didn’t tell them that in order to banish their child’s evil, the vessel has to go to another land. And Cruella and Ursula get sucked into the portal. So the baby definitely went to our world.

In Storybrooke, Regina needs to get her butt in gear about getting the page back to the villains. Her solution (after nixing Emma’s rather decent magical forgery) is to take a photo of the page to give the Gold and the others. Killian also imparts the news that Ursula gave him about Emma’s potential to go dark. This sets Snow off and she goes racing through town trying to figure out what to do to protect her daughter. Meanwhile, August is having some issues of his own and Killian is a wee bit jealous. But Emma explains that after Lily, she had trouble making friends and August was the exception. No sooner as she convinced her boyfriend there’s nothing to be jealous about, the villains decide to get the page a different way after Gold realizes that the glare in the photo is actually magic protecting the door. Maleficent puts the town under a sleeping curse and tells Rumple that she’ll get him the Author but she needs to know what happened to her child (it sounds like she went full on dragon and laid an egg). Regina is trying to distract the villains for a bit longer but when they figure out the page isn’t at the Charmings’ loft, they see out Henry.

Henry manages to get to the mansion and Snow and David call him, telling him they’ll be there and to stay put. Gold heads off to do God knows what while he sends Cruella and Mal to keep an eye on Regina to make sure she gets the page from Henry. Just before Regina and her entourage show up, Henry is studying the page and finds a key hidden in a drawer. Regina demands the page from Henry and he hands it over but I’m thinking this is the forgery Emma made. I like how the plan is working and coming together. The whole reason Grandpa and Grandma Charming didn’t show up yet though is because David wants to destroy the page so that the villains can’t free the Author and put Emma in danger. Snow points out if they do that, Regina won’t get her happy ending with Robin Hood. That’s kind of an issue for all of us Outlaw Queen fans.

David and Snow get to the mansion after the villains leave and after some stern words to Henry, get the book and the key. Meanwhile, Regina gets found out by Gold (who has just paid a visit to Belle) and gets locked in her own vault. Snow and David are going to burn the page with the door in it but Snow can’t lie to everyone anymore, not after everything other people have done for her. So she and David tell Emma the truth about everything and just like the vision Snow saw, Emma pulls away from the family and just doesn’t care. But hey, at least she doesn’t rip her mother’s heart out literally this time!

Killian gets sent to check on Emma since the Charmings realize they won’t get through to her. They’re right of course but she’s willing to go see August who is now awake. And he gets the job of explaining that the Author is a job, not a person and the Sorcerer and the Apprentice pick the Author with the sole purpose of recording but the most recent one deviated and was manipulating. SO the Sorcerer trapped him in the book. And I called it. It was the peddler. Emma frees him but then he takes off and Emma loses him in the chase. Oh and Mal gets a glimpse of her baby (and I was right. It was Lily!). So now Mal knows her baby is in the world and wants to find her. I’m honestly hoping for some really interesting scenes with Mal and Emma when Mal finds out Emma knew her daughter. The last six episodes of the season are going to be really good! I really like that we got a lot of answers this week. We found out the identity of the Author and we didn’t have to wait forever. We confirmed the identity of Mal’s baby and Emma knows the truth. I do think that she could still go dark even after what Snow and Charming did since they needed to guide her to keep her in the light. But hey you know maybe a little brush with darkness is a good thing. And I can’t wait to see what Rumple does to keep Regina in line. I have a horrible feeling it has to do with Robin and where he is in the real world.

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