Thursday, April 7, 2016

Blindspot 1.16: "Any Wounded Thief"

“There must be some clue that points to who did this to Jane and why.”
- Patterson

This week was full of memories and moments for a lot of our characters, specifically Jane and Patterson. The latter is having quite the emotional day when she gets a call for a reservation at a restaurant she and David liked. It is apparently their one year anniversary and he made the reservation before he died. She’s pretty torn about what to do and she ends up chatting about it with the doctor on the team and he encourages her to go to dinner, have a glass of wine and celebrate the good moments with David. Before she can do that, though, she and the team have to solve the case of the week involved a robbed armored truck belonging to a company that doesn’t exist. They get to the site and find that the truck was transporting chemical components to make Saran gas. Oh boy.

Thanks to some digging by Patterson, the team learns that there is an Army facility not far from where the truck was robbed that disposes of chemical weapons. They bring in the head of the base along with the person who sponsored the visas for the three dead truck guards (from South Korea). The general from the base says that they have strict protocol for destroying the weapons and would know if anything went missing. The woman who sponsored the visas denies knowing anything but does say she thought she heard a rumor that one of the men was involved with a gang.

While the team is out tracking leads, Patterson brings up an interesting point to Mayfair. They should be dedicating their time trying to find out who would have the knowledge necessary to put all the clues into Jane’s tattoos. But there’s budget cuts and every department thinks their work is more important. I have a feeling Patterson may take this chance to dive deeper into work to cope (or not) with David’s death. Soon enough, the team tracks a known associate of the guards to a local man. They get in a shootout with him which leads them back to the general, hiding out in a rigged underground bunker. He claims he was stockpiling since he knows our enemies are doing the same. He also admits to selling weapons to South Korea with the visa woman’s help. They have 40 canisters of Saran out there. Ultimately, the gang finds the shipping containers with the weapons although they are still missing two. And Jane, Weller and the visa lady are exposed to Saran. They all are going to make it though and the woman admits the North Koreans made her a better offer. But there’s a local target and the team manages to thwart the attack (it involves Jane shooting out a window a story above and jumping down to the floor below). Pretty cool.

But things aren’t all dandy with the rest of the team. It turns out that it is Taylor’s birthday and Weller got her a pendant her mother got when she was born (which he purchased after her mother died). We also see that Reade is still not dealing well with the break up with Sarah (and she’s leaving town). So Weller is kind of pissed about that. But he’s got his own relationship drama to deal with. He’s still keeping it casual with his ex and she begs him not to ruin the good thing they have going. And whatever Tasha is dealing with, well she isn’t dealing with it very well because we see her head into a high stakes poker game.

As if that wasn’t confusing enough, Jane has been having memories about Weller and the memorial for Taylor Shaw. She and Oscar apparently went the last time (before Jane wiped her memory) and they can see how devoted Weller still is to Taylor’s memory and what he thinks happened to her. Oscar asks if she still wants to go forward. This is why I don’t think a Jane and Weller relationship can work. He’s tied to her based on what he thinks he knows about her past. Not a good way to build a relationship. Plus Oscar tells her in the present to get closer to him so that she’s the only one he fully trusts. Something tells me that’s going to be difficult for Jane to do, especially when she accuses Oscar of not sacrificing anything and he comes back at her with how it tears him up inside that every time they meet, he can’t touch her or tell her that he loves her. So naturally he kisses her which leads to ho, passionate clothes ripping. Yeah, buddy, I don’t think that’s going to make her want to get closer to Weller like you asked.

And let us end our recap back with Patterson. She goes to the restaurant and orders a drink like the doctor suggested and then she pulls out David’s final crossword puzzle. She sees flashes of him at the table with her as she works her way through it, a smile on her face. And then she realizes that the clues in one section spell out “got one Patterson”. It appears David may have deciphered another tattoo before he died. So of course she is going to have to go chasing after it, not only to honor his memory but to sate her own curiosity with the whole puzzle of it all. From the promos it looks like things will be getting rather complicated for her. I hope she makes it out okay. The show wouldn’t be the same without her. And honestly, I hope Jane doesn’t get closer to Weller because she deserves to see what she and Oscar had, even if she doesn’t identify as Taylor Shaw anymore. Weller has too many demons to have a meaningful relationship with Jane at this point. He should stick to his casual hook up with his ex for now.

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