Tuesday, April 19, 2016

iZombie 2.17: “Reflections of the Way Liv Used To Be”

“I’m freaking out and I’m trying to focus on work so that I don’t fall apart.”
- Liv

This was not a good episode to be Major. Then again he couldn’t honestly think he could get away with his Chaos Killer dealings for much longer. After he explains to Ravi what he’s been doing for Vaughn and why, Ravi kind of understands. He’s still really pissed at Major for keeping it a secret but he gets it. He also gets him some peppy lady brains from a few episodes ago so our newest zombie is kind of chill about the whole thing. Liv warns he may not be so bubbly when the brain wears off. But he’s willing to take that risk. If only he’d told her about the list and the zombies he’s been putting on ice. It would no doubt ease her worry over Drake.

Speaking of, she goes to confront Mr. Boss and pummels one of the guys working for him, trying to find out information. She claims she needs to get off stripper brain since it’s making her kind of aggressive towards men and it just so happens they have a dead college co-ed who was strangled and dumped in a pool. She was running for student senate and the first prime suspect is her opponent. Apparently, she had some dirt on the guy (he paid someone to take his SATs). But when Liv and Clive go to talk to the guy (it’s one of the frat brothers from a few episodes back as well) they learn that the girl whose brain Liv ate had been caught trying to buy drugs but didn’t have a record.

Thus enters Vice Detective Lou Benendetto (Papa Mars for you Marshmallows out there). Liv has crossed paths with him with regards to Drake’s disappearance and Clive isn’t exactly thrilled with the guy. He’s kind of a jerk to Clive. It turns out he’s running an unsanctioned criminal informant program. He takes kids caught for misdemeanor drug busts and makes them help him get six arrests before dropping the charges. It turns out our dead girl was working with him and it’s possible he might have gotten her killed. After some more digging and visions, it turns out that a kid working at the student center killed her when he realized she was trying to buy from him and she was working the same CI program he was. He was also working for Blaine (and now Chief and Donnie). He gets killed by Chief and Benedetto takes a hard conk to the head for his trouble. But at least the case is solved.

The far more interesting part of this episode for me centered on Blaine. Everyone thinks he is faking his amnesia but I have a feeling it’s genuine. And it just makes me want to hug the poor guy. I know he was kind of a douchebag and totally responsible for infecting Liv but just think, if she hadn’t been infected, she would be this uber praise-seeking annoying person and not a cool, crime-solving morgue attendant. So clearly, she’s kind of better off. Blaine is trying to figure out how he’s supposed to function in his new life and he also gets curious about what the zombies are doing down in the basement (both with the brains and with the drugs). But he kind of stays out of it until Peyton shows up and kind of snarks at him for ditching her big case against Mr. Boss. Later, he shows up at the police station looking for the morgue. Ravi feeds Clive a line about him having a head injury and thinking Ravi is the only doctor he remembers. Hey, it’s a pretty convincing lie. Major who now may need that second cure is kind of hoping Blaine is faking. As he puts it, he wouldn’t wish Blaine’s condition on well…Blaine. And the guy looked so devastated after Ravi filled him in on all the terrible things he’s done. If only he remembered that he told Major to get rid of Drake. Seriously, Liv is gonna be pissed about that when she finds out!

At the top of the post I mentioned Major isn’t having the best of times despite being on super perky lady brains. He comes up with the ridiculous idea to turn Vaughn into a zombie and then test the cure on him. If he loses his memory, then he won’t be able to threaten Major and the people he cares about and if he does retain his memory, then they know Blaine is faking. It really is a dumb plan guys. But he is gung ho to go through with it. Too bad Vaughn is getting super hyped up for the Super Max launch. And he’s got Rita locked up in the basement. She’s gone full zombie now with the white hair. Gotta admit she looks much better as a redhead. Anyway, when Major shows up to try and do his thing to Vaughn, things go sideways very fast. For one thing it sounds like Vaughn’s head of security may have found Major’s hide out with his freezers full of drugged out zombies. And the dog groomer lady shows up to confess to Clive’s FBI girlfriend that Major had Minor. So now they know that Major is the Chaos Killer. So of course, they have to bust into Max Rager (no idea how they knew he was there) and arrest him right in front of Vaughn. I can’t decide how that’s going to end for Vaughn. I mean sure Major can’t really say he was doing it to protect his zombie ex-fiancé and that the head of an energy drink company made him do it. But wouldn’t you think Vaughn might still somehow be implicated? I mean Major isn’t going to take the fall for this completely. Of course he faces the same problem Liv did earlier in the season with being locked up and in need of a brain fix. Something tells me since he seems to be going full on zombie mode more frequently that he’s going to need the brains sooner than she did.

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