Thursday, April 14, 2016

Blindspot 1.17: “Mans Telepathic Loyal Lookouts”

“You were supposed to be here for all of this.”
- Patterson

This was one heck of an episode. I think I enjoyed it so much because we got to see David and Patterson team up one last time. It made me even sadder to know that he’s gone because they have such a sweet chemistry together. Speaking of chemistry, we pick up with everyone pretty much where we left them. Jane and Oscar have just had what appears to be quite passionate sex and Weller and his girlfriend also seem to be enjoying each other before she gets called to work. Oscar still needs Jane to get close to Weller (after they share some Chinese food and a very sweet dance). Tasha gets confronted by the US Attorney who was digging into Carter. He wants her to get him information on Mayfair now. Ultimately, Tasha agrees but with the caveat that Mayfair goes down alone. None of the rest of the team gets caught up in it. And Reade is still trying to distance himself from Sarah. But it seems that the people Jane is working with are still after him. They want him to delete the DOT footage Mayfair requested but he can’t bring himself to do it. But it turns out to be ok because when he goes and admits the truth to Mayfair, she reveals that the photo is super blurry and you can’t make anything out about the driver. But he is still really pissed about all of this.

The bigger part of the episode deals with Patterson trying to figure out what tattoo David decoded. At first, she’s skeptical. After all the David she’s talking to is the one in her mind and knows only what she knows. But a cleverly timed dessert with a game piece on top spurs her to action. She excitedly races off to David’s apartment building to look through his stuff. The game piece is from one of their favorite games. But alas, David’s landlord is a jerk and won’t let her in the building. When she flashes her badge, she gets told to bring back a warrant. This leads to some very dangerous fire escape climbing (she nearly falls and her phone takes a deathly plunge to the sidewalk below. But she manages to break into David’s apartment to find it empty. Sure all his stuff is gone but the next clue is relatively easy to find with some prompting from Ghost David. She finds a key to an automaton at a speak easy. David was prepared for that, too and ends up scrawling a note and revealing the constellation Andromeda.

Patterson heads back to the FBI and logs into the tattoo database to do some more searching. It leads her first to a spot on Jane’s body and then to a bull tattoo that was used to help solve a case a few weeks ago. I’d almost forgotten that the tattoos had proven to have multiple meanings before. Thankfully Patterson didn’t and she ultimately is led to an antique shop. She is all excited until she gets drugged and tied up in a shed somewhere by a crazy man. He’s ranting about her needing to be sacrificed under Taurus.

It’s about this time that the team gets in for the day and starts to suspect something is up when Patterson isn’t there. They follow her electronic trail and find her car outside the antique shop. They need to work quickly because the owner is a nut job. But while the team is starting to put the pieces together about her abductor, she’s trying to make her escape. She frees herself from her binds and then breaks out of the shed she was locked in (turned out to be a cellar). The jerk took her shoes (probably to deter from running) and she takes off anyway, trying to hide in the woods when the kidnapper and his high-powered Senator brother spot her out a window. It turns out her kidnapper is a former high school teacher who was the prime suspect in the ritualistic murder of one of his students.

The team rushes to the site of where Patterson was taken and after some tense hunting and confrontation, Weller and Jane take out the brothers and rescue Patterson. The poor thing is half frozen to death and kind of delirious. But she’ll bounce back. As the episode comes to a close, she finally says goodbye to David (perhaps she’ll move on with the hot British psychologist on staff). It also turns out that the Senator and his brother were connected to a big Pharma company that covered up the additional killings the former teacher did. Yet another case of the big sleazy bad guys being taken down by the tattoos. Speaking of, Oscar gives Jane a bunch of photos to help her build false memories to tell to Weller so they can get closer. It is obvious Jane would rather get close with Oscar. I suspect he feels the same but as he keeps saying, they have to stay on mission. Oh and a Weller family dinner is held where Weller toasts his father and is happy that the distance between them is gone. Unfortunately, their father (remember he’s got cancer) collapses. I guess that’s going to be prompting some heart to heart between father and son. I mean Weller still needs to know what happened to Jane as young Taylor Shaw. I honestly don’t want Weller and Jane together at this point, not since we’ve seen her connection with Oscar. Besides, Weller has a girlfriend (for now). I also hope Tasha doesn’t get herself screwed over by this US Attorney. I know there has to be more to why she keeps being targeted but I can’t put my finger on it. Yes, she’s made some questionable decisions in the past but she didn’t have much choice and she’s done what she has to in order to protect her team now.

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