Sunday, April 17, 2016

Once Upon a Time 5.18: “Ruby Slippers”

“Just because you made one bad move…or thirty doesn’t mean you can’t make a good one now.”
- Regina

This was one doozy of an episode. A lot happened to push things forward and it also gave some interesting wrap ups for some of the characters we’ve seen throughout the series. I know I’ve said it before but this season has felt like it could have been a wrap up if they didn’t get renewed. Luckily, they have so we don’t have worry about winding down just yet. But this episode focuses on warrior Dorothy and some Enchanted Forest visitors to Oz. namely Ruby and Mulan. In Oz, we see that Ruby and Mulan tracked her pack to Oz (or so Ruby thought) but it seems she’s lost the scent. Enter Dorothy and Toto. Things get off to a bit of a rocky start but when they meet up with Zelena (fresh from Regina’s banishment), the girls have to team up. Zelena wants Dorothy’s slippers so she can get back to her baby (who still doesn’t have a name). Mulan is going to concoct a sleeping potion to knock Zelena out so that they can rescue the furry little critter but they need some poppies which are in Zelena’s territory (naturally). This leads to a bit of adorable banter between Ruby and Dorothy (nicknaming each other Wolfie and Kansas respectively). But it becomes clear very quickly that Mulan is forever going to be alone. But hey, at least someone is going to be happy.

In the Underworld, Ruby wakes up and tells the gang that she’s trying to find Dorothy who went after Zelena. But Zelena isn’t going to be much help. For one thing she gets a heads up from Hades that Ruby is in town and so she’s going to take off (even if she doesn’t have her little girl in toe). See, she trapped Dorothy in a sleeping curse and with no True Love’s Kiss coming her way, she’s stuck forever. Ruby thinks that Dorothy’s Aunt Em might do the trick but Hades is waiting to turn the old lady into a pool of river water (ick). In both flashback and present day, we see Ruby admit her feelings for Dorothy and Snow convinces her friend to try and give the girl of her dreams True Love’s Kiss. It can’t hurt right?

Along the way David and Snow run into the issue of wanting to talk to baby Neal again. Unfortunately, Cruella on Hades’ orders has ripped out the telephones. Well damn! But this prompts Emma to suggest that her parents go back to Storybrooke via Oz. At first, David is going to go (what with Snow’s name on the headstone and all) but then thanks to a little male bonding between David and Hook, they manage to put David’s name on it so that Snow can go back to be with their son. To be honest, I felt this was a little sexist. But given that the actress who plays Snow is pregnant again, it makes some amount of sense. And as Henry pens the latest chapters of the book, we see that Snow makes it back to Storybrooke and baby Neal and Ruby gets her happy ending with Dorothy (which involves much smooching while Mulan, Snow and many munchkins watch….get a room ladies!). I’m glad Ruby finally found what she was looking for and it’s kind of interesting that their trek took them to her, rather than the pack. That must have been the wolf in Ruby instinctively tracking her across realms. That’s pretty epic I must say.

While the heroes are doing their work, Belle and Rumple are still trying to find a way to get out of the contract with Hades. Belle wants to do it on her own because she can’t trust that Rumple won’t mess things up again and make her darken her soul like she did with Gaston. To be fair, Hades orchestrated most of that. But whatever. For some silly reason, she goes to Zelena for help. Zelena at that point was just day drinking and being mopey about everything in her life including the fact that she can’t see herself changing and that she can’t handle Hades being in love with her. Girl has issues. But, after Zelena points out that Hades could easily collect on the debt at any time by speeding up Belle’s pregnancy, Belle is even more freaked out than before. But Zelena does offer her an option which she takes back to Rumple. It is not a good option at all because it involves a sleeping curse. Apparently if Belle is asleep then Hades can’t advance the pregnancy (I don’t see how that works other than I guess it puts the body in stasis). Rumple tells his wife that if this is her way of forcing him to turn to the light so he can wake her up with True Love’s Kiss he won’t do it. She knows that he won’t be that man so she’s counting on him to do whatever it takes to get her back to Storybrooke so her father can wake her up. Ouch that’s kind of harsh. But I’m also glad that Belle is standing up to his bullshit. I have to admit I didn’t see that twist coming (oh and the episode ends with her pricking her finger and falling asleep). So now Rumple has to find a way to get her home. I have a feeling that means teaming back up with the rest of the family to defeat Hades and go home. Speaking of Hades, Zelena pays him a visit, saying she hadn’t really given him a chance and she’s terrified he’ll disappoint her but she’s going to risk it. At first I wasn’t sure she was being genuine but it seems she is. I have a feeling this may not work out how either of them expect. I mean let’s be honest, if Hades finds happiness and love, then won’t that give the realm the hope he’s being trying to squash? Is he really ready to leave all of this behind and go home to Olympus? It would be nice to see Zeus and some of the other Gods though. But maybe that’s just me.

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