Monday, November 7, 2016

Lucifer 2.07: “My Little Monkey”

“Being me seems to be a problem. Everywhere I go someone seems to get hurt.”
- Lucifer

Something tells me that Lucifer is not going to be in much better of a headspace this week, especially after leaving Linda speechless after revealing his true face to her. And he’s still not able to really talk to the people he wanted to about Uriel’s death. But he’s not the only one dealing with emotional drama. We see in flashback that Chloe’s father (who was also a cop) gets killed during a convenience store robbery. Cut to the present and Chloe is getting a call from the Warden at the prison her father’s murderer resides, telling her he’s getting out. Meanwhile, Lucifer decides (because Chloe doesn’t need him being a loose cannon) that he’s going to follow Dan and learn how to be a “tool”. Oh the double meanings on this show just make me smile.

I honestly don’t know how Lucifer is going to do but it’s going to be fun to watch. And it’s a good thing he and Dan are on the case, because Chloe follows her father’s killer after he leaves prison (to go to his granddaughter’s christening) and she finds the van on the side of the road. The drivers and her father’s killer are all dead. Obviously it looks super sketchy that she was following them and that she was first on scene. But she says she’s stepping back from the case and she insists that Dan and Lucifer work the case for her. And hey, they’ve also got a lead thanks to Ella and some DNA evidence. There were finger prints from another inmate who shared a cell with our victim. The guys end up finding him and begin unraveling the larger mystery. He was paid to give a false confession and his wife would then receive regular payments while he was on the inside.

We also get a C story this week of Maze trying to find a job. Sage little Trixie tells her to get a job doing what she likes (which Maze isn’t sure what she likes). But I’m pretty it isn’t a preschool aide in leather. Maybe she could be Chloe’s bodyguard because girl needs one when she opens the door and a young woman pulls a gun on her (I’m guessing it was her father’s killer’s daughter). After Chloe deescalates the situation, the daughter shares a video she got from her father’s lawyer. They watch it together and determine that the video was made the same day her father died, three minutes before the shooting and across town. So there’s no way he was the perp. And he also got paid to give a false confession. I have to say, Chloe is really determined and very dark this episode. I understand why and I like the layers she’s developing but she’s kind of scary.

I’d say seeing Linda deal with all of Lucifer’s devil bombshells lightened the episode but she was really just a hot mess. Maze tries to go to her (for a character reference) but Linda is scared out of her mind. She didn’t want to believe that Maze really was a demon and she asks her to leave. I’ll be really interested to see what happens when she manages to move past the initial shock of the revelation.

The case next takes Dan and Lucifer to a Russian bath house (hello boys!) where Lucifer tries to get the mob boss to give him a fall guy for killing himself (it made more sense in the episode but it was really interesting to see Lucifer just hate on himself really hard). But that guy isn’t actually the one they’re looking for. He fesses up to Chloe that he thinks her father’s death was a hit. As Ella and Chloe dig through old case files to try and find a lead, Lucifer follows Dan to an improv club where Lucifer gets really pissed. But they have sort of a come to Jesus moment where they both admit they are struggling with being themselves in their lives right now. It was really kind of adorable and I want to see more of them working together because despite their animosity over Chloe, they have a really fun vibe.

Maze is still trying to find out what makes her happy but it turns out hunting humans for the cops is her bliss. She gets paid to track down dirty humans! And she tracks down the Deputy Warden (Lucifer points out it was odd that the first victim of the episode smiled at Chloe when he was innocent of her father’s murder). He was the one running the whole operation all these years. I guess the prison system sucks for the bureaucrats, too. Chloe is satisfied that she managed to get the man who killed her dad in custody and she ends up giving Lucifer a teary grateful hug by episode’s end. He’s a little confused about all of that, especially since he’s spent the whole episode thinking he just hurts the ones close to him.

And it seems Linda may be coming around to rejoining the land of the living, even knowing that Maze is a demon and Lucifer is the Devil. As Maze points out, they’re still the same people they were before Lucifer dropped the bombshell and it was so sweet that Maze wanted to share her achievement and finding her place in the human world with her best friend. Now that Linda knows the truth, I’m interested to see how that changes her sessions with Lucifer. I hope she keeps seeing him, too because that whole family could use a good shrink. I have to say I thought this was a pretty solid episode and I’m glad other people aside from the family know Lucifer’s truth now. Chloe is still in the dark (or denial or whatever) but I think she’ll get there eventually.

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