Sunday, November 13, 2016

Once Upon a Time 6.08: “I’ll Be Your Mirror”

“Anything you can dream up, I’ve already dreamt it.”
- The Evil Queen

The Charmings need to get a new normal now that Snow and Charming can’t be awake together anymore. We get an opening montage of the pair of them waking each other up and leaving each other sweet little notes and flowers and food and stuff. But things outside the house aren’t quite as rosy. Henry’s stressing over whether he’s still got a girlfriend and Regina and Emma are trying to find a way to stop the Evil Queen. Regina thinks trapping her in a world behind the mirror is going to work and they’ll use Henry as bait. Emma isn’t thrilled with this plan and the pair of them should have realized that the Evil Queen would have been ahead of them. Instead of them trapping her, she traps them!

Emma and Regina are pissed (obviously) that they are stuck in the mirror land. But they may have a shot at getting someone to break in (since they can’t break out): Henry. I’m not entirely sure why they think he is the one who can do it but I suppose it’s that he’s their son and he loves them both. But what they don’t now is that the Evil Queen has begun impersonating Regina. She even goes as far to cover Emma’s absence with a magic voicemail to Hook. And for some reason, faux Regina wants to get Henry everything his wants, which obviously is Violet. So she goes to pay Rumple a visit to ask for the Hammer of Hephaestus which apparently bestows power on those who have none. She’s going to use love as a weapon against Henry. How the rest of the family didn’t catch on that she was not the real Queen is beyond me. I mean Snow may be good at ruling a kingdom but she’s not the brightest in the box.

Meanwhile, Belle is twisting Zelena’s arm into helping her get out of Storybrooke. The only problem is that Zelena doesn’t have the sorcerer’s wand to create a portal. Their solution: hire Aladdin to steal it. Jasmine wants him to not do it since she needs his help to find their home but Belle and Zelena end up guilt tripping him into it by mentioning the shears how they are not in Rumple’s possession since Aladdin gave them to Emma. So when he sneaks in at night, we see that Rumple has set up his spinning wheel and he’s busy spinning gold. But he’s got a little monkey that signals when someone has snuck in. I guess they have to get creative with putting in Abu. But he at least finds the wand!

As Henry gets ready for the school dance, Hook is off trying to find Emma because he’s got a suspicion things have gone awry. He finds her phone at the beach but the Queen is waiting there and she uses her magi to throw him head-first into a rock. Seriously, how the majority of the people in this town don’t have permanent brain damage. But hey, it means less Hook for the rest of the episode so yay for that! Emma and Regina manage to find Henry in a mirror at Granny’s since he’s there meeting Violet and he’s stressing out. He doesn’t think he’s good enough for her and of course, the Evil Queen shows up and feeds off that feeling. She does try to build him up as reminding him that he’s a prince and it almost works but then she makes a comment about slouching (which she made previously) and he realizes she’s not his mom. So when Violet does show up, he manages to get her to get them out of the shop so they can find Regina and Emma without the Queen knowing. In the mirror world, Regina and Emma find they are not alone. The Dragon has been trapped there, too. He also mentions that Regina’s good versus evil battle for her soul was supposed to remain within her. But hey, at least he’s got a back door out of the mirror world. His out is courtesy of Sydney. He was putting another mirror back together to use as a portal out.

Henry heads to Regina’s vault and tries to talk to his moms through the mirror but things go awry. The Queen shows up and then proves that she is really evil by making the Dragon turn into a (you guessed it) dragon to attack Regina and Emma. Art least she doesn’t make Henry watch? But she keeps trying to put him down and tell him that she was the one who made him stronger by making him face his fears as a child. She insists that she isn’t really evil (or a hero). She’s a leader. The Queen then gives Henry a choice. He can let his moms die or he can use the Hammer to smash the Dragon’s heart. In the mirror world, Regina admits she is afraid of raising Henry alone so she and Emma agree to try and get out together. They are going to try to direct the Dragon’s fire at the mirror to get out. But it’s Henry who comes to the rescue. He smashes the mirror and his moms are free. He gets to stand up to the Evil Queen and she leaves (after Hook shows up and threatens to poke in her fleshy places with his hook and not in the fun way).

For the Charmings, while things aren’t perfect (Snow and Charming miss each other), Henry at least still has a girlfriend and it’s really cute that they shared a dance at Granny’s. And Emma and Regina think he’ll be just fine, even without them. Unfortunately, the other half of Henry’s family tree is having something of a temper tantrum. Aladdin did snag the wand (and the genie’s lamp for Jasmine … um I have a feeling you won’t like the genie inside guys), but before Zelena can use it, Rumple shows up and puts some sort of tracking bracelet on Belle. Seriously, they’ve taken a morally grey character and turned him into a flat-out abusive spouse. Get your act together writers! The fact now that he wants the Evil Queen to kill Zelena (because he can’t hurt her without hurting himself) is just insane!

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