Monday, November 14, 2016

Lucifer 2.08: “Trip to Stabby Town”

“You said favors are about faith, right? I need you to have faith in me that I wouldn’t do anything untoward.”
- Lucifer

Just when you think things might be getting back to some form of normal for Lucifer and our gang, someone has to go and steal Azrael’s blade and start killing people with it. A young woman is stabbed to death in broad daylight and Lucifer realizes that the murder weapon (thanks to a photo snapped at the start of the assault) is his sister’s blade. So he drags Maze and Amenediel out to Uriel’s grave. The body is still there but someone has dug it up and stolen the blade. Given that the blade can hurt humans and celestial beings and the longer it remains in human hands, the more volatile it becomes, Lucifer needs to track down that sucker quickly. So he enlists Ella’s help to look into it. He hopes that by doing so, they can find the blade before Chloe gets too involved.

Chloe, meanwhile, is having some small pangs of jealousy as she watches Lucifer and Ella work together. Dan points out that she seems jealous but she scoffs at him. I mean, Dan is okay most of the time but I wouldn’t want to talk about my man problems with my ex-husband, either. Because of what Lucifer knows of the blade (especially that it coerces people into wanting to kill over little slights), he starts pressing the victim’s best friend for anyone who might have had even a tiny problem with the victim. And thanks to Ella who finds some burned scraps of paper, he soon learns who set the blade back into the world: Mama Morningstar.

So now Lucifer has to go pay mother dearest a visit. She claims that she did it to get God’s attention. She’s mourning the loss of her son and she wanted to share that grieve with her ex-husband. But like always, he’s silent to her pleas, so she thought causing a little mayhem would get his attention. Unfortunately, the blade is still out there—despite Amenediel and Maze’s best efforts to track it down at Lucifer’s behest. And this time, it’s claimed seven lives. Ella even confirms Lucifer’s theory that the original killer showed up at the yoga studio where the first victim worked and started killing students and the blade got passed around from person to person.

So while Chloe and Dan are trying to track down the guru who runs the place, Lucifer is spending some time trying to talk to Linda. His efforts haven’t been that great so far because she’s still trying to wrap her head around the whole angels and demons of it all. And she’s kind of surprised that the Angel of Death is a woman. I suspect, once she gets through this shocked phase, she’ll be able to give him better advice but for now, he’s really annoyed that the one person he was relying on to give him advice and steer him in the right direction is on the fritz.

They get the guru in the interrogation room and it becomes clear he wasn’t’ even there. He’s gained some weight and has been hiding out at home, hording pop tarts (which Maze has since liberated from his safe). Just as Lucifer sends Maze and his brother off to check the guru’s second residence, Ella shows up showing him that the boot print at the grave and off the alleged first killer matched so she wants to know what’s going on. He implores her to give him just a little more time. And then Chloe shows up with information about a possible survivor/person who may have picked up the blade. Given that guru is kind of misogynistic ponce, Lucifer figures out where she’ll be and finds her standing over the guru’s dead body. He did more than just harass her, he raped her and that came bubbling to the surface when she picked up the blade. And now Lucifer has to find a way to talk Dan out of stabbing him with it. In a twist that Lucifer didn’t see coming, Dan is able to fight the blade’s power and thanks to Lucifer using his own powers, he’s able to disarm Dan. And as I predicted, Linda is finally able to see Lucifer just as another patient with complex familial issues and a healthy dose of narcissism to work through. Yay Linda!

You’d think all was well but Chloe is still pissed about the now-missing murder weapon and is confused by Lucifer’s lack of interest in finding said blade, given how gung ho he was about it earlier. He also pays Ella her favor by going to church with her. But the biggest wrinkle in all of this comes when Lucifer gets back to his apartment and he and Amenediel are trying to decide what to do with the blade. Charlotte shows up and is upset that more people didn’t die. She thinks they haven’t gotten God’s attention. Lucifer doesn’t think anything would get his attention and when he asks Amenediel to back him up, we see that big brother is siding with Mom. See, she wants to unite against God and make him “see reason” and let them back into Heaven, to go home. But Lucifer doesn’t want to go. Heaven was like Hell and Hell was never home. But here on Earth, he feels respected and wanted and this is his home. Gets a little scary with the blade still in his hand. After all, it can also affect celestial beings the same way it can humans. But Charlotte walks away with Amenediel before things get violent. But she thinks she has a way in to get Lucifer to join up with them. I knew we shouldn’t trust her. She isn’t evil exactly but she is trying to hurt her son to get what she wants. I hope Lucifer and those around him that care for him, especially Linda and Maze, are strong enough to fight her off.

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