Sunday, November 6, 2016

Once Upon a Time 6.07: “Heartless”

“I think I don’t know what to believe anymore, except that it’s good to be on an adventure with you again.”
- Snow

Well it seems the Evil Queen is set to have her prefect day. She think she’s going to get Snow and Charming’s hearts by mid-day and they’ll hand them over willingly. She starts by kidnaping Snow in the middle of the night and taunting her about her 15th birthday and the horse she got from her father. Seriously, they need to have some kind of early warning system for intruders in their house! The Queen’s threat though is real. If the Charmings don’t comply within twelve hours, she’ll unleash some horrible thing on the town. When they take it to Regina and Emma to look at, Regina figures out that it is water from the River of Lost Souls, courtesy of Rumple (he took it on the way back from the Underworld. Well, damn.

In the Enchanted Forest in the past, we see that Snow and Charming may end up crossing paths again. Snow is an outlaw trying to sell her family heirlooms for money to get out of town and she’s barely got enough to book passage on a ship. And Charming’s mother is thinking that given the way things have bene going, it’s time to sell their family farm and make a new start. So he’s off to the nearest port town to try and get some offers. Snow is determined to get away from Regina and her poisonous ways, even though the Blue Fairy tries to remind her that love is strong and can overcome many things. And unfortunately Charming has run across a dangerous man on his way to town. He thinks he’s run into a merchant but he’s actually a bounty hunter whom I suspect is going to cross paths with Snow shortly. And in fact, it isn’t long before Charming’s been drugged and the bounty hunter uses his sheep dog to find Snow. He’s going to take her to Regina for a reward. David wakes up and thanks to his sheep dog, he finds Snow locked in the bounty hunter’s cart. They need to work quickly to free Snow though because the hunter could be back at any moment. Charming doesn’t get the lock open in time but by working together, they defeat the hunter. Charming is ready to unlock the door but Snow realizes that him seeing her face would make him a target. And thanks to his rousing speech about believing in her resourcefulness, she gives him her money so he can keep the farm. She’ll figure out some other way to get money.

As Snow and Charming contemplate what to do about saving the town versus giving the Evil Queen their hearts, the rest of the family is somewhat at a loss. Belle can’t find anything in her books on how to neutralize the water and the Blue Fairy’s suggestion (of a magic sapling) isn’t a guarantee either. The beacon that would be needed to find it would alert the other side to what they were looking for. And so Regina drops a rather disturbing bomb on the rest of the family. As we the viewers have been seeing of late, the Evil Queen has been hitting on Rumple pretty hard. And Regina knows that Zelena had feelings for him, too. So she sets up Zelena to walk into Gold’s shop and find the Evil Queen (I’m assuming it’s actually Regina) making out with Rumple. It turns out it really was the Evil Queen snogging our resident Dark One, but they quickly realize that Regina set them up. It does make me wonder why Rumple is getting all hot and heavy with the Evil Queen when he still loves Belle. I get that she’s totally not into being with him but I mean, it’s still kind of a sleazy thing to do.

While the baddies are bickering, we find that the Blue Fairy has used her magic to find the sapling and Regina takes Snow and Charming off to find it. Emma and Hook are going to clear out Regina’s vault so they can lock the Evil Queen inside. Emma is having kind of a hard time with the whole “my parents might die” thing so Hook reminds her (with Henry’s book and I hate how sweet his was) that she is the product of true love and her parents have that true love because she brought them together so she can do damn near anything. The Charmings and Regina find a trap door and descend into the darkness in the hopes of finding the weapon that can contain her evil half. They get the sapling but the Evil Queen shows up and destroys it. Because of course she does!

Snow and Charming are ready to face their fate, having realized that their love is stronger than the Evil Queen. Well, until she curses their heart so that whenever one of them is awake, the other is subject to a sleeping curse. So I didn’t see that coming and it’s kind of igneous and also super evil. Also kind of evil, Zelena filling Belle in on all of Rumple’s dealings. And boy does Belle have something to tell her husband about that. She doesn’t care that he’s fooling around with the Evil Queen but she forbids him to use the shears on their son. And she says that it’s worse than if he were pure evil because they both know he loves. And his fear of failure just makes too weak to be a good man. So now, I suspect, Rumple will be going after Zelena for sowing this discord between husband and wife. I suppose Zelena is putting her jealousy to clever use (I can’t say it’s good because Rumple being pissed at everyone is just dangerous). But things are definitely taking an interesting turn and I’ll be interested to see where things progress from here on out. I can’t imagine Emma letting her parents stay affected by the sleeping curse for too long.

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