Monday, January 16, 2017

Lucifer 2.11: “Stewardess Interruptus"

“I would never hurt Lucifer. I was trying to prove that you weren’t worthy of him.”
- Charlotte

Well, we are back with Chloe and Lucifer and their strange love connection. Sadly, we only get 3 episodes before it goes on hiatus again until May! So, let’s enjoy it while we can, folks. Just as Chloe and Lucifer are about to share a very meaningful kiss, a flight attendant whom Lucifer has hooked up with in the pat just shows up out of nowhere, offering herself up. Chloe takes this as a chance to bow out and Lucifer is really not happy to have the moment ruined. He even tells the flight attendant to just leave. The next morning, Charlotte pops by but instead of dropping the “Chloe is a miracle” bomb on her baby boy, she just nudges him back towards our lady detective.

It’s going to be tough getting Chloe back though, especially when the case of the week begins with our flight attendant having been murdered! Lucifer just isn’t having a good day of it. Chloe is still denying they had a moment and insisting they are totally different people, while totally acting jealous that he’d had any kind of relationship with the flight attendant at all. Even when they follow up a lead at a swanky beach house, Chloe can’t help but point out how similar Lucifer is to the guy (rich, flaunting his power and sexual prowess whenever possible). Dan is also feeling a little uncomfortable, too. Although his issue is the fact that Chloe’s dad’s killer has been found dead and Maze is gleefully showing off the front-page article to basically anyone who will listen. This includes a visit to Linda (on the good doctor’s lunch break). Linda says that Maze needs to learn to find self-worth from within. I don’t think our demon is going to get there any time soon. It just isn’t in her nature.

The case takes another turn down Lucifer’s sexual history when they find another victim who was also one of Lucifer’s exes. So, Chloe has him write down everyone he’s slept with in the past two months. Good lord does the man get around. But as Chloe interviews everyone (with Dan and Lucifer watching) we see a pattern emerge. They all had great sex but that’s all it was to them. None of them had any kind of emotional connection. And then Charlotte shows up and continues to try and push Chloe back toward Lucifer. It’s really kind of creepy. What’s also creepy is the fact that a bunch of Lucifer’s exes described a girl who was always at Lux hanging out and glaring daggers at them. Lucifer and Chloe head to the girl’s place and find her wall covered with photos of Lucifer with other people. Stalker much?

It turns out that this chick is like 16 (at least she looks super young) and she’s just in love with Lucifer. She makes creepy little dolls of all his sexual escapades. But she does turn out to be useful. She points out the connection between the two victims and turns the pair on to a potential killer. The pilot that the flight attendant worked with has priors for drug smuggling and now he works for a private airline flying rich guys around. I have to believe that the annoying beach house guy was somehow involved. They couldn’t just introduce him and not have him matter. Besides, it’s usually someone we see near the top of the hour that is the killer. Thanks to some super crazy driving that reminded me a little of the pilot of Scorpion, Lucifer and Chloe manage to stop the plane and the pilot comes out, looking kind of shaken. Turns out he thinks someone’s out to get him.

It turns out the guy that the pilot flies for was trying to make him smuggle drugs (he’d been out of the game since he adopted a kitten…it’s a whole thing). Anyway, the gang decides to set up a sting to get the killer and Maze agrees to be the bait. Before Lucifer gets to the sting though, Amenediel (after having a chat and some espresso with Mama Morningstar) drops by to give his younger brother some advice. He tells Lucifer to look inside and see if he believes he’s worth being a boyfriend. Unfortunately, Chloe continues to deny they have any connection and eventually asks Lucifer to leave the stakeout van. That was not a good idea though. Sure, she was feeling all kinds of emotions from Maze having dropped the bomb that Dan slept with Charlotte (we all knew he thought Maze was gonna say something about Chloe’s dad’s killer). Also, the guy that shows up and Maze starts beating on in a hotel room is a decoy. The real guy shows up and pulls a gun on Lucifer, demanding the missing package.

Everything thinks the missing package is drugs but as the case wraps up (Lucifer does a little devil face and the guy turns into a blubbering mess) we learn that there’s something far more sinister afoot. I don’t know what it is (angel blood maybe?) but the package isn’t drugs. Although, the guy who stole it and gets caught (by some shadowy guy wearing a hat…we don’t see his face yet, even though I know we know who was cast) ends up dead in a rather violent manner. He got some of whatever was in one of the vials on himself and something was happening to him. I like that we are getting more mythology moving forward, although I suspect it means we are going to have one hell of wait for the show to come back in May. But things aren’t all bad. Chloe finds Lucifer at the beach and after he gives this really sweet, impassioned speech about why he isn’t right for her, she leans in and kisses him, taking him completely off guard!

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