Monday, January 30, 2017

Lucifer 2.13: “A Good Day to Die”

“This isn’t your fault. It’s mine. I’m to blame for all of this.”
- Charlotte

This is our last episode before our dear Devil and his gang goes on hiatus until May! Lucifer, having seen that it appears Chloe’s been poisoned, has taken off with her in the car at a mad dash to the hospital. She insists they go to the precinct and try to figure out if there’s an antidote (after she realizes she’s in fact been poisoned). She also insists on not telling Ella the truth for fear it will mess with the investigation. While the girls do some digging, Lucifer gets to have some words with his big brother. Amenediel admits to creating Chloe but is rather pissed at dear old Dad in terms of being used. He also confirms that Chloe is none the wiser about her angelic origins or any of the drama going on with the celestial family.

Chloe and Lucifer follow a lead (about the guy who was smuggling the poisons into the country). After a few minutes with Lucifer, they learn there was a middle man who might have said antidotes but Chloe collapses to the ground. After Lucifer and Dan bicker a little bit at the hospital (Chloe still isn’t thrilled with being there), the guys head off to follow the next lead. Lucifer does get to use his mojo on the guy and learns that the would-be artist who uses his sales to cover up shadier transactions just wants someone to buy his art for real. So, Lucifer does that to get the antidote ingredients. Unfortunately, it isn’t the actual formula. Back at the hospital, Charlotte shows up and mentions that the man who poisoned Chloe is where he belongs: in Hell. Lucifer realizes that he has a way to get what they need out of the professor. Lucifer just needs to die and go to Hell!

He calls a family (and Linda) meeting to figure out how he’s going to get down and back. Charlotte is absolutely opposed to the idea and I can see why. It isn’t just that she doesn’t really care about saving Chloe’s life. She spent millennia down there being tortured by Maze. She can’t even fathom letting her son go back down. But Amenediel and Maze are up for it. I did really enjoy the interactions in this scene. Amenediel being pissed that Linda kept it from him that she knew about Lucifer’s true nature and the fact that both Maze and Amenediel were up for killing Lucifer. I am also curious to know why Maze can’t go down to Hell with him.

Anyway, it’s going to take a combined effort to make the plan work. Maze and Linda are responsible for bringing Lucifer back from the dead and Amenediel is in charge of making sure Chloe isn’t moved from the room she’s presently in. After all, they are going to try and kill him in the room below. Hopefully it will be close enough to do the job! While Maze and Linda are getting ready to kill Lucifer, Amenediel has a very sweet interaction with Trixie. He tells her there are more good people in the world than bad and they are trying to help her mom. When he falters on whether he’s good, she insists that he is. Downstairs, it turns out Maze and Linda aren’t able to shock Lucifer with the defibrillator so he does it himself. Oh and we get to see Dan and Ella do some breaking and entering to get the last antidote ingredient!

Down in Hell, Lucifer finally finds the professor who is reliving the accident in which he let a college kid die to save his research. A crowd forms and calls him a murderer. Lucifer convinces him to give up the formula with the promise (or at least suggestion) that it will help make amends and pull the professor out of his punishment. But of course, it doesn’t help one bit. Lucifer leaves but as he’s waiting to be brought back, he sees another door and hears someone playing piano. He enters it (bad idea Lucifer!) and finds Uriel playing. It would appear our dear Devil is going to face his own form of punishment for killing his brother. Can we hope he is strong enough to pull himself out?

It appears that Lucifer can’t stop stabbing his brother, even when he really doesn’t want to. I can’t tell if he’s just denying his part in his brother’s death or just afraid to face it. But even now, Uriel is giving him a clue. The words he whispered before his death are important (“the peace is here”). Given what I know about spoilers (yes, I’m that person) I suspect I know what it means, even if we have to wait until May to find out if it’s right. When it’s time for Linda and Maze to bring Lucifer back, they find that he’s trapped and then Chloe starts having a seizure so clearly, they are connected in ways we don’t yet know. Despite her fear of the place, Charlotte mans up (as it were) to rescue her little boy.

It takes the pair of them to break each other out of their guilt but Lucifer finally drags Charlotte away from the Hell-induced Uriel. Back on Earth, true to his word, Amenediel doesn’t let anyone take Chloe, even after she’s stopped seizing. Finally, everyone is back on the mend and Chloe really seems to want to push forward with her feelings for Lucifer, but despite what he spent the rest of the episode doing, he can’t handle it. It’s all just God’s manipulation and he can’t trust anyone. He even tells Charlotte he’s done with her. In fact, it appears he’s done with everyone. Chloe goes by his apartment, hoping to talk out their feelings (after leaving a stalker-level number of voicemails) to find the place is empty and packed up. The Devil has left the building and we now have four months to wait to see where he’s gone.

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