Monday, January 16, 2017

No Tomorrow 1.07: "No You Say It First"

“Love is the worst. It’s like doing ecstasy. It seems like a fun idea, and then suddenly you’re at the top of the Space Needle puking into some tourist cleavage.”

This episode of “No Tomorrow” sees both Evie and Xavier working on career related challenges. Evie thinks she has a shot at the CyberHugs job of her dreams, despite the whole Fern thing that just went down. The CEO of CyberMart is paying her warehouse a visit, and Evie wants to take the opportunity to convince him she's the right person for the job. Naturally, all does not go as planned, and the situation needs to be saved by one of Xavier's crazy schemes. Xavier himself has started trying to sell his art to make money, but he's not getting many takers. He does, however, do some beautiful rain-activated street art at the end of the episode. The episode also explores the character of Evie's sister Mary Anne a bit more. Being the super regimented, always responsible person she is, she hasn't really taken to Xavier's carpe diem philosophy. Xavier's got an idea to try and make this better, but naturally that plan doesn't go as expected either, and wacky adventures ensue.

In the aftermath of having most of his stuff repossessed, Xavier has a new plan to keep going until the apocalypse. He buys an RV and parks it in front of Evie’s house. He’s also going to try selling some of his art. Evie has career aspirations, too. The CEO and founder of Cybermart, Corey Casey, is going to be visiting her office. She wants to use the visit as an opportunity to petition him directly for the CyberHugs job, since Deirdre still isn’t supporting her. She’s got this whole elaborate plan that involves Hank and Kareema to corner him before Deirdre can get to him and make her pitch. Xavier has no doubt that Evie will be successful, and as he starts to brush his teeth with an electric toothbrush, Evie tells him she loves him. And he says nothing in return – he just keeps brushing. This freaks Evie out, and when she hashes it out with Kareema, we get the quote of the episode.

Unfortunately, Evie’s plan for Corey Casey doesn’t go well. Because she’s deep in conversation, Kareema doesn’t notice Hank’s signal right away, and when she finally does, Evie tries to run to get into position. Instead, she almost runs right into Corey Casey, who is a complete douche who most definitely gets around on a Segway. He also has people to carry boxes for him. He’s definitely a caricature of the self-involved tech billionare. Which would have been funny before somebody like Donald Trump was elected president (granted he knows nothing about tech, but he is, so he says, a billionaire. Evie stumbles over her words when trying to speak to Corey, and Deirdre soon finds the pair and cuts Evie off. Later, Corey makes a bit announcement that he’s going to do a big launch of a CyberMart initiative at a party in Seattle. Deirdre seems to be the only one from the office invited, though. He does however, want all of the staff to know that the new initiative doesn’t mean layoffs. Instead, they’ll cut costs in other ways, including by eliminating CyberHugs. Xavier’s not having much luck with “work” either. The only sale he is able to make of his art is for $15, and the guy only wants the vintage frame.

After work, Xavier asks Evie if she wants to help spend the $15 he earned on Indian food, but Evie says she already has plans to have dinner with her sister Mary Anne. Xavier’s first instinct is to have the Indian food by himself, since he doesn’t think Mary Anne likes him very much. Evie, however, really wants Xavier and Mary Anne to get along, so she eventually convinces him to join them for dinner. At first, the dinner is just as awkward as you’d expect, but when Mary Anne starts to complain about a painter who wants to charge $5,000 to paint her house, Xavier thinks he has an in. He agrees to paint the house for $2,000, and Mary Anne, against her better judgment I’m sure, agrees. Xavier shows up “first thing” at 10:45 the next morning, which irritates the very scheduled and regimented Mary Anne. Xavier is, however, a bit surprised to learn that Mary Anne wants to paint the trim of the house fuchsia. She reveals that she used to die her hair and sing in a punk band. Xavier tries to convince her to embrace that side of herself a bit now and then, but Mary Anne isn’t having it, because kids “need structure.” She’s horrified to return home at the end of the day to find that Xavier has painted the whole house fuchsia.

Meanwhile, now that Deirdre and Hank have admitted their feelings for each other, they are having sex constantly at the office. This obviously could be a major problem if found out. Evie’s got this big plan to make her pitch to Corey to keep CyberHugs, and it involves convincing Deirdre to let her plus one to the launch event. She’s going to play up the angle that she can help Deirdre remember everyone’s name at the party. When she goes to tell Deirdre about this, she almost catches Deirdre and Hank having sex. A rather disheveled Deirdre agrees to the plus one plan, and Evie is none the wiser about what’s been going on. After that close call, Deirdre and Hank decide to institute a five foot “sex moat,” because if they get to close to each other, they immediately want to have sex. Eww.

Timothy, for his part, is also getting a lot of sex, as he tells Hank over a (bad) meal at Fernburgers. His relationship with Fern seems to be going well enough. She makes him feel like he’s good in bed, and she’s generally nice, so Timothy is happy. More importantly, though, he’s been chosen to give a “Steven Spiel,” which is basically a low rent TED talk. It’s going to be about the intersection of people, sexuality, and technology. Because I really want to hear Timothy of all people talk about that. Timothy admits that in groups, he talks really softly, and he’s worried about doing that at the Steven Spiel. Hank tries to help him out by having him deliver the talk at a senior center, which works great since none of them can hear even if Timonthy yells. On the way home, Timothy runs into Evie while walking out of the drug store after buying a bunch of condoms. Evie already knows about Fern, but Timothy is quick to clarify that the condoms aren’t for Fern. He explains the Steven Spiel and invites Evie to attend. Evie accepts.

Mary Anne is furious at the whole fuchsia house thing, and she demands that Xavier change it back. She says his freewheeling way of life may have worked with Evie, but it’s not going to work with her. Mary Anne’s son tucker says he likes the pink house and that Xavier is fun and Mary Anne isn’t. After work when Evie hears from Xavier about what happened, she goes to Mary Anne’s house to try and smooth things over. She finds her sister sitting in a bathtub getting drunk. Mary Anne really misses the person she used to be, since parenthood takes all her time and energy now. Evie has an idea to help. She and Xavier are going to take the kids for a day so Mary Anne can have some time for herself. Said day involves ice cream, the zoo, and a ride on a firetruck. Mary Anne is happy because she actually got five hours of uninterrupted sleep. It’s not exactly what Xavier had in mind, and while he’s happy she’s happy, he thinks he can do better.

Meanwhile, Timothy is still really nervous before the Steven Spiel. Hank suggest he look at just one person in the audience and deliver the speech just to them. Timothy tries this, but it doesn’t help. He’s still super quiet and nobody can hear him. Until Evie walks in, that is. He starts speaking more loudly, and he’s so confident that he falls off the stage and gets stuck in a space below the stage. He keeps trying to deliver the talk, but it looks rather ridiculous. Timothy approaches Evie later and says they can’t be friends anymore. She was the only person who could calm him down at the Steven Spiel, and as long as that’s true, they can’t be friends.

Evie picks up Deirdre for the party, but Deirdre gets a hold of Evie’s notes on what she wants to say to Corey to save CyberHugs. Deirdre is pissed that saving CyberHugs is the only reason Evie wanted to be her plus one, so she uninvites Evie. When Xavier hears about this, he suggests crashing the party instead. Evie is a little reluctant, but she eventually decides to go with it, as this may be her only chance to save CyberHugs. Evie, Xavier, Mary Anne, Kareema, and Hank all dress up as the band hired for the party. Everyone got the space rock memo except Hank, who thinks they should be a country band. They group makes it into the party thaks to Xavier singing some opera and convincing the bouncer they really are musicians. If you’ve seen “Galavant,” you know Joshua Sasse has pipes, so this scene was fun. Inside, Hank surprises Deirdre, who is turned on, but tries to keep the five foot sex moat going. Corey sees this, assumes, Deirdre is racist, and books her for a sensitivity training. At the training, Hank and Deidre end up making out, and the HR rep has a much bigger problem on her hands than she originally thought.

Anyway, Corey announces that he’s going to make a big investment in space flight (called, unoriginally, CyberSpace). The bouncer makes the band get up on stage, and everyone but Evie does so. Mary Anne tears it up, and Evie is happily watching the performance when Deidre spots Evie and tries to have her kicked out. Corey spots her, though, and Evie gets to deliver her pitch. She actually does it well this time, and Corey decides to reinstitute CyberHugs. The group celebrates their mission accomplished. Deirdre is not thrilled about this. She’s going to make Evie work both jobs fully. While having some celebratory coffee, Evie and Kareema talk about the Xavier not saying I love you thing. Evie decides it’s not a big deal, because he has shown her that he loves her. When she arrives home, it’s raining, and Xavier is standing in the street in front of her house. He has commissioned rain activated art that says, among other things, “I love you, Evie.”

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