Monday, January 23, 2017

Lucifer 2.12: “Love Handles”

“Seriously, insulting a serial killer? That’s an awesome idea.”
- Dan

Now that Lucifer and Chloe have shared their first kiss, the writers have seen fit to throw our duo all kinds of curveballs. We find Chloe having very vivid sex dreams about hooking up with Lucifer (oddly enough including horns which makes me wonder if she really does acknowledge his supernatural nature). Meanwhile, Lucifer thinks that maybe her immunity to his charms has worn off. Much like always, he doesn’t let Linda finish a thought on a reasonable explanation for Chloe’s actions. So, they are super awkward when they get to the crime scene. Lucifer is trying to be all business and Chloe is trying to loosen up (per Maze’s instructions). It’s just laughably painful to watch.

What’s not so laughable, is the poor kid that is their victim. He was poisoned. His roommate feels terrible that he didn’t realize the kid was dead (and not sleeping off a killer hangover). But he does say that some famous actor came by and signed one of the roommate’s DVDs. Allegedly, the actor was there researching a role. I’m not so sure about that when he comes in, wielding a knife saying “the man” said he’d kill our victim if the actor didn’t cut his face. Uh, what now? He shows our duo a video he received and it’s very creepy (it also took a later scene for me to recognize Tim DeKay as the actor doing the voice in the video). As they talk to the actor, Lucifer wonders if perhaps Chloe was manipulated into kissing him (much like the actor’s deeds). So, he confronts Mama Morningstar who just happens to be at the precinct. But she just gives him encouragement to go after his lady. We then get a really awkward little scene with Dan, Lucifer and Charlotte. Lucifer and Dan are really developing an amusing bromance this season and I kind of love it.

The cyber tech teach has found who sent the email to the actor but it looks like the grad student it belongs to isn’t behind the video. The duo does discover another video sent to a highly skilled surgeon (with the threat of poisoning a sophomore). Makes me think given that this is being framed as an “experiment” and it’s at the same university that the killer is a professor at the school. Lucifer and Chloe head to the university to find the next victim while Dan sits with the doctor whose been targeted. They split up and Lucifer gets caught up with a group of girls who make him chug beer before they tell him where the victim is. Chloe is a little miffed by the fact he’s gone off and storms in to find out he’s found their girl. She’s in the bathroom and she is not holding up well.

Elsewhere, Charlotte pays Linda a visit to try and convince the doctor to tell Lucifer about Chloe’s real origins and what she means. Linda refuses but Charlotte (much like her son) interprets Linda’s words to mean she should find someone dumb who care about Lucifer (aka Maze). Back at the doctor’s house, the doctor is seriously freaking out about the fact that she took an oath to do no harm and yet if she takes no action, that’s what happens to an innocent life. When Dan reports the news that the antidote the lab had developed from the first victim’s blood isn’t working, the doctor excuses herself to get some water and sticks her hand in the garbage disposal. Yuck!

Despite the grossness, it gets the antidote to the student. She doesn’t recognize the other victim but she did get a flu shot (and so did the other victim). Ella and Dan also identify the first victim (the douche rich guy from last week). Thanks to some surveillance footage and digging, we learn that the killer is a disgraced professor (I was sort of right) from the university who saved his dissertation over a college Uber driver in a car accident. He’s recreating his dilemma to prove anyone would do what he did. Chloe emails him and insults him in the hope of provoking him. It does, but he’s already got his next victims (out of the control of the police). If the big track star doesn’t hack off his own leg, another student dies. Well, that didn’t work at all.

While Ella is being pretty fabulous and finding footage of the killer at a local airport (and giving Lucifer and Chloe a hint of where to find the nut bag), Charlotte fills Maze in on Chloe’s origins. She insists that Chloe wasn’t supposed to be there and if Maze is still skeptical, then Charlotte has something to show her. I really want to know what it is! But first, we have to deal with the last dilemma posed by the killer. Lucifer and Chloe find the guy’s lab but he poses a choice: in one vial is an antidote for the poisoned student, the other is a poisonous gas that will kill Chloe. So, whose life is more important? Lucifer offers to bust in and get the kid out while Chloe goes after the killer (as we know so he’ll be invincible). He manages to rescue the kid and Chloe corners the guy but he ends up slitting his own throat. Things look like they are going to be all happy (especially when Lucifer realizes what he and Chloe have is real) until Mama Morningstar and Maze break the news that Chloe was put in his path by God. He gets super angry (kind of at everyone) and busts into Chloe’s place, demanding to know if she knew the whole time. Well she’s probably not interested in what he’s ranting about because her nose is bleeding and it won’t’ stop. I suspect she’s been poisoned (in her pursuit of the killer) and there’s no antidote. I’d say the guy should be thanking Hell that he’s dead, but that’s Lucifer’s domain and I think he won’t think twice about going to Hell to bring the guy back to save Chloe.

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